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    My Girlfriend and my daughter is all I live for now a days.

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  1. Iron Gooch

    Congrats to everyone involved in making this sh** possible. Thank you for putting my tiny little achievement into this segment of the Dreamers Monthly. Truly satisfied with the staff and community that Dreamscape has built over the few years I have participated in this Server. We all know how RSPS server gameplay pans out, but something about dreamscape and its development has brought me back to it. I think its just the tight nit community that we have and the dedicated players that I still see around to this day after beginning my journey nearly 2 years ago. Sincerely, Iron Gooch/Pvm For Days
  2. After 3473 Kills of pure pain and defeat, I conquered my primary goal when I created this Iron Man when Iron Man status was released. Mind you 2500 of these kills were with a normal Ice Katana and Brutal whip. You can imagine how many deaths I've been through. I received the ump silenced around 2500 kills from the wheel which I used up until 3100 kills. I then took a chance and entered into feeds fashionscape and won first place! I finally got my break as an Iron Man. I received a GMG for 1st place. I then went on to continue my goal of the prestigeous Soulflare. (When my account was created it was the best item in-game) I not only achieved my goal but I surpassed it with a 10% ddr from the well of goodwill and got not only my first Soulflare but my first Double Drop!! https://gyazo.com/2ed49fbe6cebdbd7b2362d72e9480784
  3. Niceeeee! So glad to finally see dreamscape blowing up in their content creating!
  4. Iron Gooch

    Finally got my first break as an Iron Man after 67 days in-game play I'll finally amount to something haha. Wooohoo!
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