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  1. Filth

    They're definitely super simple, knowing what you did to do these, but people like them. Keep it up man.
  2. Filth

    Welcome (back). Not sure if that name ring a bell, but good to have you! Visit the wiki if you're ever in need of answers.
  3. Filth

    Rid of the NPCs that aren't being killed and use the areas for more custom NPCs that wil be killed.
  4. Filth

    😞 goodbye friend
  5. Filth

    Idk why the shits not transparent it ruins the realism of it. 😞
  6. Filth

    Try to experiment with other styles outside of image -> text! Maybe signatures, image manipulation, etc. Let me know if you ever need help.
  7. Filth

    Where has my competition been? 😞
  8. Filth

    Or simply, if there is a way, prioritize the flowers "sprite" or whatever they're called over pets so they're seen on top of the pets?
  9. Filth

    I like your suggestion but what about a specific zone you can enter for FP where equipped items are disabled as well as any pets or familiars, to avoid unnecessary clutter?
  10. Filth

    Thank you everyone that voted me best graphics designer!
  11. Filth

    Welcome back.
  12. Filth

    Those are some beautiful graphics. -- Hope everyone participates, I know I will!
  13. Filth

    Thanks boss.
  14. Name: Damian Age: 20 Country and Timezone: United States, GMT-6 In-Game Username: True Temper Forums Username: Filth Proof of days Played: How often are you active in-game and on forums? I am on the forums 23/6, basically. If I am on my computer I am surfing the forums or at least have them open checking them periodically. As far as in-game, my activity can increase if it is required, but as of right now I'd say maybe 1-2 hours maximum in-game-- honestly. Why do you want this position? I believe the reason I want this position is because in my eyes the community is the most important aspect of any online game. If you're not in touch with the community, you're not in touch with anything. Therefore, myself being as community driven as I am, would excel in this position. Getting down in the dirt and getting that one on one time with our community is my forte! What would you bring to the Dreamers Monthly? Overall I am organized, creative, outspoken, and accurate. Which, just like in real life news, is key to being successful in that field. I plan on bringing a whole new breath of fresh air and I am ready to take on any task handed to me. I am detailed and thorough which I believe is something that is very hard to find.