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  1. Merchangel_

    Yeah, the only atm is worth grinding is fishing. Mining I luv it since I was able to get gems.
  2. Merchangel_

    Agree bro, same here. With a skiller community that would be awesome.
  3. Merchangel_

    Awesome, I think that is a great idea and hopefully that comes with great rewards as well.
  4. Do you guys love to grind those skills to 99 and would like better rewards? Please give us your recommendations. In my case I love fishing and wc. Find it relaxing...
  5. Merchangel_

    Yep, thanks.
  6. Merchangel_

    Yeah sorry for that.
  7. Merchangel_

    You're welcome Lewis, If you are interested in any other items just let me know and I'll try to do my best 😄 to make posts.
  8. Merchangel_

    Thanks Javier, btw I'm Cov1d 19 🤠
  9. Merchangel_

    Hi Guys, Just want to share what are the stats for the Mandalorian Armour set, btw I love it. Go to the following link to see the set --> https://ibb.co/jyLgkDd Attack Bonus Stab +8680 Slash +8680 Crush +8680 Magic +8680 Range +8680 Defense bonus Stab +5580 Slash +5580 Crush +5580 Magic +5580 Range +5580 Other bonuses Strength +9920 Rng str +9920 Mage dmg +620.0% Prayer +620
  10. Merchangel_

    Added you my name is syntheside on discord.
  11. Merchangel_

    I keep getting an error that is says Invite Invalid. I figured it out, thanks guys.
  12. Merchangel_

    Hey guys, the discord link doesn't work anymore...

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