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  1. I don't think this should be added. When you use your potion you take the risk of losing it if you log off. You should be sure if you're going to use it for the whole duration if you use it at all.
  2. Now that you mention it.. it is pretty funny. Haha!
  3. We all love those manual type challenges but why not have some on a timer everyday for each time zone. Every day at 2:00 PM and 2:00 AM a ::type challenge for a Seasonal Goodiebox. Every day at 4:00 PM and 4:00 AM a ::type challenge for a Enchanted Crystal Set. Rewards can be worked out later.
  4. I agree with this suggestion could be added along with the box kc count suggestion.
  5. This is an existing command. Executive+ can use the ::pos command to open the market wherever they are. This probably won't be changed either. What I'd suggest is if you're not Executive+ then we should still be able to place an item into pos with a command. (Eg. ::sellitem-Blizzard Virtus Top-2000)
  6. What is the content called Ninja Outfit Swamp Goddess Outfit ] How does it work? Ninja Outfit (Ranged) slightly better than Batman set. When used with respective weapon (Ninja Star) receive a multi-shot bonus to attack 0.5x faster. Goddess Outfit (Mage) slightly better than Obsidian Virtus. When used with respective weapon (Wand of The Goddess) receive a +50.0% mage attack bonus. What rewards does it give? Ninja Outfit allows you to pick up loot directly to inventory. Goddess Outfit increases all DSCoin drops by 50%. How will it benefit ser
  7. What is the content called Boots of Agility or Agile Greaves How does it work? Wear these cosmetic boots and receive agility xp while running. What rewards does it give? +30% Dodge Rate (Meaning npcs can miss their attack on you.) How will it benefit server/players? Interesting new concept, rather than using items for more dps, you nullify a bit of a damage. How could it be expanded in the future? Could add a whole new "dodging" concept in game. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I don't t
  8. What is the content called Dream Onyx How does it work? Prime Ring of Wealth ::upgrade @ 2% > Dream Onyx - Instead of the classic purple gemstone ring. It's a black diamond. $800 in-store price. Dropped by no npcs. Only obtainable by combining 150 Ring of Wealth (i) to make Prime Ring of Wealth (untradeable) and then upgrading it at a 2% rate. What rewards does it give? 10% DR 10% DDR 15% Luck Bonus 2.0x Damage Boost How will it benefit server/players? I made a suggestion for the new players, this is one for t
  9. What is the content called Newbie Box How does it work? A box specifically for new players. As for the design you can just recolor the normal mystery boxes to a suitable color. Would be dropped at a rate of (1:50) by various monsters including penguins, crash bandicoots, knuckles etc. (1:25) by Steroid Penguins and (1:5) by Alpha Penguins. What rewards does it give? 50x Mystery Boxes (1:20) Ice Katana (1:25) 5k-50k DSCoins (Would work like Lottery Box) Frostbite Staff (1:150) American Pernix Pieces (1:200) Avery's Ring (1:300)
  10. What's the current issue? I just don't see the point in having outdated weapons. I'll be making these type of revamp suggestions for a lot of current weapons. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Remove all Electronic Katanas from eco; Rename it to Platinum Katana, up the stats, throw it in Box of Dreams and make it a Ultra Rare from Vorkath. +18,000 Attack Bonuses +25,0000 Strength Bonus 15% DR, 10% DDR, 5% Luck + Turmoil Effect This would put the Platinum Katana right under the Scythe of Vitur in dps but would grant a small DR, DDR a
  11. Simple suggestion. Hellhound and Hellcat pets with collector's necklace chains around their neck for collector's necklace effect. Maybe add some DR and DDR boosts.
  12. Erm well I'm back but apparently have to start over because I don't have proof of a PayPal donation for an account I only donated with OSRS gp with. So yeah, hi.
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