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  1. YOda Is here

    Damn bro :o You do things for free on your spare-time too? :D
  2. YOda Is here


    Vl0ne is back in town ! but he ain't alone :D
  3. YOda Is here

    Cant you see Over the sea Rusting in the sand Running in the water Unless you die Play it safe Teach me master.
  4. YOda Is here

    PM me on discord :D Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. If people want to talk to me, feel free to pm me on Discord !  (afraid I might be watched via here - spy stuff you know

    Yoda is here#3133 -> Add me + Mention your in-game name or I WONT accept you :)

  6. YOda Is here

    .Same here... But thanks bud! Im forced, I dont want to be a part of Staff team no more. true ? I lost it to @lastchancer but he got banned too... (Mystery ? ) Aight bro! You too, I hope I can get back to discord
  7. YOda Is here

    Thanks for those words man And its not a mistake, trust me. Im happy with my choice, but not with the bans ? no more discord activity... Thanks bro! Wheee
  8. YOda Is here

    My dear dear friends of Dreamscape As you may have noticed, I have resigned from Dreamscape as staff team -and banned ingame+discord- I will continue with the News team until further notice (or if Im suddenly banned). Why I have resigned is simple, some odd things happened which I still don't understand, wont go much into detail. You can always pm me on Discord (#3133) -You know how to find me or send a Pm via forums and Ill respond the fastest I can ? We'll see if I come back into the community or not. Until then, farewell! -Yoda Out.
  9. YOda Is here

    Sad to see you leave man! I hope this isnt a goodbye but a see you later? Sorry I havent been active aswell... Some IRL stuff atm (school-gf-...) Till later K3
  10. YOda Is here

  11. YOda Is here

    Glad you guys feel that way! We (staff-support-wiki-news team-developers-...) do our best to keep the game improving on certain things! #DSGANG
  12. YOda Is here

    I understand everybody's issues. To come back to the PVM bots - We try to lure a reaction from the players who are suspected from botting. We questionize them, wait 20 seconds and if there is no response, send to Staffzone. If he/she doesnt respond after 5 minutes+, we test out the bot (we spawn the NPC near him) and see what he does. If its indeed a bot, he would try to attack it, and then would be dealt with. Now the skill bot - its known to the community that this is a problem. What I propose to handle this is the next: Make the new zones botfree, what would be needed? An activity check; Every 10 minutes players would have to type random letters to continue play. If they don't, they get teleported home. ALSO: add an entry question - always different (what command is for this zone, whats 9+4, temperature needed for water to boil...) random ass questions. Feel free to add some more down below - because I dont think all botting will be illegal soon, should be looked into.
  13. YOda Is here

    YEEEEET ! Ign: Jedislayer TImezone GMT+1
  14. YOda Is here

    I got cleaned pretty much :(
  15. YOda Is here

    Guess Ive been slacking quite a bit ! BIRTHDAY !!! A cowboy rides on friday into a saloon. 3 days later he leaves on friday, how is this possible? I cannot, but my best friend can ! -> He translated this; Please don't call me sexy again :( Glock 100% ! It's amazing The new story but also mixing it with the old and such... I like it !
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