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  1. 808raptor

    still stuck at 10 maybe 20.
  2. 808raptor

    very nice!
  3. 808raptor

    10 maybe 20.
  4. 808raptor

    sounds like a great idea to me.
  5. 808raptor

    Nice guide! It goes into deep detail. You should make more guides on other things.
  6. 808raptor

    This is definitely a great idea. You don't know how often these tasks would be skipped when i would run some slayer. It's literally a waste of ruining your streak to get bonus points. 100% VOUCH!
  7. 808raptor

  8. 808raptor

    LMAO. The picture of the month. That's too funny!
  9. 808raptor

    competitive season has ended. they announced a closure in update 125 for all comp seasons.
  10. 808raptor

    I got cleaned by Oh wait never mind, I don't gamble.
  11. Oh Damn! That hades pet sounds sick af. Time to grind for it.
  12. 808raptor

    I wanted to do a showcase of the loot from opening 1,019 Event Boxes. Before: After: Experience Before Opening Boxes: Experience After Opening Boxes: Bodhi was here
  13. 808raptor

    Yes, some of the donator zones store do need a revamp but you could also try to provide some ideas for them too. For example the executive store has 38 items while the platinum's only have about 19. As platinum's I feel like we could deserve more items in our store too, maybe even more add more different variety of items. (For Ex. avery's incantation 40k , EKS 50k, AK Assi 50k, Cent box 50k, Black diamond box 75k each, 2k19s 60k , Easter box 45k .) those are just examples that I could think of.
  14. insane crate by our one and only feeds! Love it! @bee scurt black diamond boxes are untradeable sadly.
  15. 808raptor

    Username: 808raptor Rank In Game: Platinum Proof: https://gyazo.com/f57c3ea9faf27f1d3b23034d650477e2

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