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    Forum Username: BevilmRank Requesting: VeteranAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 6(182 days)Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
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  3. BevilM

    well idk on this 1 but maybe give more clear thing what you want for it then like detailed description what you expect from the sponsor status I think drop rate etc are just fine i made a lot of money farming, and if the drop rate were to be low for the sponsor the ecosystem will fail
  4. BevilM

    I support it.
  5. BevilM

    gz on the winners !!!
  6. BevilM

    The game
  7. BevilM

    i want to see that all of it #TeamDrax
  8. if you can date any girl in the world .who will it be?
  9. BevilM

    what do you hate and like about belguim
  10. BevilM

    what longest time you been high
  11. BevilM

    No Yoda No
  12. BevilM

    that are som dope goals hope irl stuff pays off and that everything goes well
  13. wow the kindness so good to see it