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  1. Bellatrix

    I like it, it's fun and clean
  2. Bellatrix

    Thats some insane luck!
  3. Bellatrix

    Congrats on veteran!
  4. Bellatrix

    Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy it ?
  5. Bellatrix

    Hey welcome to Dreamscape! Hope you enjoy it, theres a lot to learn so if you need help dont be afraid to ask!
  6. Bellatrix

    Welcome back, theres def alot of new stuff hope you enjoy it all!
  7. Bellatrix

    Congrats on Veteran!!!!
  8. Bellatrix

    dang, i'll be at work but goodluck everyone!
  9. Bellatrix

    Congrats felllas!
  10. Bellatrix

    This event got a lot of good feedback so I'm really happy about that! Keep an eye out for an all new Forum event coming your way very shortly! The winners for this past event are as follows, please message me on Discord or In-Game to set up a meet for your rewards ? FIRST PLACE - 5Quad Cash @Ez 4 Me SECOND PLACE - 3Quad Cash @YOda Is here THIRD PLACE - 1Quad Cash @Hc Maximum
  11. Bellatrix

    Congrats everyone, keep up the great work!
  12. Bellatrix

    Congrats on Veteran :D
  13. Bellatrix

    good job putting this together :D
  14. Bellatrix

    Oh I'll be there

  16. Bellatrix

    I always love q and a videos, I'm down
  17. Bellatrix

    Thanks for everything Mich! <3 Im sad to see you leave the staff team but Im glad you are sticking around... IRL always comes first and you are going to achieve some great things :p
  18. Bellatrix

    Aww Bowwow <3 Im gonna miss you around the staff team man! but hey pretty soon you will be in my timezone and we are still gonna tear shit up!!
  19. Bellatrix

    Dice Duel Gamblers Event

  20. Bellatrix

    umm i see it in Dreamers Discussion which seems fine to me :o
  21. Awesome ideas guys!!! Let's see them suggestions!!!
  22. Bellatrix

    Hey welcome to the DS forums!!! I've helped ya out and talked to a bit already, I recognize the name:) oh and cliffjumping....nope nope nope nope haha
  23. Bellatrix

  24. Bellatrix

    I counted it because you had actually gotten one wrong so it balanced