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  1. Tman786

    Didn't expect this but IRL should always be considered before anything else. Glad you'll still be around though.
  2. Tman786

    Sad to see you resign mate, you did a good job. But glad you're still sticking around.
  3. Tman786

    More great work. I'm especially a fan of the first one.
  4. Tman786

    Fantastic piece and your other work is really good too. Clearly very talented and intrigued to see more from you.
  5. Tman786

    Welcome to the server pal. Hope we can meet sometime.
  6. Tman786

    Welcome to the forums mate, and a neat intro. See you around.
  7. Tman786

    Welcome to the server bud. Hope I see you around.
  8. Tman786

    Nice and simple. Gets the job done. Not a huge fan of the holes in the text though.
  9. Tman786

    Sad to see you go bud. They should probably add a warning sign. Nevertheless, I hope you can come back one day, and if not then enjoy life and good luck irl.
  10. Tman786

    1/10 - 0xCAFEBABE was better.