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  1. Hc Nut

    Support. Could make it so that people cannot enter the FP room if they have a pet deployed.
  2. Hc Nut

    Username: Hc Nut Rank in game: Extreme Donator Proof
  3. Hc Nut

    Currently, the game chat, excluding everything that comes from Public, Private, Clan, etc is too spammy. This is especially bad with the new Immortal Stone event where everytime someone gets a drop it tells me. This is particularly annoying if i'm trying to keep up with a thread of conversation and I loose focus for a few seconds and have to scroll back up to see what people said. I think that either a filtered game chat option would be beneficial, or just removing unwanted spam in general would be great. The things that immedialty come to mind are as follows: Immortal Stone drops "Rare drops" like brutal whips and stuff like that that aren't worth anything, while they may still be rare - I think this also misleads new players who think they've gotten something good when infact it's junk. Welcome messages (?) I know people like to be welcomed by no one ever says anything as far as I know. Maybe it could be useful for helpers to be notified but other than that... Lvl 99 announcments? I know that people like that as well, bc usually it's an achievement but stats don't mean anything here but I see the usefulness for newer players. I'd love other people's thoughts on this. I think that an option for a filtered and unfiltered chat would be best because then we could choose, who knows, maybe folks like seeing the immortal stone messages. Cheers for reading.
  4. Hc Nut

    Hi I'm Hc Nut One thing I love about DS is the random conversations that occur at magegray. I spend a lot of time there and there are always cookey people hanging out there and it's always great to be able to join in and talk shit while killing them damn magegrays. I vastly dislike that no one will dd my measly 10-20t :( I understand to most of y'all that is pennies but i hate having to go dice against King Vargas because that shit always takes my money. Happy birthday yo, hope you have a good one.
  5. Hc Nut

    @Hc Blaze has been banned for being in dicezone too much.
  6. Hc Nut

    IGN: Hc Nut Cheers for the give away
  7. Course not, but usually this place is hella packed with the botting scum - myself included
  8. Solid updates! Gzz to all the custom item people
  9. Hc Nut

    Granted, but your super power is that everyone else can read your mind. I wish that I don't go 10k kc dry at magegray
  10. Hc Nut

    Looking good man, keep it up
  11. Hc Nut

    Damn god, gratz. Hope you made bank on the souls
  12. Hc Nut

    Sounds like it'll be a blast, what's some good CW gear since OP stuff is outlawed?
  13. Hc Nut

    Very impressive bank sir.
  14. Hc Nut

    Nice tab, I have a vote book tab going myself. With the update vote books are def better, especially for new players but still not the best tbh.