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  1. ImFresh

  2. ImFresh

    Congratz to all the winners ! Was good to participicate.
  3. Wow ! A very nice update this time. Happy holidays everyone !
  4. Happy holidays everyone, i hope your all wishes will come true ! IGN: Hc Imfresh
  5. ImFresh

    Dear Mr. Santa I was a very gud boii this year. And i wanted you to please an M4A4 asimov and an american pernix armour set, for the ultimate purpose ( TO SAVE THE CHRISTMAS !) actually for gambling My wishlist: #1. M4A4 asimov #2. American pernix set #3. 1 million in game cashes so i can buy a ferrari #4. Bong #5. Weed Merry christmas everyone ! I feel that santa is near us boys, can't wait for gifts
  6. ImFresh

    Very nice gfx, i love how the animation looks.
  7. ImFresh

    Congratulations on wiki editor man ! I hope we can see your work soon.
  8. ImFresh

    @YCGamez was so fat that when shrek ate him, he never ate people again, @Vaider Guess why Vaider is a fan of starwars and not of real war movies with real swords?Cuz when he bought a sword from merch store to support other war movies, he was to weak to hold a real sword, so he decided to choose laser swords. (It was a joke that time its not 2nd post, time for a roast now u thought that im joking with u @YCGamez, @Vaider nah its not that easy boys)
  9. ImFresh

    Why YCGAMEZ and VAIDER still watches shrek and star wars at 2018, cuz u won't see donkey f*cking a dragon in hentai, and 50 inches long shining dildos. (Don't be mad at me buddy's) EXPOSED. It's only a joke BTW guys, roast is at the bottom.
  10. ImFresh

    Hey, im sorry no because i reinstalled my windows so all files are gone i can make more gfx when i have some time so u can see more content what i can do.Its only examples what i decided to do for the moment, u can request what u want and i make it according to your needs
  11. ImFresh

    Merry christmas to everyone !
  12. ImFresh

    Christmas discounts 50% ! Some examples:,
  13. ImFresh

    Hello guys i made my new GFX rate it :P
  14. ImFresh

    Hello guys i made my new gfx with photoshop how do you like it?Rate 1/10 thanks <3 Pm me if u want signature like that we can make a deal