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  1. YOda Is here

    Hey there Inf fire, Thank you for taking your time to apply Let's see this application point by point. +Good reasons and decent written explication on the questions +Good Lay-out (+Good looking bank) -Not very active And then... I am pretty worried... There are 4 players here that are not at all active on forums and suddenly find out you applied? Could be luck or is there another reason behind it? So my question is this... Have you read the first rule of requirements ? 1)You are to not advertise your application to anyone (including on Discord or Skype) Because to be honest, it seems like you have advertised to @Epixness, @hc universe @All Might and @Slicin. I could be wrong, but it's something I will be paying attention to. I give a //neutral// due to unknowing if these comments are legit or demanded by you. Good luck on the application
  2. YOda Is here

    Guess Ive been slacking quite a bit ! BIRTHDAY !!! A cowboy rides on friday into a saloon. 3 days later he leaves on friday, how is this possible? I cannot, but my best friend can ! -> He translated this; Please don't call me sexy again :( Glock 100% ! It's amazing The new story but also mixing it with the old and such... I like it !
  3. YOda Is here

    Hey there Torvesta First off, thank you for applying Now Lets get some things sorted. +This is one of the better applications from you Ive seen so far +You are very active - proof is you being cleaned every day or 2. Considering you are pretty much in either Dicezone or Ownerzones... +Ive seen you helping / talking in Discord quite some times - Lay-out is indeed a MESS, try to fix that next time - Very little pay-out (could be because of the clean? Bank isn't big, but that isn't needed to become TD. It's not the size of your bank that matters, but the size of your actions... SO I have to disagree with @lastchancer. Maybe you didn't meant it this way, but it feels like you're implementing that you need to have a BIG bank to be a TD. (It just helps, but most TD's are being used to MM 10Q+ pots.) And they're very often cleaned xD For above reasons, I believe you have earned the right to become a member on the Trusted Dicers team. On a note: I have been with Torvestars for months, and never caught him cheating so It's a personal thing Good Luck on your application ! //VOUCH//
  4. YOda Is here

    You've got my vote ! Always kind, not afraid to go big and not being salty when losing. //VOUCH//
  5. YOda Is here

    I think the best thing you could do is just check out the last 5 updates 😄 Hopeyou enjoy the coming back!
  6. YOda Is here

    OOOF WHAT A QUESTIONS !!! -Messi Or Ronaldo are Overrated btw... I am #1 -
  7. YOda Is here

    Wooo ! Yoda is rich !! :D Next gamble: Broke
  8. YOda Is here

    Daaaamn... Congrats everybody!!!
  9. YOda Is here

    In it to win it ! IGN: Jedislayer GMT +1
  10. YOda Is here

    All drops are different I doubled checked hehe.... Athene pretty much owning Chaos ele xD Another GREAT dreamers monthly!!
  11. YOda Is here

  12. YOda Is here

    Congratulations ! Other 2 nominees also get a shout-out ! Your imput is not unnoticed :D
  13. YOda Is here

    Wow ! a 100% :o @Bob I got more votes than you last time ! Thanks for the votes ! #DSGANG
  14. YOda Is here

    I forgot to join in some of them 😕 still 4 correct heheh
  15. YOda Is here

    I see you very often in dicezone, all around great person Fine looking application ! VOUCH from me !