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  1. Blazinbudz

    Let me make sure I understand this right... staff is hosting an event in which we suggest things and the top 5 suggestions get awarded+ a random participant?
  2. Blazinbudz

    Still looking for a siggy. Will pay in game cash
  3. Blazinbudz

    Its been really tough man, I miss everybody on voice. I got my girlfriend to pick up the WiFi and it came with all the wires but no router 🤭 I have to sit a certain way/place when on discord so I don’t sound like a robot, it’s a pain. Hoping within the the next week or so everything will be back to normal. Just adjusting to the new house and new job.
  4. Blazinbudz

    This math don’t seem right. 1000 bodies at 5-8 quad a pop would be 5qu-8Qu
  5. Blazinbudz

    So as many of you may have seen, my activity on forums and in game has declined slightly. However, I believe I am fully settled into the new house now/new job and I will be active once again! Side note: May not be on discord AS much, still working on WiFi Huge thanks to everybody who suppprted
  6. Blazinbudz

    I can’t even describe how ecstatic I am to be one the people interviewed. Thank you guys so much. Great job job on this months report, can’t wait to see next months! Well done guys.
  7. Blazinbudz

    Better step your fashionscape guys! I’m coming for that heli pet
  8. Oooof huge update! Great job staff. Can’t wait to check it out. Been waiting on this all day !
  9. Blazinbudz

    Welcome back to the squad! Super glad to see you come back and be active, hanging with us on discord and coming to events. EVERY time I see your name I think of that history teacher, which means you HAVE to be a cool dude 😂😂
  10. Blazinbudz

    You’re probably kinda close to where I live now. Trying to toke one up? 😂😂 I’m currently living in the reading area
  11. Blazinbudz

    OF COURSE! I grew up about 15 minutes of Philly. Levittown/Bristol if you are familiar. I’m SO sad about us releasing Foles Yeeees, I love the discord. I wish more people would hop on. And no, I don’t believe you get the goodiebag. I think you get 400 code keys for half off 😂😂
  12. Blazinbudz

    Whats up yall? Most of you probably know me, but i'll get a bit more personal. Name: Garrett (Gurt) Age:23 Location: Pennsylvania (Unfortuantely) United States. Hobbies: I LOVE to cook, make music, hang with friends, BEEER IS LIFE, I'm a stepdad of a beautiful 7 year old daughter. Dreamscape duuuuh. I was a drummer for about 8 years in school, self taught piano. Guitar is the hardest instrument ive ever touched and it absolutely frustrates me. I play some xbox here and there. Fort nite when I'm in a good mood, Destiny 1 was like crack to me, Paladains. Meeting other people and learning new cultures is a hobby of mine as well, I think that's why I'm so sociable Lol. I find myself often networking with other people, asking them questions about their country/state, going to different museums, watching documentaries etc. Ancient history absolutely fascinates me, like pyramids, the Aztec/myans/ Anything that does not have a definitive answer really...Bigfoot/ufo/loch ness monster/paranormal/conspiracy theories. My rsps journey has been wild. I started playing RS at about age 9-10, then private servers at about 13-14. I've been many different ranks (clan owner, mod, War captain/Lord), seen many servers, but I must say; there is no server anywhere compared to Dreamscape. I love the community here/staff and all the customs. Have any questions or would like me to explain anymore? Don't hesitate I don't bite! Sincerely, BlazinBudz
  13. Blazinbudz

    The fact that you have sponsor already blows my mind. I was literally just telling you starter stuff the other day. It's crazy to see that progress bro, keep it up!
  14. Blazinbudz

    Like 25q loot so far not including the orb lol. Nice work mate! Gonna love watching this post grow
  15. Blazinbudz

    Main Text: Blazinbudz Sub text: Font(s): Just make it look good Size: ^ Render: Bob marley Background/specific images: Pot leaves/Rasta/Bob marley Style: Would like green, yellow, and red and black

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