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  1. 808raptor

    Volde just started dropping them in the most recent update of the karma skill. July 2nd.
  2. 808raptor


    Recolour Ticket is only for Glaive and Phats.
  3. 808raptor

    This is actually a great idea. We could either change the castle wars on monday to x2 points for raids. It could be like the ironman instance where they earn points per kill and bonus points per 10 kills. Sadly you dont see a lot of people in raids anymore, you would always see someone yelling +2 open spots at this raid. Back then it used to be full of players grinding the raids for that one special item (electronic katana, Devious pieces or avery ring). Big +1 vouch from a guy who has grinded raids for a very long time! Maybe even adding in the untradeable stuff into the point system but make the points for them or each piece of a set a high number so its not too easy to obtain. Cons- The only bad part would be some people would try to cheat the system and bot the raids or use auto typer.
  4. 808raptor

    It's sad to see another son leave, but its for the best. You handle yourself well man. I can't wait to see when you rejoin.
  5. 1. New bosses 2. New End game gear and weapons 3. New Skills 4. Donator content 5. Revamping old content 6. New raids 7. New minigames 8. New beginner gear and weapons 9. New beginner content 10.Quests
  6. 808raptor

    I have been waiting all month to finally read the dreamers monthly and it always brings excitements when I find out new things that are happening. Great work guys, keep it up!
  7. 808raptor

    I like the concept of this idea. Why only have a stone for the Magic and leave out some stats for range and melee. I would love to see it come from the loyalty store but what about the people that earned it from the 2k19 and the Easter box. It would be kinda unfair for them since they got it the harder way. I would give a Vouch for this idea though since its a great idea. Also a smart idea to combine them and equip them into the arrow slot.
  8. 808raptor

    The only way to play on your mobile device is to download team-viewer on your laptop and your mobile device. Other than that there is no other way
  9. 808raptor

    Woah! This guide is just perfect it helps out from starting out to mid tier. Great Guide! keep it up man!
  10. #CHEATER


    1. Alieni


      Your argument is invalid because:

      1. No

      2. You

  11. Did somebody say ARCADE??
  12. 808raptor

    This is actually a very good idea. I actually dont like selling armor by the pieces, it really annoys me when its uneven. Selling it by the set would help with selling sets. Big Vouch for this!
  13. 808raptor

    Well your best option right now would be thinking of ideas and then listing them in the suggestions section. Just saying that it should be buffed or turn into a regular weapon wont do anything.
  14. 808raptor

    Sadly they have done this before. They took it out because the prices for the scrolls just became outrageous (Not as outrageous as the prices today though). I have been also told that Custom scrolls are not able to join in on goodiebag deals. Only from the items inside the Ds store or for a custom. I would love to see the scrolls come back to help out with big donations though.
  15. 808raptor

    2 and 19 please https://gyazo.com/62226f717d561309c23ba3f73b7e90cf