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  1. Filth

    Been here since day one, baby.
  2. Filth

    Good to see, @Mr Irish
  3. Name: Filth Age: 22 In-Game Name: True Temper till my account apparently got nulled. How long have you been on Dreamscape (In-Game & Forums): 5 years. How much content have you created for our community?: A few commissions here and there. I do this professionally outside of RSPS so I don't usually have a WHOLE lot of time to make a shop/request thread. Over a year ago when I was active on here before I was a designer for the wiki as well as held a designer position here previously. In a short paragraph, explain why you feel you deserve this rank: I believe I deserve this because I believe I am one of the best designers DS has ever had, past and present. I believe with the extent of my knowledge I can help assist or teach new designers and share my skills with any and all. What are your plans for the future?: Not sure the context, but I want to go to school so I can work for a big business in Graphic Design (mainly marketing perhaps). In terms of DS I just want to see myself and those around me grow. What is your previous experience with Graphics Design, before DreamScape?: I have had 12 years of design experience. Have you been banned/muted before?: No If yes to above explain why: -- What could you contribute with to the GFX part of our community?: Quite honestly, anything and everything. What 5 qualities are important that you need to have as a Dreamscape GFX Designer?: Honesty Confidence Helpful attitude Willingness to learn Task driven Link/Show 5 pieces of content created by you (Show variety): Do you meet the requirements for becoming a GFX Designer?: Yes
  4. Filth

    So happy to of won! I am currently trying to get my account unlocked via ticket but nothing worked, can you PM me? My IGN is True Temper.
  5. Filth

  6. Filth

    This has been on ongoing issue for AGES. DS being primarily a PVE server with really no reason to skill is my theory to why it's never been addressed. I think they should release a world free of customs just like a regular 317.
  7. Filth

    How were they helped, may I ask? Good to hear!
  8. Filth

    Upon joining in February 16th, 2015, I have been known as Chestbonz, Thrash, Milhouse, Bootyologist, Temper, Dead Lift, and now Filth. Over the years I have held a few notable positions here that I was very thankful and honored to be in and experience all the behind the scenes. I experienced MANY ups and downs Dreamscape has gone through and have wholeheartedly supported the best I can the development of Dreamscape as a whole. I believe it has come a very long way and should be praised for the progress it has made. Every server has it's cons, and unfortunately nothing is ever perfect, but DS has done a very good job of keeping things balanced when it comes to re-play-ability and substance within the game. That's what has drove me to continuously keep coming back to check in and play when I have the time. You simply do not get sick of this game. From the content to the community, everything seems to work just right. With the inclusion of more custom-specific RSPS coming to surface, DS still takes the crown, regardless of who it is or what they claim they offer. Dreamscape over the 5 years I have been apart, that this server has been alive, has always done everything right. It is nice to see that 5 years later they're still bringing kick-ass custom content to a wildly popular server-- that might otherwise be considered unconventional in terms of play-style-- that keeps normal RSPS players coming back to experience the custom-bad-assery that is DS.
  9. Filth

    turn back while you still have the chance
  10. Filth

    😓 such a process. thank you.
  11. Been awhile since I played, tried logging into my account and none of my passwords seem to be working? Clicked support tab on top of the forums and it took me no where, no recovery option in the client. What should my next step be?
  12. Filth

    I have been here since this server started basically and have had every role I could earn I am cashed lol, I just like visiting.
  13. Filth

    I'm back again-- again. For like the 800th time. This is turning into a really shitty Black Mirror episode. If you know me you know me, if you don't, lets get acquainted. 🥴
  14. Filth


    This game hasn't ever cleaned me since I joined in 2015.

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