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  1. Currencies

    Got a couple suggestions: 1. Would be nice if we got an update on the POS search feature. It's usually pretty buggy, plus there are a ton of items on the search feature that don't seem to exist on the game, and a couple doubles as well. For example, if you search up Mystery Box there's the actual Mystery Box item that is listed in someone's POS, but if you scroll down there's another item called "Mystery Box" as well and if you click it no results will show up. 2. A feature that tells us what we sold in our POS. Because sometimes I don't even know what I sold in my POS. I log in, click "Collect Checks" then it's like, "4531b tickets has been added to your inventory." But then I don't even know what I sold. So that would be pretty nice if we had that feature. And another thing to add to that is if we got an update in the chatbox as well when we sold something while we were offline. Currently you would only get an update on what you sold in your POS when you're online, but we should also get that update once we log in after being offline for a while. 3. Update on Squeal of Fortune rewards. The recent update on vote rewards is a nice improvement, I always wanted an update on it because it makes it worth it for users to vote. I mean as a server I don't see why you guys would have a reason to update the Squeal of Fortune but I guess it adds a bit of fun to the game, and adds another reason for people to reach level 99 in any skill. The current rewards are just useless really, other than the Double XP ring. 4. Revamp of all Donator benefits. Personally I was pretty disappointed with the Super Dungeon. I went there to find out that there's only 3 bosses that are worth killing. Super Donator Zone is disappointing as well. You go there and there's literally 1 NPC and a bank.
  2. Currencies

    GL to all!