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  1. Hello, i'm Daddyshoe. I put that question mark in the title because i played way back in ~2015-2016, so i couldn't completely call myself new. anyways. The second i logged in and teleported to ::training i was greeted by a man called "Troveman" Troveman was giving Torva and Sickles (u) to new players. It was a really nice greeting We had a nice chat Everyone was friendly I felt part of the community I also felt overloaded by the sheer amount of custom items But guides on the forum helped me out a lot When i say a lot, i really do mean a lot. love em. Guides are my saviors. after grinding around i was gifted even more items it felt odd but i kept the tradition going by passing on the items i got to new players I Spent like 6+ hours of the time i played just chatting with people once again felt like i'm a part of the this great server community i couldn't help but notice the amount of people quitting i guess it's normal for a server with ~200-300 players which is based of off gambling the thing that annoyed me the most, and i'll go off topic a bit here, but it's that after those 2 years i left the server for... Wilderness... was emptier then ever before. No one was there. I scouted the entire wildy, bosses, teleports Not. A single. Person. I would really enjoy if this server gave wilderness some love There's a lot of ideas that are coming to my head to boost the activity of it wilderness i invited a lot of people to come pk, even asked drax to give me a shout. No one came. And all of the people i invited "privately" refused to come with me to wildy saying "it's not worth it". ALL OF THEM. I wish there was a reward system to encourage you to pk. Like artifacts, upgraded pkp shop, more bosses in wilderness. That's about it My first 12+ hours of playing this server summed up. The server is great. and a big part of that is that the community is just so amazing. Dare I say it's one of the best i've seen in my 6+ years of playing rsps's. Also, what i learned the hard way... A lot of people are standing around not to chat, but are afk , so i caught myself talking to my self way too many times which is okay, i guess, i talk a lot of nonsense anyways :D

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