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  2. OMG I just wasted 10k loyality points in a tittle R.I.P 10 days online. Great Updates cant wait to grind for some of these rewards.
  3. Zoldyck

    Should be illegal to follow this thread otherwise is no fun.
  4. Zoldyck

    Hey seen you in game a lot you are very active, pm if have any questions and enjoy the server buddy.
  5. Zoldyck

  6. Nice one, cant wait to see other memes, I'm not good with it so I will just watch this event.
  7. Zoldyck

  8. Zoldyck

    I love creepy pasta, to keep thread alive I will post my favorites one of a time after few peoples answers. This one is a fun and quick one. and after you seen it talk to me via PM I have a question about it to know if you are good with details. http://storiesforyourscreen.com/annie96-is-typing/
  9. Zoldyck

    Favorite Band Parkway Drive. Why? Cus I like their songs lol. they are heavy when they need to be and exciting always gives me energy when listening to them also besides Blind Guardian they are the one of very few bands better live then on studio and I like that a lot.
  10. Zoldyck

    Good luck and dont forget to update us.
  11. Zoldyck

    Sadly no, this has been suggested a lot but isnt so easy to code as it is deep inside the original rs coding. When using the resizable screen that chat is transparent always
  12. Zoldyck

    http://support.dreamscape317.net/support/home You need to submit a ticket on this website and wait. Select 'Appealing an infraction' and follow the instructions.
  13. Zoldyck

    Sorry to tell this but Jordan asked me to tell all that this is now done and wont have any winners, so you can stop posting now it wont matter. Maybe there will be a new thread on the future. Lets wait until then .
  14. Zoldyck

    Wow amazing, when you type your password followed by the pin the forum automatically censures it. check it out: ********** ****