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  1. Nii

    Congrats to all of the above winners well deserved every one of you.
  2. Nii

    Woah this event looks so fun! Such an awesome event!
  3. Nii

    Thanks for the positivity, Bob! Everything on this post I couldn't agree with more.
  4. Nii

    Wow! That's so much more cash than I originally thought. Another great video Drax.
  5. Nii

    Congrats on member of the month @xzemoz itsonlya well deserved.
  6. Nii

    interesting video man, good luck on the ultra rare drops! hopefully, you get one soon!
  7. Nii

    Ayy. This was a surprise to me, best of luck to @xzemoz itsonlya and @hc bob
  8. Nii

    Nice video bowwow, With that outcome, I think I'm just going to sell my keys from now on and watch your key openings
  9. Nii

    funny intro and all around great video man. I thought you would be able to get more than 49 kills per hour
  10. Nii

    this grind seems very hard but good luck man!
  11. Nii

    that's actually a lot more loot than I expected you to get even with 45k kc hopefully, you didn't burn yourself out!
  12. Nii

    Great way to start off! nice guide @Mr Brand
  13. I'm over here thinking 1Q bets are big.. that stuff is next level
  14. Nii

    Nice man that's super lucky I got my devious helm around 1060 kc
  15. Nii

    Welcome to grindmanmode! some tips from me is to grind.. grind.. and more grinding nah honestly, Welcome to the server man hope you enjoy ironman mode!