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  1. 808raptor

    SHHHHH. You gotta keep it on the DL before they think i am only thinking about myself. Trying to help out others too. I do want this to be added before i head out on my vacation in may.
  2. 808raptor

    Yes, i do think that this is a very good idea actually. Something could happen irl and you cant play Dreamscape for that day. You come back the next day and your hard work of playing 85 days(Example) in a row was just washed away and you cant do anything about it. This is a +1 from me. Hope this gets accepted. Great idea man!
  3. 808raptor

    I think that they did try to do this actually. You would think it would drive down the prices of a 50$ scroll, but in the end people was charging more for the scroll actually. It became like 50$ would be 70q like how it is now. I really wish people would stop with all the insane amounts of money that they do expect, but its supply and demand, we cant change it.
  4. 808raptor

    AVENGER'S RAID!!! Well i was thinking about this one a lot actually. I was trying to get a group of friends to join me at the avengers raid today and we kept having random people join us. its not that its bad having random people join. Its we needed a certain attack style and random people was kinda making it difficult for us. So my suggestion is if you wanted to join in on the Avenger's raid, just have someone in the group host it. Making it clan chat would make runs way faster because it would make certain people join in. It would make a lot of things easier and runs to go smoother. The communication would be great too, since you guys are all in the same clan chat. I hope you guys give your feedback on this and hope this suggestion comes through. Thanks for reading this!
  5. 808raptor

    Oooooooh this sounds like a great even to participate in. I would love to join in on this but it seems like some of the items arent getting its full potential in xp rates. This is gonna be hard but in the end, the grind is totally worth it. I would love to see who will get 120 and 150 first.
  6. 808raptor

    I would actually like to see this happen, This could be a great way to get the community to get together and have fun. I rarely see hide and seek minigame's anymore. I mainly see hot and cold events which is kinda the same thing every single time, its fun but we need to change it up a bit. +1 from me.
  7. 808raptor

    Hmmmm. This is actually a great suggestion. Whats the point of it just sitting in your bank if you are not able to use it. Claiming it for store credit is a maybe to me. In my opinion i would feel like having it become tradeable would be the best thing atm.
  8. 808raptor

    Great event you are hosting. Can’t wait to see the outcome. i will be joining too.
  9. 808raptor

    Username: 808raptor Rank in game: executive Proof(screenshot):
  10. 808raptor

    -In Game Name: 808raptor -Game Time Played: 62:16:46 -Reason why you want to join this clan: I love pvming and grinding raids. Helping out everyone and meeting new people is the plus side of it.
  11. 808raptor

    808raptor. thanks for the giveaway! really appreciate it