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  1. Aww was hoping to see a 1q cash stack! Atleast you got flippers LOL
  2. Of course Bowwow. You're my idol <3 LOL. But, thanks brotha!
  3. Like what the others have said, in FT3 you've got more wiggle room to come back from 0-2. I've seen many people make a comeback and making bank because of it. It's also suspenseful lol.
  4. Litt! Glad to see you on here too! Gonna Fp more soon Right on Bman! Ill most definitely PM when needed!
  5. Congrats to the winners! Hopefully there are more Fashion events so I can enter
  6. Ah yeah, many people don't know what my IGN means unless they know anything about cars. I also still get the ad from time to time, but its whatever haha.
  7. Whats good all! My IGN/Forum name is G T 2 R S. Obviously my IGN/Forum name is named after one of the best production car in my opinion, the Porsche GT2RS. Most of y'all have probably seen me in-game and I've been lagging on making a forums account. Aside from that, in real life my name is Lou, and from San Francisco, California ( Timezone is wayyyy out there compared to everyone that's on here ) . Anywayyys, I stumbled upon Dreamscape because of an ad on Youtube LOL, and it brought some very intense nostalgia. I used to play Runescape back when I was 12-13 (21 now). Hobbies that I enjoy doin
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