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    Hey, I am loving the new POS update, however when it shows someone is selling an item for example 5M it doesn't show the remaining amount, lets say, 5M 250k or 5M 600k etc. I like to sell my items cheap so I like to under-cut the cheapest item in the POS. At the moment I cannot see how much I need to put my items up for sale if the amount is greater than 1M. I think this will also benefit other players if they could see the full amount of an item. Even if that is too much, you could put right click option which has "examine" and shows the amount in chat like the money pouch does. I do not think this will have a negative affect on the server and is just an idea I thought of whilst using the POS today but I understand if it doesn't get changed as it has just been updated and it's only a very minor thing. Thanks

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