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  1. QOTD #1:

    If you could time-travel to a certain period in time, where would it be + why?

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    2. Englishlog


      I'd get back to where I used to be a child, to relive my life again, and fix some mistakes that I've done,

      some mistakes that changed me, my life my personality, have a different life, from another perspective of my life without those "simple" mistakes that have ruined me currently.

    3. akarev2


      id go back to the time where pkant was pkanting but pkant19 did not want to pkant but pkant 18 wanted to pkant with pkant19 to start the pkanting but the pkanting failed as a result of pkant

    4. YOda Is here

      YOda Is here

      Damn ! I like you guys :) Many interesting "time-travels" :D