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  1. out a world

    this would be strictly dice duels
  2. out a world

    1. No facing same opponent more than once or twice in a row (avoid abuse) 2. Bad beat jackpot (tied 2-to-2 and roll a 90+ but lose to opponents 90+ and lose the gamble but win a special Bad Beat jackpot... an icon/pet/amulet or something) 3. 2 100s - roll 2 100s in a row and receive the 1 hunnid chain 4. User with most wins gets prize at end of season (biweekly/monthly seasons) 5. User with best win/loss ratio in highest division (gold or platinum or diamond) gets specialized prize at end of season 6. 1000 fun diceduels receive golden dicebag chain or dicebag pet 7. 10000 fun diceduels receive diamond dicebag CHAIN 8. win 50 dice duels in a row to receive the ONE ingame (only tradable reward possible from fun dicezone?) WIELDABLE dicebag with +25% luck bonus - 0.000000000000000088% chance of winning 50 dice duels in a row if each one is 50/50. 9. Could also add a points system (earn 100 points per win, +10points per win streak - first win 100, second 110, third 120, etc etc) and make them wagerable ie find someone else with 10k points and wager 10k points vs 10kpoints (has to be same amount of points). - this in turn can make all the items mentioned purchasable with an appropriate amount of points accumulated, still making all rewards untradable.
  3. out a world

    http://prntscr.com/kuw0sf should separate it from prestige 1/2/3 or make prestige 3 tasks (raids) count as 2 pts on the leaderboard. The top two accounts have less than 24hrs of gameplay and 250+ tasks each. Nice
  4. out a world

    hell yeah, was grinding this anyways so this event is mine! gl everyone
  5. Yoooo great updates man, might have to cop that inferno set tbh
  6. out a world

    Username: out a worldRank In-game: executiveProof (screenshot): http://prntscr.com/ksjs9v edit new rank came out: http://prntscr.com/ku7ixy
  7. out a world

    nope. donated some more got rich kinda lost it all again now im dirt poor irl and ingame =/ rip my life what shall i do!!! 😞
  8. out a world

    dang inflation huh scythes worth 20q now? 2 too many ingame
  9. out a world

    gratz @4 Real Irish To my 2 supporters... mission failed, we'll get em next time boys. Much love ❤️
  10. out a world

    Event Name: Dh pking Description of Event: 1v1 fights to the death in edge wildly using dh How many players needed: 4+ Any Restrictions: death match, uniform equipment+inventory setups. Can also be modified to be a team vs team event in deep wildy
  11. out a world

    2121212121 hit up the local casino and gamble all your money!! Keep us updated homie
  12. out a world

    Welp, atleast I got nominated haha thanks to the 1 supporter tho ❤️
  13. out a world

    👀👀👀 what’s good boys wait a couple weeks or a month and you’ll see my dope $900 custom
  14. out a world

    is dis cereal... who has cleaned everyone in 2018???
  15. i is poor ingame now ;( *for comedic purposes only* (i do not own a gun, do not feel suicidal, and this is a thread for you haters to roast me)