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  1. 808raptor

    IMO. I don't that it should be banned, but if it is directed towards someone i don't think it should be allowed at all. I know how some people would feel when at the dice zone though and losing quite a bit of money. It is very frustrating to have to deal with that, but rules are rules though.
  2. 808raptor

    I would give this a Vouch if they do make it the ring upgradeable at dream rate and non tradeable. It does seem fair to make it very hard for comp account's since every level does matter. Great Idea!
  3. 808raptor

    There are actually quite a few people that tried selling me a donation while staff wasn't on. A few of them want me to pay half at first, do the donation and then finish the rest of the deal. I always tell them "I will not do this donation without a Staff Member as MiddleMan, it's a bannable offence and i put too much time into my account to get banned for a dumb reason."
  4. 808raptor

    Even though I'm late by a few days! CONGRATS BUDDY! I'm looking forward to who else will join the platinum squad!
  5. 808raptor

    Vouch! Skilling does need a Buff, it seem's like the exp rates for each skill isn't as good as others. If some skill's do get better exp rates, I wouldn't mind leaving the exp lamp's to build up. It get's the server to skill more.
  6. 808raptor

    I'm Gonna give this suggestion a Vouch also. It took me 5-10 minutes of constantly clicking and scrolling down. Claimed like all but 5-6 achievements. It was just really annoying going back and forth, seeing if i missed a achievement or not.
  7. 808raptor

    Daaamnnn! That custom set look's sick AF! Im Jealous actually. Love the Bug fixes too!
  8. 808raptor

    Event WAS LIT! It was fun while it lasted. Can't wait for the next event. Looking forward to what Chuck has in store for us.
  9. 808raptor

    This Slayer Grind took me a while to complete, but 1000 slayer tasks was well worth the fun. Looking to maybe get 2000 slayer tasks completions as soon as I can.
  10. 808raptor

    Usually you would have to put in a ::support ticket for bugs like this. I do know some people that had problems with items and got their item's back. Not saying its guaranteed but that would be your best option atm buddy.
  11. 808raptor

    Guardians do seem like a good source of money atm. People are buying sets for 20quad and pieces for 8quad. I am looking forward to what the drop table does have in store for you.
  12. 808raptor

    Yeah, I would rather have them revert the lamp's on how they used to be instead of how they are now. Gio's hoes are kinda pointless now and the skilling exp rate is pretty slow. I'm gonna Vouch for this suggestion!
  13. 808raptor

    Juicey offer! Let's see who is gonna claim this Sexy Deal today!
  14. 808raptor

    Congrats to everyone that won! I'm surprised that I was even nominated on this list. Thank you guys very much!