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  1. I think adding it for everyone but in order to get to the better weapon tiers you have to be a certain dono rank, then for the 2nd to last one you have to be lets say exec, and the end tier being plat of course
  2. What is the content called Beginner zone/Donator zones (1 zone per dono rank)How does it work? For beginners, a lot of the time they ask "What do I do" Or "what should I kill" so this can answer their question and give them an opportunity to grind for a good mid-tier weapon.What rewards does it give? It would give 1 type of weapon, but at different killcounts. "Korasi, Scythe, etc." But their would be a tier list so the first lets say korasi would be a 1/200 kc for a red korasi. Once you get the red one you can kill a new npc for a 1/300 chance to get a blue one. all the way up to a 1/1k chan
  3. Something pvp would be nice, making an entire wildy and having to fix dmg on current gearsets and add potions and food and what you can bring and cant will just take waaaay too much of the admins time so maybe what you can do instead, is have some kind of zone like in RS3 where if you pass the line its like the wildy. Idk if you all remember that zone but you can have a preset like dharok set and certain items you can pay maybe 100m cash, 250m, 500m, and like 1b gearsets so you can sell it for cash after if you win? Only thing is you would have to be careful of course for RWT but instead of m
  4. What's the current issue? Tbh its once again just a small thing, It would be fun to be able to host h/c and 55x2, blackjack etc but to be able to host more than 30m maximum. What's your suggested way of fixing it? So you can add trusted ranks back again, but without middle-manning bets with flower poker or dice duel since its all automated. How will this benefit player/server? It would give a little more FLAVOR to the dicezone and let some big gamblers host new games for a higher limit. (I know that trusted dicers were done once it was all automated, but you can maybe have a new host rank if y
  5. Or if it was autoclickable that would fix it but for me when I used 2 autoclickers 1 being a program and one a macro with my razer mouse it logs me out after like a couple hundred code keys 😞
  6. What's the current issue? I have like 80,000 code keys and using those and even infinity keys 1 at a time slowly sucks dongWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? Maybe a use all button, or something automated but uses 1 code key per .1 second so its super fast (Oh but plague you can just autoclick) Yes I know you can but it logs me out after like 200 keys are used for some reason. And even autoclicking its slow afHow will this benefit player/server? How could this be expanded in future? Prob cant tbhWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Not really appli
  7. Username: PlagueDocRank In-game: Platinum Partner BayBeeeeee Proof (screenshot):
  8. Showcase your best fasionscape set, But one that is preferably over 1b K3K3K3
  9. I cannot comment on the other post because it is locked so I figured I would make a new post about how awesome this server is! Thumbs up like comment and scubscribe if you agree, don't forget to hit that bell gamers
  10. YOOO Groudonnn god tier keep up the good work gamers luv u all K3K3
  11. VOUCH I have been an exec for a little bit and you just get the same npc's as ownercape just closer. It would be sick to have it be changed to custom npc's or adding more in a smaller radius etc.
  12. I actually 100% agree with this and I know I am a bit late to the party on this post but, YES THEY ARE A PAIN TO USE HAHA. Would be great if they were updated to a use X amount K3K3
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