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  1. great guide. hope there is more to come
  2. 808raptor

    skilling does need a revamp. i really dont see any plus side to it but it will be difficult creating ideas for skilling.
  3. 808raptor

    where would the fun be if it was easier?
  4. 808raptor

  5. 808raptor

    great idea.
  6. 808raptor

    still stuck at 10 maybe 20.
  7. 808raptor

    10 maybe 20.
  8. 808raptor

    sounds like a great idea to me.
  9. 808raptor

    Nice guide! It goes into deep detail. You should make more guides on other things.
  10. 808raptor

    This is definitely a great idea. You don't know how often these tasks would be skipped when i would run some slayer. It's literally a waste of ruining your streak to get bonus points. 100% VOUCH!
  11. 808raptor

  12. 808raptor

    LMAO. The picture of the month. That's too funny!
  13. 808raptor

    competitive season has ended. they announced a closure in update 125 for all comp seasons.
  14. Oh Damn! That hades pet sounds sick af. Time to grind for it.

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