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  1. pocket watch

    thanks mate, I will return with a better clearer mind!
  2. pocket watch

    I'm sorry guys but I have to take a break. I can't keep grinding chaos elemental like this. I will continue to 100,000 kills but I can't do it right now. Thankfully I did get to about 45,000 kills on a normal account so I will show you the loot that I received from that so new players can get an understanding on what a normal account will expect. Again, I'm so sorry I couldn't complete this goal all at once, I wont let you guys down again. Much love -Pocket watch
  3. pocket watch

    Congratulations to Maxasv2 for winning the giveaway! Thank you all for participating in this little milestone of mine! There will be more giveaway to come throughout the grind!! make sure o show him some love!!!!! Much love -Pocket watch
  4. pocket watch

    Thank you to everyone who joined my giveaway. I am super excited to say I just hit 40,000 kill count! I will be announcing the winner very shortly :] Much love -Pocket watch
  5. pocket watch

    Hello everyone! I am coming up on 40,000 elemental kills and wanted to give back to you guys! I will be giving away an elemental pet to one special winner of this giveaway once I hit 40,000 kills! All you have to do is comment to this topic with your ingame name and that's it! I hope you guys enjoy playing Dreamscape and goodluck! Much Love -Pocket watch
  6. pocket watch

    you guys got it! I will collect as many keys as I can, I will update everyone on the keys!
  7. pocket watch

    ooooh, that would be interesting! I will put that into consideration! Thanks mate!
  8. pocket watch

    Hey guys, about a week ago I set out to complete a grind of 100,000 chaos elemental kills. I am exactly a 3rd of the way done with this grind and am thinking about future goals. I love pvming and it is one of the biggest things I do on dreamscape. I want your opinion on what I should grind after this! I always do grinds in quantities of 100,000 kills. Whether it be raids, or shadow kings, just let me know what you guys wanna see next! I will keep you guys updated on the chaos ele grind for now! Much love -Pocket watch
  9. pocket watch

    This is quite a good way to giveaway to the community! Thanks mate. -Pocket watch
  10. pocket watch

    well, just let us know when you find some information!
  11. pocket watch

    I wanted to say that Emperor Nick is an amazing staff member! He promptly helped me with my situation and kept me in the loop from start to end. Thank you for helping the community!! -Pocket watch
  12. pocket watch

    Hey guys! I wanted to inform everyone that I am at the quarter way point at around 26,000 ele kills! shouldn't be long now for the goal!! -Pocket watch
  13. pocket watch

    Hmmm, that is interesting. Did you find out any additional information after posting this?
  14. pocket watch

    Welcome back my friend, hope all is well!
  15. pocket watch

    Thanks Heather!