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  1. YOda Is here

    Damn bro :o You do things for free on your spare-time too? :D
  2. YOda Is here


    Vl0ne is back in town ! but he ain't alone :D
  3. If people want to talk to me, feel free to pm me on Discord !  (afraid I might be watched via here - spy stuff you know

    Yoda is here#3133 -> Add me + Mention your in-game name or I WONT accept you :)

  4. YOda Is here

    .Same here... But thanks bud! Im forced, I dont want to be a part of Staff team no more. true ? I lost it to @lastchancer but he got banned too... (Mystery ? ) Aight bro! You too, I hope I can get back to discord
  5. YOda Is here

    Thanks for those words man And its not a mistake, trust me. Im happy with my choice, but not with the bans ? no more discord activity... Thanks bro! Wheee
  6. YOda Is here

    My dear dear friends of Dreamscape As you may have noticed, I have resigned from Dreamscape as staff team -and banned ingame+discord- I will continue with the News team until further notice (or if Im suddenly banned). Why I have resigned is simple, some odd things happened which I still don't understand, wont go much into detail. You can always pm me on Discord (#3133) -You know how to find me or send a Pm via forums and Ill respond the fastest I can ? We'll see if I come back into the community or not. Until then, farewell! -Yoda Out.
  7. YOda Is here

    Sad to see you leave man! I hope this isnt a goodbye but a see you later? Sorry I havent been active aswell... Some IRL stuff atm (school-gf-...) Till later K3
  8. YOda Is here

  9. YOda Is here

    Glad you guys feel that way! We (staff-support-wiki-news team-developers-...) do our best to keep the game improving on certain things! #DSGANG
  10. YOda Is here

    I understand everybody's issues. To come back to the PVM bots - We try to lure a reaction from the players who are suspected from botting. We questionize them, wait 20 seconds and if there is no response, send to Staffzone. If he/she doesnt respond after 5 minutes+, we test out the bot (we spawn the NPC near him) and see what he does. If its indeed a bot, he would try to attack it, and then would be dealt with. Now the skill bot - its known to the community that this is a problem. What I propose to handle this is the next: Make the new zones botfree, what would be needed? An activity check; Every 10 minutes players would have to type random letters to continue play. If they don't, they get teleported home. ALSO: add an entry question - always different (what command is for this zone, whats 9+4, temperature needed for water to boil...) random ass questions. Feel free to add some more down below - because I dont think all botting will be illegal soon, should be looked into.
  11. YOda Is here

    YEEEEET ! Ign: Jedislayer TImezone GMT+1
  12. YOda Is here

    I got cleaned pretty much :(
  13. YOda Is here

    Guess Ive been slacking quite a bit ! BIRTHDAY !!! A cowboy rides on friday into a saloon. 3 days later he leaves on friday, how is this possible? I cannot, but my best friend can ! -> He translated this; Please don't call me sexy again :( Glock 100% ! It's amazing The new story but also mixing it with the old and such... I like it !
  14. YOda Is here

    I think the best thing you could do is just check out the last 5 updates ? Hopeyou enjoy the coming back!
  15. YOda Is here

    Wooo ! Yoda is rich !! :D Next gamble: Broke

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