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  1. OGChroma

    They isn't much to do but one reason it's dead is because you need either a certain donor rank or to purchase a rank in the CC with in-game money. Now I understand that not all games need that and I also understand that it prevents scammers. But that is one reason some people don't gamble another reason is because people don't enjoy it and people don't have the money like you said. I've always loved gambling I just don't have the money to do it. Some ideas to bring it back to life. -Maybe change how the rank system works around gambling, open more games up to players without ranks. -Maybe add a fun gamble system so people can gamble and get comfortable with it. -Maybe add a gambling points system where you can earn points by playing Dreamscape / gambling and you can cash them in for rewards / gamble them to other players. Obviously you would still be able to gamble items / GP but also these points. So that players can gamble without having to spend their own money they can gamble with points earned by playing dreamscape. You could also ::donate for these points or purchase them something like that. -Maybe do gambling events or a spotlight for gambling.
  2. OGChroma

    *Knock Knock* Who's there? Bob Bob Who? Reported for asking for personal details! Ogchroma1337 is my IGN, and good luck everyone on the event!
  3. This update looks so damn cool! I can't wait to start playing! Good luck everyone :)))) and thank you to the dreamscape staff team for everything they do to make dreamscape amazing!
  4. OGChroma

    I feel like I should change this post, so the original post was me saying goodbye because I was leaving because I basically lost all my bank which was only like 80T because I somehow teleported to Vorago because stupid me didn't know it was a wildy boss because I was looking for a new boss to fight. I thought it was safe because it didn't have "Wildy" in the name in the boss list. I went and then got tagged by a Pker and I got ragged, my screen said I couldn't fight this target because I had OP items on. I didn't know if it was talking about the PKER or the boss. I love Dreamscape I might take a break / be way LESS active than I was before this happened. I was talking to Drax and I have always found Drax a cool guy, but I told him that I might start a series now that my account has like no money on it, and this series is a YouTube series and basically it's a progression series where I make highlight videos and basically it's like rags to riches where I put in any drops I get, if I win any gambles, etc. I've decided to come back on, I guess I was just really upset last night because A) I had a really SHITTY day and B) I lost literally everything. Again I might be less active, but I see that I was obviously not hated as much as I some reason thought I was. Feel free to HMU in-game or on the forums IGN: ogchroma1337 Special Shoutouts: (These are to the people who replied before I edited this post.) @Squishy Yeah they usually do but I don't know what happened with this one. Thanks for the reply @YOda Is here Yup it was vorago, and thanks for the reply. @Bowzah We'll your reply has made me decide to stay a bit longer. Thanks for this @Tman786 I was told there was a warning sign I just guess I missed it or something because I didn't see it also thanks for the reply @ChilladinYT I see this now, huh that's really odd I didn't see it that or I missed it or something. Thanks for showing me the screen now I actually know it is a thing, where others just said it was but never showed me it. @rangezeze This may not seem like much but it was a lot to me, I lost full malevolent, nocturnal chain, space jam sword, white glass wings, shadow boots, flame gloves, ice offhand which was basically my bank. I then got upset and felt like I was quitting so I gave away the other 20T I had left. @Inject Thanks you, I have realized this. It's nice to have noticed this because i've gone basically my whole life without many people caring I may only be 17 but it's still kind of hard to deal with a lot of shit throughout ones life. Not going to go into details but i've gone through a lot. Thank you for your reply it helped me realize that people care.
  5. OGChroma

    Yeah @Amonnsaid one of the higher staff said we weren't allowed.
  6. OGChroma

    @YOda Is here I was told by a staff member I wasn't allowed yelling on the server because it was "Advertising" even though it was advertising for Dreamscape basically lol
  7. OGChroma

    Thank you everyone for the feedback it really helps me out, @Bman yes I will keep that in mind thank you for letting me know I think I know how if not I will msg you
  8. OGChroma

    Hey DREAMSCAPE! It's OGChroma or Lucas, and today I recorded a video of me open 155 mystery boxes I had collected, hoping to get a Double XP ring and maybe another rare item from the mystery box, I wanted to open a Super Mystery Box but I couldn't afford them sadly. You can check the video out here: VIDEO! Also I am doing a giveaway the giveaway is sponsored by @CollinWayne who donated me the items for the giveaway! Be sure to check out the YouTube description for instructions on the how to enter the giveaway. PRIZE POOL: 1. 10T cash 2-8: Choose one of the pets in order + 50 crystal keys! You get to choose your own pet when you win. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, if you did leave a like, subscribe and make sure to enter that giveaway! Good luck everyone! [youtube] [/youtube]
  9. OGChroma

    Welcome to DS @BazicI hope to see you around in-game and maybe get to talk to you for a bit, if you need help with anything let me know and I will try my best my in-game name is ogchroma1337 if you want to add me
  10. OGChroma

    Hey what's up @Hey Hey Hey i've met you in-game a few times, and you seem like a really cool guy! I hope to keep seeing you around!
  11. Hey everyone I just wanted to wish you a happy new year! I hope everyone had a great time and a good start to 2018. I hope everyone has a great year! LETS GO 2018 P.S 2017 was alright, not terrible but not good a lot of cancer came up during the year and could of went way better then it did. But it wasn't horrible! Now asking for nothing cancerous to start in 2018 is like asking for millions of dollars to appear in front of me it just won't happen however let's all hope for it to Happy New Year Everyone!
  12. OGChroma

    Hey everyone! I am OGChroma or in-game OGChroma1337 because OGChroma was taken apparently and I don't know the password, so I might try to reset it and have two accounts. I am a 16 year old male who loves to game! I am enjoying DreamScape because how unique and custom it is also I love gambling so hopefully i'll be able to do that eventually. I have a dream of starting a gaming Network which is already starting to come true as I am almost ready to launch a Garry's Mod DarkRP server. Me and my friend own a physical box and we are starting the network together. I also have a dream of starting a YouTube channel / Twitch channel! Links: YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6W1FEpSQ_k69LBfpjlwRNg Steam: www.steamcommunity.com/id/oGChRoMa

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