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  1. Filth

    .. what..?
  2. Filth


    Obviously my activity has been lacked, due to many things not of which I will get into, and I was demoted. I never gave a formal good bye but here it is. I just can't find the time or excitement for RSPS anymore. Good luck to all and their endeavors.
  3. Filth

    3 times in a row baby
  4. Filth

    Welcome (back?) to DS!
  5. Filth

    I believe if we were to revert back to our weekly posting we should definitely cut the amount of content featured in half. We can brainstorm this more on discord, though.
  6. Filth

    Not an executive, but I'm definitely for the people. Vouch!
  7. Filth

  8. Filth

    I'd assume whomever the designer is probably isn't around anymore. We've got tons of designers, we should all be contributing.
  9. Filth

    Backgrounds can be added, interchanged, etc. the purpose of the simplicity is to take away from the eyesores we have now. Plus, the galaxy ones we have 1. Don't cater to all our ranks, and 2. Don't follow the correct color schemes as our ranks or are re-used for other ranks. I'll add background to show how these could differ. Sure they follow a theme, but they're choppy and not a smooth original design. I have seen variations of galaxy style postbits before. For instance, Rune-Server has a very similar themed postbit. Here's the global admin with a background. Senior ranks could have a background while non-staff/senior ranks could be the simple, carbon background. Also created this variation! And another without any background, but just the light glow,
  10. Filth

    Hi there! I have made some sleek, professional, ONE OF A KIND (Dreamscape Exclusive, made by me!) postbit images to (possibly) replace our current ones! What are postbits you ask? It's the image located to the left underneath all the information of your user! Ours are outdated and aren't as professional as they should be, in my opinion. Therefore, I made these examples to display what they could look like! They will also match the color codes of EVERY rank accurately so the postbit images 100% match the rank it's designated for. Owner/Staff Manager In-Game Administrator Global Moderator Global Administrator Trusted Host There also could be specific variations for certain bits like the rank icon in the corner: It also fits perfectly with the default forum render sizes! Would you like to see these designs implemented? Vote in the poll above and reply with what you think!
  11. Filth

    Thank you for your response! We definitely try our best to be as responsive as possible!
  12. Filth

    See you next week!!
  13. Filth

    Welcome to the forums!
  14. Filth

    Today is my 21st birthday! I already saw some of my friends wish me a happy birthday, so thank you! When's your birthday? Put it in the replies below!
  15. Filth

    Welcome! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the forums, please let me know!