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  1. I'd say my biggest issue is the click-boxes on enemies such as shadow King and various others being far larger than the actual enemy. If I go to left click what I think is the right enemy, chances are, the click box of another enemy is going to be in the way and I'll attack the wrong one. The other issue I have is several items in ::market are bugged and it is very inconvenient trying to find them. IGN: Quakesz
  2. Quakesz

    Wow lots of great comments here. I love DS because of this community even more so than the game itself. Hope to see you having many more enjoyable months more in DS!
  3. Quakesz

    Hey, good to see you here! I saw this a bit late, but better now than never! Welcome to DS!
  4. Quakesz

    Welcome back, Bob! I hope all is well and we are glad to have you around again I'm sure I can speak for everyone!
  5. Quakesz

    Hello, and welcome back!
  6. Quakesz

    Hey, hi, hello :D Welcome to DreamScape!
  7. Quakesz

    Oh my! Some interesting stuff there :P
  8. Quakesz

    Great job, guys! Keep up the hard work in bettering our community! You deserve it.
  9. Hey, update is looking great, keep up the good work!
  10. Quakesz

    I'm relaxing and I'm chilling xD
  11. Quakesz

    Hey, welcome to DS! We're all happy to have ya!
  12. Quakesz

    Thanks, @Feeds, noted!
  13. Quakesz

    Hey everyone! I'm a couple weeks in, and just wanted to give a big ol' howdy to old and new players alike. I'm enjoying the server a lot, and look forward to many successful days ahead. Send me a pm in-game @Quakesz if you want to say hello or give me a holler if you see me around!

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