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  1. Blazinbudz Goals and achievements! In game: Golden minigun 2/10/2017 collector's necklace 2/10/2017 Ring of wealth (I) Chaos ele pet (i) All skills 120+ emperor's set 250 diablo kills 250 voldemort kills 250 OG dragon kills 1k magegray Fourms goals: 50 post count get a signature Bank Febuary 10th Diablo drops kc 174- Ascension offhand
  2. Blazinbudz

    Aye guys. Looking to pay for a fourm header and a signature. Not quite sure exactly what I want, but somehow some way related to smoking, either green or red Text. Possibly text in smoke? I’m not good with these kind of things so if I can find somebody, would be much appreciated. WILL PAY+TIP comment on here or message me in game.
  3. Blazinbudz

    hype to see this event! hope we get a nice crowd
  4. Blazinbudz

  5. Blazinbudz

    Blazinbudz Good luck to all!
  6. Blazinbudz

    Hello there Kitler, nice to see you! Enjoy your stay at Dreamscape!
  7. Blazinbudz

    Thanks for all the positivity guys! i appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game. THanks for the warm welcome!
  8. Hello guys, I know many of you have seen me either in-game, or lurking around the fourms, so i figured i would formally introduce myself. The names Gurt(childhood nickname), I am 22 years old, currently living in Pennsylvania (yuuuck). Some hobbies of mine are, music (piano, drums, writing music, rapping etc.) American football (E-A-G-L-E-S) cooking is a HUGE hobby of mine, smoking, hanging out with friends and daily trips to the bar. Most people would say im helpful, friendly, outgoing, and talkative. Being a part in a community means a great deal to me, as i try to particpate as much as possiible to better the enviroments around me . Gaming has been a huge passion of mine, anywhere from runescape, to halo, private servers, destiny. Most MMORPG's drawal me in. A little bit about my gaming/MMorpg history Been playing since i was 8 (14 YEARS NOW WOW) Been in TONS AND TONS of clans and held high postions (warlord, War captain, Mod, Co-leader) Was in the 2nd best rs warring clan at the time first 99 and only 99 was defence :D Now a days, i find myself more involved in private servers because of the smaller community quicker leveling up and its just all around more fun. I have taken a huge interest in Dreamscape mainly vecause of the amazing coomnity and custom items.
  9. Blazinbudz

    There is Take a look at that. But thank you guys! I appreciate it. I really am enjoying this server and see so much potential in it. I feel like if we can get some community feedback, we can make this server THAT much better
  10. Trying to brainstorm ideas to attract new players and get the community more active with minigames, pking and such. If there was anything you could change or add about dreamscape, what would it be?