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  1. Creepo

    I'm out too. Peace, bitches!
  2. Creepo


  3. Creepo

    @Chuck - Oi, this guy. This man here is a true Italian stallion. Let's just say if I had to choose between this guy and a bucket of delicious golden crispy KFC chicken... I'd probably choose the chicken but he's a close second. @DRAX - I like this guy sometimes even though he's a cold-hearted jerk who steals my nudes from appear.in and sells them on the deep web. @Feeds - You're one of my favorite staff members for obvious reasons. @Lil Bowwow - I was going to write something positive about you and then I remembered you cleaned me, so.... I'll be taxing all of your positive comments from now on. All jokes aside you're a wonderful Gambling Manager and obviously the best asian in town. Now that'll be 4Q for both nice comments totaling 8Q. I expect to receive swift payment. @Emperor Nick - #Inactive @Stuart - You remind of a white version of my cousin, keep that up and you'll go far. @Flae - Get rid of the Justin Bieber, for the love of god! Also.. yeah... decent admin or whatever. @Road 2 Swag - I was told if I added you in this list there would free tater tots at the next event. @hc bob - Excellent addition to the staff team so far. I'm loving it. @Hc Blaze - You've always been my favorite TD and I knew you'd make a great helper so there's really nothing for me to say. @Guru - Guwu guwu guwu... It would be a travesty if I didn't add you to this list. You're top tier asf.
  4. Creepo

  5. Creepo

    Thanks for all the love shown in this thread guys. There's been a change of plans. I'm no longer working twelve hours a day so I won't be quitting.
  6. Creepo

    I'm out, will still join in on Discord from time to time to talk to friends but this is it for me.
  7. Eh, when is tonight for you? I work from 6 pm to 6 am my time and it's 7:09 AM while I'm writing this post.
  8. Oh, I didn't know that. We should talk on Discord sometime about further ides for this so we can have it all mapped out if it gets accepted.
  9. Add Squirtle - Blastoise (Evolved Version of Squirtle) & Charmander - Charizard (Evolved Version of Charizard) in game. What I'm thinking is add Professor Oak NPC to starting area and you choose between one of three pets, like in Pokemon. Each of the original pet versions give. 5% DRB and 1% DDR. Evolving (upgrading) these pets with a Thunderstone evolved them into their respective forms Raichu, Blastoise and Charizard and upon failure you'll need to pay Professor Oak a certain amount to get another one or get a drop. Professor Oak will only give out one Pokemon per player and will only exchange your Pokemon for another if it is in it's original state. This also adds the opportunity for a new in-store mystery box. An actual Pokeball. Opening a Pokeball gives you a chance to win a non-evolved or evolved pet, thunderstones, and sometimes pets from Pet Mystery Box. I'll be adding more details to this throughout the week but I do work 12 hour shifts every day so yeah.
  10. Creepo

    Grats man. Many more events to come. #BillNi
  11. Creepo

    Who is your favorite black person, and why?

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