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  1. Why do you make your eyes red on all your thumbnails?
  2. Respirate

    This is my entry! I'd upload all my progress series video's if I could but unfortunately not. This series consists of starting from scratch and making 1Q! Lots of different money making methods are used to help new player's out. Best of luck to everyone.
  3. Respirate

    Didn't even know about the buff! Thanks for showing everyone mate Loving the uploads.
  4. Respirate

    Good find mate:) Loving your content- keep it up
  5. Respirate

    Some good pulls dude:) Loved this- thanks for taking up on my suggestion:P Keep up the good work dude:P
  6. Respirate

    Love this, got very unlucky- I made about 1.2q from my 50 spins!
  7. Respirate

    Great video mate, Bad luck on no (i) wealths :( I'd love to see a vote book opening.
  8. Respirate

    Love this dude, the dedication is real to collect all those keys- bet it took ages mate. So close to the full set:) Best of luck my man. ❤️
  9. Respirate

    Love this man
  10. Respirate

    Welcome:) Hope to see you ingame sometime dude:P
  11. Respirate

    Nice to meet you mate! PM me ingame if you need anything:)- 'Respirate'
  12. Very nice job- This will help newer players very much.
  13. Respirate

    Thankyou buddy:) Ah! Awesome;) Will do matey