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  1. Doubt

    It was a Pleasure having you as a staff member, but I'm happy you're not leaving. Much love, ~Doubt.
  2. ''I'm standing lonely on top of a mountain, dancing with my swords where the winds goes is where my sword will follow.''

    1. ChilladinYT


      But last time you stood on a tree fell down and I had to revive your ass ;) 

  3. byebye

    if u ever wanna play some games

    add me on discord tho.






    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Bowzah


      come backkkk:(

    3. Doubt


      nahhh, until they make a whole revamp for ownercape & revamp. i'll prob not come back if not maybe in a few months, we'll see how i feel.

    4. Bowzah


      ah okay

  4. Doubt

    Congrats on the double sf drop. ~Doubt
  5. I like this update! #TeamJaydon Much Love ~Doubt
  6. I hope everyone will get an fantastic day!

    Much love

    1. ChilladinYT


      You too ^^

  7. good luck everyone much love ~Doubt.
  8. Doubt

    Fantastic! Awesome! No words can describe this, beautiful stuff Bellatrixx! Thanks for hosting an amazing event on forums. Much love ~Doubt.
  9. I doubt I'm home. 

    1. ChilladinYT


      Welcome home, my Scandinavian brother.

  10. Cya in 1 week

    #going to spain magaluf.


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    2. YOda Is here

      YOda Is here

      have fun man !

    3. Outbreak


      Enjoy brotha!

    4. MarkDS


      Smh bring me back some spanish food, i want some

  11. The tree withers and the autumn wind blows at it. With the force from the wind, all the dead leaves are blown away. It is cold and tyrannical, without a shred of compassion.

    1. Aexn


      We are living in a world of sorrow and despair with small glimpses of light that cannot blown away so easily.

    2. Doubt


      goddamn that was a good one!

  12. Drifting lightly like a dream,

    Demons danced in a sea of blood and on a mountain of bones;

    A gentleman does not question the warring swords within a thousand Li,

    One who abandons me, the day yesterday cannot be kept; one who troubles me, the day today will be worrisome!

    Together forever through Life and Death unto the Highest Heaven!

    1. Aexn


      Blood, dust & the moonlight

    2. Hc Blaze

      Hc Blaze

      That’s deep 

  13. Doubt

    AYYYY! Welcome back once again Brownie! ~Doubt
  14. Doubt

    Welcome back my friend, glad ur back! ~Doubt

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