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  1. Inf Fire

    Username: Inf FireRank In-game: ExecutiveProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/747f829e0390ade30ca1ae197d627451
  2. Inf Fire

    good job. gives me something to hope for. currently not as lucky as you though
  3. Inf Fire

    Welcome, i see you in the dicezone time to time. if you have any questions or want to know anything please feel free to pm me
  4. Inf Fire

    even if it isnt camped as much as others it is full alot and i think it would be an easy way to get there and maybe for necros if it isnt ingame already
  5. i think thats a good idea. it would be nice for it to be placed in the game at or around St.Patrick's day as a holiday pet.
  6. Inf Fire

    Perfect. I've been looking at what different items give as boosts. Great guide ❤️
  7. Inf Fire

    Welcome back, I hope you like the new things thats available:D
  8. Inf Fire

    IGN: Inf Fire CST
  9. Inf Fire

    Goodluck. Keep us updated
  10. Inf Fire

    Welcome to the server. If you have any questions feel free to PM me ingame (Inf Fire) I can also be found in the dice cc. Cant wait to see you ingame
  11. Inf Fire

    Way to go mate. Wish you the best and keep us updated with your journey
  12. Inf Fire

    I can try to recreate it later tonight and I will update you
  13. Inf Fire

    Ya I heard the same about maintenance. So hyped for the return though
  14. Inf Fire

    goodluck everyone, you are all more talented then i am and may the best win
  15. Inf Fire

    welcome back i'm excited to see you ingame again

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