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  1. bladedm

    gl all !
  2. i think we should update our vote reward item the item in there are currently bad :X and i can seeing the server player base is dropping day by day compare to first time i played the server i think it would help up a lot for both starters and ironmens what do u guys think? comment here!
  3. bladedm

    Main Text - bladedm Sub Text - Primary Color - will leave it up to u as long it nice Secondary Color - will leave it up to u as long it nice Font ( Please use dafont.com if you want to pick your own font, otherwise leave this blank for dealers choice ) - will leave it up to u as long it nice Render ( Primary picture. example - a movie/show character ) - Price - @pm me for my offer Spcial Requests - if u able make it gif go ahead if not leave it normal
  4. bladedm

    welcome men! if u need assistance do let any of use know ❤️
  5. bladedm

    gl all and i know i not gona win anyway so yolo!
  6. bladedm

    well i should add in dreamscape currency incase people mistook ?
  7. bladedm

    lol i double post by mistake it seems lul
  8. well i am current looking for a gfx artist who can make me a nice siggy and gif / normal avatar will pay (dreamscape currency) for a good one ? feel free to pm me discord and ign avatar / siggy - violet form violet evergarden as for text - just pm me
  9. hello dsgang since i managed to get on forums let me formally introduce myself here :D name: teo chen kiat / ck age :21 country :singapore about myself :: i love anime / gaming and going for convention events :D <3 do talk to me more if wana talk about anime / gaming :D aslo i do love help people up do @pm me ign : bladedm for anything i will try my best to help up :D see u peeps around ign <3
  10. bladedm

    Main Text: bladedm Sub text: nil Font(s): not sure Size: erhh as long it nice i dm any size Render: below Background: red or lava theme background would be nice :D or something nicer then this Style: can suit the render would be nice Other information:nil

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