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  1. Hc Blaze

    Damn that’s a nice sig homie.
  2. Today is a good day I won 700 dollars!! Time to buy drugs. :) 

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    2. Anti


      Get some Og Kush.

    3. Pvm Pvm

      Pvm Pvm

      Hc Blaze "Don’t do drugs guys... that’s gay."

    4. Hc Blaze

      Hc Blaze

      Idk what your talking about ;) 

  3. Hc Blaze

    Sorry ladies but I’m gonna win.
  4. Don’t do drugs guys... that’s gay.

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    2. ChilladinYT


      It's 2018 REEEEEEEE ;) 

    3. Hc Blaze

      Hc Blaze

      But if you take acid it could be another year ;) 

    4. ChilladinYT


      ^ True, but lmao

  5. Hc Blaze

    I will miss you too homie very much. I’ll come back when I’m able to I promise Will do and I still got it haha don’t worry Thanks homie and I’ll definitely keep in touch
  6. Hc Blaze

    Will do homie for sure lol For sure homie
  7. Hc Blaze

    I appreciate it man I really do and don’t worry I’ll be back -Blaze your main bae. Hey man I’ll definitely be back man, keep on doing what your doing and I wanna see that media manager rank by the time I get back. I know you can do it man, make me proud. Hey bro don’t worry a bit I’m sure you’ll accomplish great things when I’m gone. I believe in you!!! May the promotions be with you!
  8. Hc Blaze

    Thank you man I appreciate it
  9. Hc Blaze

    Hey guys I am sorry to say that I’m resigning from being staff and got a lot of real life issues going on atm and won’t be on for awhile. Might come back later when everything is not so chaotic. Bye everyone will miss you! Feel free to message me on discord if y’all want to talk.
  10. Hc Blaze

    Damn that’s a nice setup. Mine is trash compared to yours lol.
  11. Hc Blaze

    Interesting very interesting lol.
  12. Hc Blaze

    Gratz to all the winners! You guys are so lucky! Haha