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  1. Lil Bowwow

    This is actually well written, and even got the video for positioning! Thumbs up reaper, keep up the good work!
  2. Lil Bowwow

    Why cant a staff win the event? They donate just like the regular players lol. And got 2nd place GG. Thanks for all the support you guys do by donating!
  3. Lil Bowwow

    This is awesome!!! i might participate
  4. Whats going on Dreamers! It is your boy BOWWOW! ITS TIME FOR THEM FASHIONSCAPE!!! RULES 1) YOU ARE ALLOWED TO POST 2 PICTURES OF THE BEST FASHION YOU OWN! 2) ALL CUSTOM ITEMS ARE WELCOME! (DOESNT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE AUTOMATICALLY WIN THE EVENT) 3) YOU MAY NOT BUY VOUCHES ETC, AT THE END, STAFF TEAM AND THE COMMUNITY WILL DECIDE THE WINNERS! Winner will be announced 31st of OCTOBER which is about month long event, to give new/old/returned players to get involved with this AWESOME EVENT! PRIZE 1st place 25Q CASH IN GAME GKAY 2nd place 15Q CASH IN GAME Zgodfreak 3rd place 10Q CASH IN GAME Hcmylly Congratulation on this top 3 Winner on winning these cash prizes! Make sure to PM me VIA Discord or ingame!
  5. Lil Bowwow

    Whats going on Dreamers, it is your boy BOWWOW here. So here is our IDEAS! We are trying to bring in FUNDICEZONE! What is Fundicezone?Basically you will all start out the rank of BRONZE. You can rank up as reaching certain win / lose ratio into next rank such as, Silver 5 all the way to 1 then can rank up to GOLD and so on. End of each week, you will get certain amount of tokens depending on your ranking system. Keep in mind that if you go on the losing streak, which can happen.... you will be demoted 1 rank and will have to regain previously back up. WARNING!!! Keep in mind the all the items you will able to exchange will be UNTRADEABLE. This will of course take some time in future if its approved, but i think it is something that we can all enjoy. We will add some low tier stats and higher as expensive the items goes. The main focus was to be able to help out new players gain starter items, while having fun and reach the rank that will be challenging to achieve. LOOKING FOR ALL THE FEED BACKS! Make sure to chip in some idea to make this FUNDICE as fun as possible!! this will prevent you from losing your items, when you have the urge to gamble your cash and items Very Respectfully, BOWWOW
  6. Lil Bowwow

    We came a long way. I have taken many of your ideas to make it reality to make the dicezone better. You will truly be missed by your peers. I am glad to say that we have built a friendship where we can rely on eachother. Thanks for everything that you have done for us and always stop by to say hello! @Daut
  7. Back again with sweet updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Lil Bowwow

    I think that scythe would of be mine hahaha
  9. Lil Bowwow

    Awesome Dreamers of the month is usually my FAV things to see at the end of the month!
  10. Lil Bowwow

    Good luck lads!!!
  11. Lil Bowwow

    Welcome back my friend, cant come back in any better timing with the whole new content! hope you will enjoy the changes!
  12. Lil Bowwow

    OKay on honest note, this is a great event for those PVM lovers. GOOD luck cant wait to see who wins it!

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