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  1. ign- out a world timezone- pst gl noobs hopefully I wake up early for this lol
  2. out a world

    Lol did 1 person open all 100? 😛 or did you cap how many one user could open. That loot was def OP
  3. out a world

    Why does the post say 13/02/19 but thread title says 07/03/19 and why the executive totem package pic have an Avery’s ring on but you didn’t include it in the list of items!!! Scemmer!!
  4. out a world

    Booo they got robbed. give em some boxes/goodieboxes!!
  5. out a world

    Is that a joke lol
  6. out a world

    Easy. im going to win this. im assuming you can NOT donate for stuff yeah? Would make it pay2win2themax 😛
  7. out a world

    Rip who cleaned you? ;( and damn why guardians they don’t drop any souls 😞
  8. out a world

    Damn why wasn’t this a thing in 2018!!! ;(
  9. And time to quit again lol gambled away so much mulah on this server, crazyyyyy talk
  10. out a world

    Or just die
  11. out a world

    kappa thx
  12. out a world

    Damn that new set... looks like ima drop another $2.5k this next update lmao
  13. out a world

    Username : out a world Rank ingame: executive Rank requesting: top donors I saw someone in this group, it was like a navy blue color I believe. It's different than the #1 donor group (yellow). I've donated around $20k out of pocket ----- I hope that puts me in that category if not lmk the minimum to be put in that group/rank thx thx pm me thx (pm drax for total donated from me proof, as a good amount was via btc)