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  1. The idea is simple, I feel there is a huge jump in price and stats from mid tier (ie ak asimov with devious or eternal khione's with blizzard) to high/top tier (ie bfgs with dream range or infinity gauntlets with dream mage/space virtus). Now obviously this should be the case, high tier weapons and armor should be more expensive and more powerful than mid tier ones, however I suggest there is something in between. Many players are able to reach the mid tier but then it is so far to go to get the next upgrade and because of this many players stop playing. I think there should be a smoother progression of upgrades, and to accomplish this I think there should be some armor and weapons which in between the mid and high tier counterparts in terms of stats and availability so the price can be in between as well. This will benefit the server in the way that it will ensure that new-ish players have a clearer progression with each step seeming like it is within reach. This hopefully will allow players to be more willing to stick around and will enrich the player base in general. A negative effect this could have is that it could disrupt the eco of the game if they are too powerful, or could contribute to power creep.
  2. Love the raids shop idea! The new raid makes it more interesting and gives an incentive to have more than one style, all in all great update

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