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    Good luck to everyone that entered. 😃
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    #PLANKNATION Donator 1. the bridge could be fixed and have a small skilling place. Since donator you could get like 3-5b per pick for thieving with a little increased xp. 2. Add a few things like American pieces into the store but make it a grind to get like in the ironman instances. 3. Have donators Super Donator 1. I feel like Super donator zone needs a rework. Miniboss spawns at sdz is pretty worthless since Miniboss teleport has 6 floors to go to rotate. Unless you want to add more floors into sdz. 2. Super donator dungeon needs more spawns of npcs. There is only Shadow king, Chaos Ele and Icy Skeletons. Make it like 6 bosses per npc. Extreme Donator 1. Point Shop needs a rework. Adding in Oblivion scythe or frostbite between 75-100k points 2. Add a few more spawns Ex. (4 spawns atm. Could change that to 6 spawns per monster). 3. Add Extreme Skilling zone, make it 1-2 points per action. Woodcutting could be every 3 seconds. Sponsor 1. Spawns are too spaced out. You have to run all over the place to take out certain spawns (Chaos Eles). Have each Spawn in a certain area Ex. (Chaos ele's are north in the middle spawn, Shadow king in the top right, Icy Skeles in the east in the middle, dream king in the south east corner, minibosses in the south middle area, scorpia/venenatis in the south west area, Magegray/necros could be top left or west side. 2. Since its super slow to kill things at ownercape zone. Make it 2-3 points per kill since its not as easy as executive zone. Executive 1. Could add a few different amount of spawns to exe zone. Having them all stack up does sound op but its all up to you guys adding it in. 2. Make our ::rank become #PLANKNATION 3. Add a shield that's plank from Ed Edd n Eddy. Platinum 1. They are already op enough. They don't need anything else, They need to BE NERFED!@#(Dreamz40) (Just kidding on part of the nerf, you can nerf Dreamz40's ELO gain). 2. NERF DREAMZ40 or hand out Drax's Nudes calender 3. They could have all 3 Platinum Set's.
  5. IGN: 808raptor Discord: 808raptor#0452
  6. IGN: 808raptor (Executive) Discord: 808raptor#0452 Timezone: GMT - 10
  7. I love how this update is for new players. This is a great start for a lot of people to join and stay playing with us! Great update!
  8. 808raptor

    Great Suggestion! I think that this is a great suggestion because we do have a lot of people that do like competitions Ex.(competitive acconts). Constantly grinding the same boss does get a little boring, but working on getting towards the late game tier does sound like a grind that's totally worth it, since you can switch to different bosses. Just like at ::train when you can check how much Npckills or how much gems your nemesis has does sound like a great idea, just so you know if you can take a break or grind ever more.
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    This is a hard one for me too. IDK who to vote for, Chong or Bodhi. Good luck to both of you!
  10. 808raptor

    It's been fun, hope to see you rejoin in the near future!
  11. 808raptor

    Well I'm a HC account and I am also trying to get 150 in all skills also. I'm gonna give this a Vouch because since exp lamps have been nerfed they should at least add new ways to get experience like how they added in rainbow fish for fishing or lava/dream logs for woodcutting.
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    Forums Username: 808raptor Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of months since user joined forums: 13 Screenshot:
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    Keep it up Englog! Great info for anyone looking to learn quite a bit on magegray! Will refer them to this thread.
  14. 808raptor

    Account Name: Comp 808 Levels - 28 Feb
  15. 808raptor

    OH MY GOSH! Yes. Just YES! Some great skill's you got here! Will you be sharing more of your work? Would love to see more!