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  2. OMG I just wasted 10k loyality points in a tittle R.I.P 10 days online. Great Updates cant wait to grind for some of these rewards.
  3. Zoldyck

    Next time doing any raid (but 5) give me a PM if I'm online would love to go with you so you never get solo or duo kills and get more kills in that time, Nice video. Hope to see one for each raid and who knows you get lucky in one !
  4. Bro, I got 14 keys and 0 chests lol. All I get is key fragments my chest luck is terrible. Great videos using ingame chest asides from donation ones was nice.
  5. Nice video, and also if you can add those letters later on, is good to let people know that just going to the highest wave they can isnt the best method. You should Stop after waves 19 29 or 39. (if going to 49 just finish lol) Cus this waves you get bonus, so if you can't get to 29. Dont bother doing waves 20-28. Just die on 20 for fastest Tokens per hour, Cus you gonna waste time on waves 20-28 and get only 10 per wave. While stopping at 19 (completed, die at 20) You get 15,2 tokens per wave and is faster so you can do it many more times in an hour then going to 26 for exemple.
  6. Zoldyck

    R.I.P Mono on that last rematch. Nice video but please make the next one with Live commentary with both players and maybe some spectators lol would be funny.
  7. Zoldyck

    Should be illegal to follow this thread otherwise is no fun.
  8. Zoldyck

    Hey seen you in game a lot you are very active, pm if have any questions and enjoy the server buddy.
  9. Zoldyck

  10. Nice one, cant wait to see other memes, I'm not good with it so I will just watch this event.
  11. Zoldyck

  12. Zoldyck

    I love creepy pasta, to keep thread alive I will post my favorites one of a time after few peoples answers. This one is a fun and quick one. and after you seen it talk to me via PM I have a question about it to know if you are good with details. http://storiesforyourscreen.com/annie96-is-typing/
  13. Zoldyck

    Favorite Band Parkway Drive. Why? Cus I like their songs lol. they are heavy when they need to be and exciting always gives me energy when listening to them also besides Blind Guardian they are the one of very few bands better live then on studio and I like that a lot.
  14. Zoldyck

    Good luck and dont forget to update us.