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  1. Hereticial

    Sounds like Diablo or Forsaken World Gemslotting, wayyyy too OP unless the gems are very very small bonuses only
  2. Hereticial

    Yeah :P, many have had this discussion with me now, probably 20+, all agree that corps needs some love sometime soon before people just boycott slayer They remade slayer, but didn't fix some issues, just felt like they gave it a lick of paint but left the wallpaper underneath yknow XD
  3. Hereticial

    200% agree, Corp is basically trash that does nothing for the server these days and intentionally causes queues/crashers in the game as it's highest dps takes the KC. Slayer is unbearable for most because of this and its so outdated. Very in need of an update lickity splick.
  4. I think for now maybe the current System should allow you to choose an amount of the assigned task between 30-100, like you said, with points varying on length of task. And in future after more raids have been implemented then think about this option. I like the idea but agree raids would be the same as corp at that point, not enough spawns too many people who need to kill it. Would be diabolical trying to compete unless your absolute max gear.
  5. Hereticial

    Agreed, the whole idea is risk = reward in the wilderness hence why vorago was such a coveted boss to get drops from just because of where it stood in game, and also just giving those who do like to pk something else too enjoy and pursue as well, honestly it does feel like this area now is going to be even more quiet than before cause nobody is going to regularly be there, as there isn’t enough reason to be anymore, definite needs to go back to it’s formerly glory, it’s not fair that because some people complained about it being a nuisance that it is changed, it’s meant to be a nuisance it’s the wilderness half of it’s purpose is to be a hard and difficult area of the game for anyone who ventures in.
  6. Hereticial

    But dying aint an achievement lol, thats a failure rofl?
  7. Hereticial

    Agreed in general, especially when staff host drop parties and everyone doesnt listen and leave pets out, they are a burden when it comes to clicking something they stand on.
  8. Hereticial

    i think in regards to forum activity, maybe everytime you gain a Reputation Point, you will get 10 loyalty points, as that post clearly was a standout against others. Also the daily best Rep post award, could earn you 25, so chance to earn if your flowing good content on forums basically, which helps the game and in turn will help you also. I love the idea of playing older minigames or leftout content for loyalty, maybe 5-10 points per game of something depending on how long the minigame is, CW for instance recently has been very inactive and would be good to add incentive to make it popular once more! Definitely like the idea overall!
  9. Hereticial

    Ok willy yeah with that type of logic much more detailed so makes sense, the idea without that form is otherwise flawed, but that works =D
  10. Hereticial

    Problem with this, if it works like an item sync as well, people would buy hundreds of a low value items like elemental kiteshield, to get 1-2 chaos ele pets and make profit. This in my eyes seems like a bit of a problem with the idea, otherwise it's a nice idea but for hoarders, it could cause a bit of instability in eco?
  11. Hereticial

    Here's some from me, don't wanna throw too many down or ill steal all the ideas =D Easy/Medium - Kill 200 of Each Barrows Brother! (Title: Barrowed Alive) (Points given 10) Prestige 1-10-20-30 times, easy, medium, hard and elite in order! (Title: Prestigious Pride) (Points per tier, 5-10-25-50) Hard or Elite - Get an Ultra Rare from the SoulChest (Title: Soulstruck) (Points given 25) Defeat each Boss with it's respectable Pet as your companion (Corp not included) - This Achievement could be spread between difficulties due to Pet Price! (Title: Killing in the name of) (Points based on difficulty of boss, eg, Phoenix would be (5) whereas Diablo would be (25) and all the inbetween :P) Medium - Kill 500 Forgotten Warriors! (Title: Lest we Forget) (Points given 10) Medium/Hard - Kill 500 Party Pete Minions! (Title: Party Pooper) (Points given 15) Maybe also this could be a cool update: Adding timers to Raids and then having Timed kill Achievements, so like 30 second Vendura kill, sub 1 minute Raiden kill etc etc. (Title: Speed Strategist?) (Points per Raid 20) Btw i hope you all get the joke behind the "killing in the name of" title =p
  12. Hereticial

    Congrats all winners! And thanks for all them days/weeks of Drop Potential, got several myself on release =D
  13. Hereticial

    Gl man!
  14. Hereticial

    I use POS and i don't get what the problem is exactly, i've personally not had any issues with POS whether multiple items or single item sales/buying?
  15. Yeah i like that idea, add to your Ownercape to upgrade to Executive, would be quite a nice idea! This gets a +1 from me!