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  1. i dont know if anyone realises but can we fix yell tab, i am having troubles clicking and typing and entering in the yell tab but it comes into public. I would like to fix that and also i would like to have placeholders and preset so you dont need to find what to pick and using the preset and holders makes your bank neat and tidy.
  2. Jayn

    As being a sponsor for a while, I might and check it out
  3. Holy moly! awesome Drax and all. Thanks for ur suggestions and making updates so hot! Thanks :)
  4. Jayn

    Username : Ohh Vixen Rank IG Request : Extreme Donator Proof :
  5. Jayn

    Ohh vixen
  6. Jayn

    Hi guys, my name is Adam and i'm from Australia. I come and visit every now and then on this server, i do also play another RSPS and i was an ex-helper there. I look through videeos on youtube with his series Mystery Boxes opening from " oh Sohan " and i'd wanting to extend that keep it up. If you want to ask any questions about myself, feel free to comment below or In-Game " Ohh Vixen " Have a good day! Adam

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