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  1. firered835


    ok boomer
  2. firered835

    im in bois get ready for the memes
  3. firered835

    if you could eat 1 type of sushi for the rest of your life what would it be? (and you can't say california roll)
  4. firered835

    I welcome you to the community and the dicezone
  5. firered835

    hey dude good luck and welcome to the community.
  6. firered835

  7. firered835

    im going to miss you bb
  8. firered835

    What is the size of your platella?
  9. firered835

    I'm gonna miss you bb. Hope to see you back on soon.
  10. firered835

    precisely. In the fact that the player is possible to bust trying to get a high number where the host only needs to beat the players.
  11. firered835

    congratulations to everyone who won and hope you make good use of it.
  12. firered835

    Thats a lot of goals dude. Hope you are able to get everything, good luck
  13. firered835

    Congratulations, I welcome you to the dicezone with open arms.
  14. firered835

    why you have to clean me...

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