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  1. Paisley

    solid 9.3/10 Because youve seen the movie love guru right? fantastic movie
  2. Paisley

    It just occured to me that @Shelter doesn't have Sponsor. But i guess who needs sponsor when you have customs lol
  3. Paisley

    What lastchancer said, when will the next one be? I miss these. This will give me a reason to bring out the Gambler's Cape from the first ever gambling event! Look forward to the next one. Also will the prizes be special prizes, like the Gambler's cape? Or will it just be generic, ie: Cash and things of that nature. I think adding some special prizes for winning 1st place in the Gambler Tournies would be a great idea, or at least awarding the 1st place the gamblers cape, seeing as I think only 2(maybe 3) players have it.
  4. Paisley

    Hey guys, I know no one knows who I am (on this account), I just recently had a namechange and my previous name was S K U F. I disappeared for a while after being cleaned, because gambling addicts are great, amirite? But anyways, I made a few youtube videos for dreamscape back in like January or something along those lines and was video of the month for January as well, i think (it was the Crimson Barettas video). I am happy to say I have enjoyed my time since I have gotten back to DS in the last few days and have decided I am going to start making youtube videos again for DS! Look forward to a video later on tonight actually! For those of you that I do not know, I look forward to meeting all the new faces, and catching up with all the old faces that I havent seen in a long time. :-)
  5. Alright cool, I can post status updates now. For the record, my previous name was S K U F. I got a namechange. :-)

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