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  1. Filth

    I have been here since this server started basically and have had every role I could earn I am cashed lol, I just like visiting.
  2. Filth

    I'm back again-- again. For like the 800th time. This is turning into a really shitty Black Mirror episode. If you know me you know me, if you don't, lets get acquainted. 🥴
  3. Filth


    This game hasn't ever cleaned me since I joined in 2015.
  4. Filth


    Here's my every-so-often-i-visit-after-a-long-couple-months-and-come-back-till-i-hate-myself comeback introduction. Hi. If you know me you know me. If you don't, hello. 🤓
  5. yearly check in lol hi

  6. Filth


    lmao holy shit its kug
  7. Filth

    The early game has always been flawed. That's the problem with having a custom server with extremely expensive pay2win content.
  8. Filth

    Learn where your light source is and where to naturally set your shadows, especially on the 3D logo.
  9. Filth

    Hey everyone. Quick recap: I was a forum moderator for a short-while before I left, but I left pretty unexpectedly. I never had the chance to explain, so here is a tl;dr of what happened. I was diagnosed with some mental health issues, and was forced to go to rehab for some extensive drug use. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn't really make time for video games. As of recently, I have been sober and better-- working really hard to stay positive and healthy. I have no hard feelings towards being demoted, hence I couldn't allocate the time to do my job efficiently anyways. So with that, I am back. I wont play in-game as much but I definitely am looking forward to surfing the forums again! Filth.
  10. Filth

    What's the bottom text say?
  11. Filth

    .. what..?
  12. Filth


    Obviously my activity has been lacked, due to many things not of which I will get into, and I was demoted. I never gave a formal good bye but here it is. I just can't find the time or excitement for RSPS anymore. Good luck to all and their endeavors.
  13. Filth

    3 times in a row baby
  14. Filth

    Welcome (back?) to DS!

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