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  1. RXG

    Sweet thanks guys for running a great server!
  2. RXG

    +1 Great idea
  3. RXG

    Hey I would like to thank everyone on their support for this idea. Remember if you have any constructive criticism to add feel free to do so.
  4. RXG

    +1 they could always use a tp button instead of ":: commands"
  5. RXG

    always down for new bosses +1
  6. RXG

    See if there was say a 10% - 25% chance to double this would be a better idea but 2x static would be a rip..... ill hold off on my vouch atm..... this has potential.
  7. RXG

    Again this is just an idea that the owners / dev's can mold all the values would be subject to change. However 3-5k kc is high in my eyes for the reason of new players only getting like 500 kc a day ish and if you start adding item pieces your gunna need 3 pieces to get 1 full item so 15k kc on the high end to possibly get 3 item pieces that maybe different. That's why I said 1k because it a good number all around.
  8. RXG

    yea ill +1 this I stopped skilling all together for this reason its not worth it atm.
  9. So basically how this would work ( Remember values could change and are up to the dev's ) is atm people grind and grind and sometime they get into the 10k's for KC with out getting a single drop. Is this a bad thing, no is it discouraging yes. Well here's a solution.... Say every 1k KC an event would pop. This event would act like or similar to the ultimate mystery boxes as seen in the picture. Now as you can see there is a lot of random Stuff I have on here INTRODUCING Item pieces. We are not that new to pieces as we do this with the Invictus Items. Having item pieces would not only create a new item eco but it would also help make this system no so OP and also it would give the player the satisfaction of getting "something" for their hard earned Kill count. *****Note : if you get something off the spin or get a drop within the 1k KC to trigger the event the KC event would reset to prevent massive drops.***** The Item pieces would have to go to a NPC maybe called the idk "RXG's PARTS MAN" 😛 Here it would cost you 1k souls to put pieces together. (again values are up to the dev's) Now you maybe wondering "whats that 15% DR" Well if you are lucky enough to land on that you would get buff for 10-30 mins of that DR % BUT as soon as you get a drop you would loose the set DR % or when the timer runs out. This is just an idea that needs work but it will help people not feel cheated in the journey's in dreamscape. Let me know what you guys think.
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