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  1. Hereticial

    Gl man!
  2. Hereticial

    I use POS and i don't get what the problem is exactly, i've personally not had any issues with POS whether multiple items or single item sales/buying?
  3. Hereticial

  4. Good update, though im very unsupportive of Olaf not being rangable, sort of a blow to us rangers? Especially after it was done with Raiden also =C. Otherwise all good!
  5. Happy Birth @DRAX Enjoy ya day man!

  6. Hereticial

    I'm down man, content Q&A for days!
  7. Hereticial

    Good luck man, hope everything stays good with the change, just don't leave the #DSGANG hanging :P
  8. Hereticial

    Well ma dude if you ever buy a game custom, i know it will be a m249 SAW wep id bet haha
  9. One of the most common i've seen, yet not a gamebreaking bug, is the White Glass Wings bug, they don't have any animation or following movements when attacking and they sit in mid air and detach from the player, now usually this kind of bug doesnt bother me in the slightest, but because a good 50%+ of players use WGW, it's so seeable and i think it gives me mild OCD XD Anyways hope this is good, and good luck everyone!! =D
  10. Hereticial

    Nicely done =D
  11. Hereticial

  12. Hereticial

    Yeeeeee boi, the game, you all lost now XD
  13. Hereticial

    Im not sure your sure about me saying if you sure about that, yknow?