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  1. Vendura also works so yea its just Raiden and Diablo
  2. When you get a task for raids boss' I tried Executive raids to see if it would work and for Voldemort it does but Diablo and Raiden it doesn't. Don't know if this is how its suppose to be or not and if this is a bug or a suggestion lol.
  3. RXG

    Woah I've been away for so long everything's new again.... this shit be looking great.
  4. Good to know 😛 I got one in atm and its good Drax is stepping down lol he does to much 😄
  5. RXG

    Sweet thanks guys for running a great server!
  6. RXG

    +1 Great idea
  7. RXG

    +1 they could always use a tp button instead of ":: commands"
  8. RXG

    See if there was say a 10% - 25% chance to double this would be a better idea but 2x static would be a rip..... ill hold off on my vouch atm..... this has potential.
  9. RXG

    yea ill +1 this I stopped skilling all together for this reason its not worth it atm.
  10. RXG

    RXG UTC -06:00

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