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  1. immorality

    i'd like to suggest that donator zones should be reworked , basic stuff is in the regular donator zone already and its ok. super donator zone however , should be revamped , more shops , more benefits like super donor shop that got different custom and other op stuff that costs bill tickets instead of gettin it from the market more training options n skilling. super dungeon also should feel more alive , with more of all kinds of different special/custom npc's everywhere around the dungeon and those kinds of things in general to make donator zones feel more alive n special for the donator himself , however donated for 2 causes. 1. donating the money keeps the server alive and up n running. 2. for the variety of items that are provided in the online store. thank you for taking the time to read this , and if you got other ideas drop em down in the comments!.