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  1. OMFG! Feeds my bro hope you are well.

    I'm back and ready to make this eco mine again =,)


    Good to see the veterans like yourself and Drax amongst it!


    See you in game. Waiting on my support request to assist with my account access.

    1. Feeds


      Heyya homs! Yeah always around and its amazing to see you back in action ma man. Its been while i'm pretty sure!

      if you need any help? shooot me pm!

  2. Hunty

    Hey Guys, It's me Hunty here! It's been awhile since logging in. Have completed the update and now working with the DS team to get access to my account. Cannot wait to see the new content and get back amongst this amazing community. xx
  3. Herooowwww Ery Wan. . . . . . . . . . . Fk starting all over again.! -_-