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  1. bladedm

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? exe zone has lesser drop rate then the normal raids sometimes when it cleared it doesnt add killcount to itWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? i believe exe raid should have points too for each clear and every kill count should have dropHow will this benefit player/server? it should allowed exe users to farm in exe zone more then normal raid so new users wont get out dps easilyHow could this be expanded in future? well if it turns out bad or etc there always a new way to make exe zone intrestingWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) i dont think it might effect it has same drop rate as normal raid let me know what you guys think ! or u can always suggestion a better way for exe players!
  2. bladedm

    gl all !
  3. i think we should update our vote reward item the item in there are currently bad :X and i can seeing the server player base is dropping day by day compare to first time i played the server i think it would help up a lot for both starters and ironmens what do u guys think? comment here!
  4. bladedm

    Username:bladehcRank In-game: sponserProof (screenshot)
  5. bladedm

    Main Text - bladedm Sub Text - Primary Color - will leave it up to u as long it nice Secondary Color - will leave it up to u as long it nice Font ( Please use dafont.com if you want to pick your own font, otherwise leave this blank for dealers choice ) - will leave it up to u as long it nice Render ( Primary picture. example - a movie/show character ) - Price - @pm me for my offer Spcial Requests - if u able make it gif go ahead if not leave it normal
  6. bladedm

    welcome men! if u need assistance do let any of use know ❤️
  7. bladedm

    gl all and i know i not gona win anyway so yolo!
  8. bladedm

    well i should add in dreamscape currency incase people mistook ?
  9. bladedm

    lol i double post by mistake it seems lul
  10. bladedm

  11. well i am current looking for a gfx artist who can make me a nice siggy and gif / normal avatar will pay (dreamscape currency) for a good one ? feel free to pm me discord and ign avatar / siggy - violet form violet evergarden as for text - just pm me
  12. bladedm

    was it?
  13. bladedm

    nono i taking over fire

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