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  1. LordArchon

  2. yeah sure why not Ign: LordArchon
  3. yeah sure why not Ign: LordArchon
  4. LordArchon

    I won. Need more people playing this though... must advertise
  5. LordArchon

    Yes, this was taken in Dreamscape.
  6. LordArchon

    I'd like to suggest maybe making a few Bank changes. If it's been suggested before and declined then my bad 😕 Nothing major and obviously if it can't be done/takes too much work then it doesn't matter but for those of us who like a tidy and organised bank this would be nice: Placeholders - It's annoying when you have 1 of an item that you want to take out the bank but you cant save that spot for it. Moving Tabs - Would be nice to be able to move some tabs around instead of collasping tabs and making a new one. Inserting Items - Not sure if its just me but this is supposed to let us insert items into spaces without removing others, but it doesn't. Noting Items - I'm sure that this has been suggested before, noting items. When it comes to noting, certain item it cannot be done to. This is annoying. Well... that's my suggestion, whether it is accepted or declined is up to you guys and staff but I would love to see this happen.
  7. LordArchon

    Gz fellas on the juicy loot
  8. LordArchon

    Sounds good but how much would it be, %2? %3? %5?
  9. LordArchon

    32 rip
  10. LordArchon