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  1. Showcase your best fasionscape set, But one that is preferably over 1b K3K3K3
  2. PlagueDoc

    I cannot comment on the other post because it is locked so I figured I would make a new post about how awesome this server is! Thumbs up like comment and scubscribe if you agree, don't forget to hit that bell gamers
  3. YOOO Groudonnn god tier keep up the good work gamers luv u all K3K3
  4. PlagueDoc

  5. PlagueDoc

    26 We are just getting started 😄
  6. PlagueDoc

    VOUCH I have been an exec for a little bit and you just get the same npc's as ownercape just closer. It would be sick to have it be changed to custom npc's or adding more in a smaller radius etc.
  7. PlagueDoc

    I actually 100% agree with this and I know I am a bit late to the party on this post but, YES THEY ARE A PAIN TO USE HAHA. Would be great if they were updated to a use X amount K3K3
  8. PlagueDoc

    Username: PlagueDocRank In-game: ExecutiveProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/ad5439f6e8c69ca5f9672744a1a421a9
  9. PlagueDoc

    Username: PlagueDocRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/ebc449f0ac20b3fdbce7821cde2013a9

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