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  1. Lil Bowwow

    i agree, this item is in game, but not useable, would be awesome to beable to use the items! vouche my friend
  2. Lil Bowwow

    If you cant click on the pet, you wont able to dismiss it. If you have a pet that when you left click automatically let us know which pet it is so we can fix the issue
  3. Lil Bowwow

    Well deserve players above! good luck all!
  4. Lil Bowwow

    IGN : Lil bowwow
  5. Lil Bowwow

    Well, you have returned on a good time, i am sure you are filled with my surprises of the new content. Always feel free to ask the other players about the new changes!
  6. Lil Bowwow

    That is the shortest introduction i have seen! Hello Broken Trust. How did you come up with that name lol!
  7. Lil Bowwow

    Very nice of you my man, i love seeing these type of stuff going on in Dreamscape! I am your biggest fan!
  8. Lil Bowwow

    Hahaha, def a one good day. Had a blast!
  9. Lil Bowwow

    The bigger the donation, the amount of Trills are increased, i have edited that on original post to help out the newer players.
  10. Lil Bowwow

    shows how much Trills per dollar so multiply by how much youre buying or selling its simple
  11. Lil Bowwow

    I do agree with you 100%, i highly suggest that you put this under "suggestion" tell us how we can improve our Battleground. what can be added/taken away. What items you want to see, etc. Remember, this server is very creative, you will be shocked what we can come up on new content. All we need is YOU DREAMERS, opinion on how we can improve the server. @Riggaz I am more then happy to sit with you in the discord to discuss about how you want to change the battlegrounds
  12. Lil Bowwow

    Okay, first of all, this is just an input from a player, no need to put her down for her opinion. I believe that it is a great suggestion, but keep in mind that we are fixing few items at the time, at the same time bringing in new items. It will take sometime but eventually we will all get there to satisfy our players. One thing i can tell you @Female NHER is to be patient, and continue to enjoy the server. If you happen to have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. IGN is Bowwow
  13. Whats going on Dreamers! Its yo boy bowwow! This thread will guide you on how to buy or sell donations in Dreamscape. This guide will help you get to know the price base on the donations for both buyer's and the sellers. RULES!!!!! Make sure that whenever you are buying the donations from the other players, it is STRICTLY only In-game cash/Items! If you happen to be guilty of RWT (Real World Trading) your account will be banned IMMEDIATELY from the servers. Always, use any Staff member from Helper to an Admin + for middleman for the donation transaction. Avoid using other players due to the fact that you may be scammed. Prices $1 to 10 Dollars Donations - 100T a dollar max (100T-1Q) $10 to 30 Dollars Donations - 150T a dollar max (1.5Q-4.5Q) $30 to 99 Dollars Donations - 175T a dollar max ( 5.25Q - 17.5Q) $100 to 399 Dollars Donations - 200T a dollar max (20-80q) Ownercape Donations ($400) - 100-120Q Max $401 to 600 Dollar Donations - 275T a dollar max (110-165Q) $601 to 1,000 Dollar Donations - 300T a dollar max (180-300Q) Remember! The bigger the donations, the amount of Trills will increase. As you can see above, 1-10 dollar small donations 100t, and bigger it gets it will increase the amount of price. So if you are buying the range of 10-30, all you have to do is to multiple the 150T with how much they seller is selling. Hope this will break it down a bit for better understanding. This guide will mainly help out those who are buying/selling donations from other players. If you have any further questions, always feel free to PM any of the staff members or myself. We will be more then happy to Middleman or help you out with the transaction.
  14. Lil Bowwow

    Good stuff my friend, if anything you need hit yo boy up!
  15. Lil Bowwow

    If you have the permission to do this giveaway! good luck to all the dreamers who participates in this giveaway!