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  1. out a world

    http://prntscr.com/nqsn5q 5/19/19 11:59 PM PST 2,3
  2. out a world

    They won’t do donations channel =p they don’t want people to add up how much they’re pulling in every month haha
  3. "Excluding the spaced out chain (thats coming next update)" - Drax mhm ok buddy
  4. out a world

    Oof, should be any necro item! 😛
  5. 10am est so early ;( I ain’t get up that early mannn
  6. out a world

    Now time to get 10k capes!
  7. out a world christmas#9525
  8. out a world

    Damn haha I had like 4 sf drops past few days... too bad this wasn't running then./ Also, should add a static prize for all entries, like 500t or something PSS - does a soulflare 'drop' from soulchest count?
  9. out a world

    @DRAX post says that rewards will be added to our collection boxes, can I request that some get put on one account and others get put on another? "Waynes world" - 250dsgo keys cset emp set dev set eks bfg off 1q cash 2k19 box 2k19 box 2k19 box 2k19 box $25 goodiebox -bfg $50 goodiebox - ownercape $100 goodiebox - seasonal "Out a world" - dev set dream melee set x1 textured weapon $50 custom scroll ez clap thanks $3946 worth of rewards... I'm happy
  10. Waiting for drax to post the list of prizes Zzzzzzzz
  11. 6 numbers left, let’s fucking go
  12. 24 numbers left? leggo my eggo. if I won all <$50 prices I will not be happy!