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  1. Doubt

    It was a Pleasure having you as a staff member, but I'm happy you're not leaving. Much love, ~Doubt.
  2. ''I'm standing lonely on top of a mountain, dancing with my swords where the winds goes is where my sword will follow.''

    1. ChilladinYT


      But last time you stood on a tree fell down and I had to revive your ass ;) 

  3. Doubt

    Corporeal really does need a revamp so VOUCH ~Doubt
  4. Doubt

    Semi-Vouch! Since Vote has just been revamped but It does sound as a great Idea, some rewards are just total shit while some are pretty good for new players. Maybe we as Players should discuss and come with an Idea what items should be added more or less, and make a poll about It? ~Doubt
  5. byebye

    if u ever wanna play some games

    add me on discord tho.






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    2. Bowzah


      come backkkk:(

    3. Doubt


      nahhh, until they make a whole revamp for ownercape & revamp. i'll prob not come back if not maybe in a few months, we'll see how i feel.

    4. Bowzah


      ah okay

  6. Doubt

    Nice video & nice 500 kills on chaos. ~Doubt
  7. Doubt

    Congrats on the double sf drop. ~Doubt
  8. I like this update! #TeamJaydon Much Love ~Doubt
  9. I hope everyone will get an fantastic day!

    Much love

    1. ChilladinYT


      You too ^^

  10. Doubt

    Revamp drop rate maybe? It's really hard to get a drop, and it takes like 50k+ KC to get a single drop, some people got extreme luck and some don't. All I see everyday Is all these ''Deals'', sure It's good to get money but not all can pay for donations to get some gear. And all these new bosses you add, you need one of the most expensive items to kill It and It's mostly so with all the bosses that exists Ingame. For magegray, you need maybe a golden ak (goes for 150-200t) for phoenix you need the same. For necro's,chaos elementals you'll need mg or gmg (costs up to 5q and 10-12q) Much love ~Doubt. ''P.S I do grind everyday, and I got Ownercape. But It doesn't mean I'm lucky with my rng just to remind you. So it doesn't seem I'm complaining alot.'' Edit: Even If you have Royal sicle, you can't even kill the most common bosses etc shadow kings, and royal sicle is like 300-500b?
  11. good luck everyone much love ~Doubt.
  12. Congratulations to all the winners!! :D
  13. Doubt

    Fantastic! Awesome! No words can describe this, beautiful stuff Bellatrixx! Thanks for hosting an amazing event on forums. Much love ~Doubt.
  14. I doubt I'm home. 

    1. ChilladinYT


      Welcome home, my Scandinavian brother.