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  1. Predatorl5l

    Updated, nothing much to see though... Unless you enjoy stacks of garbage piling up 😄
  2. Predatorl5l

    It'll depend on how much I get throughout the grind for dream mage. Not on the list right now since I need to do a lot more grinds for scavenger, kismets, auras...
  3. Predatorl5l

    I've been killing a bunch of diablo for a dream range set. So thought it'd be a good opportunity to share this progress so people know what to expect. I'll update every now and then with the luck rates I'm running there. Progress after 2266 kills with 56% luck: Dream range legs dropped at 927 kc Progress after 1034 kills with 600 kills on 61% luck, rest on 56%: Progress after 1103 kills at 56% luck: Other items: 9x High grade enchantment stone 8x raids key Note: Not all of the junk items, keys and nests are from Diablo exclusively. Most of them are though. Update: Currently over 3500 dry on any decent drop.
  4. Predatorl5l

    Question 1) What is your In-game Username? Predatorl5l Question 2) What is your Discord Username/ID(example:Peripheral#5348)? SimonJ#7129 (Predatorl5l in DS discord) Question 3) What is your age? 24 Question 4) Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? No Question 5) What languages do you speak? English, Dutch, French, Learning German and Russian Question 6) Write a brief introduction about yourself. After briefly running a company in HR, I decided to start studying again in IT. My focus is App development (programming). Besides school I volunteer as part of the organisation of a yearly festival. All proceeds go to green initiatives or human right movements. Also volunteering at the center of all government subsidized welfare programs, where I do some IT related jobs when they come up. I enjoy playing games in my off time, hanging out with friends, traveling and drinking. Preferably all at once. Question 7) How many hours in a week do you think you can be available editing the wiki? Hard question to answer. My schedule changes around every few weeks. Can always guarantee 2-3 hours but can be much more. Question 😎What do you think are wiki editor responsibilities? Name at least three. Find and distribute knowledge in a clear and understandable fashion. Promote the wiki and it's usage. Ensure that language used is timeless and easily transformed when updates are required. Question 9) If you were accepted as a Wiki Editor, do you think you would have more "power" than any other player or donator? Explain why. Don't believe there would be any "power" or additional rights required to do the job. I would compare it to a helper role where the title is just there to make it clear that's the person you contact. Scenario 1 - Are there any mistakes in this picture? If so, tell us why and what you would do to improve it. The crystal helm is dropped by Raiden, not the Sea Troll Queen. Scenario 2 - You are shown an example of what a Hyperlink is, and how to use it. Your Manager asks you to fix this page so that it correctly links to the Sea Troll Queen page. Which picture is more correct? A) or B) or C)? And why? B. Hyperlinks are working and there's no abundant information. Scenario 3 - You have to leave the Wiki temporarily for a few days/weeks. Who are you going to tell and where are you going to post it? The wiki manager and optionally the other wiki team members. I'd use discord, but it depends on the preference of the manager. Scenario 4 - You are creating a page but you know you need to get off to get some sleep. So you save that page knowing it is not finished or that it has a bunch of mistakes. Is there anything you would do before you went to sleep? Save a draft version, share it with other wiki team members if such a space exists. Scenario 5 - If someone in-game asked YOU, (who is now a Wiki Editor) a question that you didn't know and began calling you names like, "You should know this, you're a wiki editor", or "You're not a helper, keep quiet" or "Do your job already, the wiki isn't being updated", how would you respond? Try to diffuse the situation with an apology and assist them in getting help in the help cc. Point out that there's a lot of wiki pages to maintain and we're our best to do so. Scenario 6 - You see another wiki editor vandalizing the wiki. There are many things you can do. Name at least three. Report it immediately to the wiki manager. Revert those pages to the original state. Contact the editor and ask what's going on. Scenario 7 - One day a wiki editor that you've known for awhile asks you that they need your password in-game to borrow an item for the wiki. Choose the letters that you would do? A) Give that Wiki Editor your password. Because why wouldn't you? They're your friend after all. B) Ask them why? Them give them your password because they seem trustworthy. C) Report them privately. D) Don't report them, but say no. E) Provide them alternative ways to get that item. C. Under no circumstance anyone should ever need my password.
  5. Predatorl5l

    Username: Predatorl5lRank In-game: ExecutiveProof (screenshot):
  6. Very nice! Can't wait for the new hydra and slayer updates. The upgrade area really does need an update being in the mining and smithing area.
  7. Predatorl5l

    Much appreciated update! Keep em coming!

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