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  1. Cassius

    Fulfilled, thank you Tiger Z!
  2. Cassius

    Will do brother, thanks for offering! Might take you up on that second thing too! I have 1 green eye and 1 brown eye
  3. Cassius

    If I get someone in the next 2 days, I will pay 1q for all 3!!!
  4. Cassius

  5. Cassius

    - Updated Prices -
  6. Thank you all! I know it'll take some time, but that's what I believe true goals should be. Not something you can do in a day, or in a week.
  7. Hello all! I am looking for 2 avatars and and single signature! Main Text: (Avatar 1) - Skyzen | (Avatar 2) - Cassius | (Signature) - Cassius Sub text: (Signature) - Always Rise Font(s): Something Unique / Something that grabs attention Size: Avatars 1:1 obv, hopefully at least 600x600, Signature roughly the size of my current one Render: /// Background: /// Style: Skyzen Avatar - Night Sky Theme ||| Cassius Avatar / Signature - Wolf Theme Other information: I will buy these 200T each if done by several people, if I get someone to do them all I will pay 750t for the set. Thank you!
  8. Cassius

    Product: I would like an avatar with a seperate name and a signature! Text 1 (Avatar): The name "Skyzen" Text 2 (Signature): Cassius Color(s): Sky Blue / Purple, other than that feel free to choose! Theme?: Something involving the Night Sky for Skyzen, Cassius I'd request a Wolf theme or something similar. I'm open to anything though Total: 250T Cash
  9. It's late and I should probably get some sleep, but what the heck! These are my current list of goals that I was to achieve Drops Achieved Magegray - Chaos Ele - Raid 1, 2, 3, 4 - 0 Obliv - 0 Phoenix - 0 1Q+ Rares Acquired Emperor Set Golden Minigun Ownercape American Torva U Shadow Set U Oblivion Scythe Glaive Bazooka - - - - - GOALS - - - - - Acquire Emp Set + GMG Donate for Ownercape Host Regular Giveaways 100k Total Boss Kills In-Game Staff Corp Pet Upgraded Fallen Deathcape Upgraded AM / Shadow Set U #1 On Leaderboard 1k kills on each boss
  10. Sponsor hype!!

    1. Flae


      Amazing man!

      Welcome to the team!

    2. Zodiac
    3. Cassius
  11. Cassius

    Side Note - My eyes are also 2 different colors!
  12. Cassius

    Granted, but the cops take you in for being in orbit I wish I had a steady job that I love
  13. Hey everybody, I been playing for way longer than just today but I figured since I'm going to be more active on the forums I'd make one of these posts to get myself out there. Yo! My names Josiah, but I go by Cassius in Dreamscape. I'm 20 (turning 21 on March 27) and I'm currently enrolled in college. Been playing Dreamscape for a few weeks now and I've worked my way up to Extreme Donator, Emp set, GMG, etc. I love this server and everyone on it, so I'm probably not leaving anytime soon. I hope over time I get to know a good lot of you and become friends with all y'all! If ya wanna know more feel free to ask!
  14. Cassius

    IGN: Cassius Thanks for the giveaway my friend, has been nice seeing you around!

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