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  1. Events are the best part about DS!
  2. until

    Great event Gya will roll me to victory next time!
  3. I have noticed from playing on this server the last few weeks that iron men, despite already having many disadvantages (no trading, picking up dropped loot) there are also many other not as obvious negatives. These include not being able to participate in many events (drop parties mostly) or having walls in progressing the account that others can easily surpass. Now I am not suggesting to change these core mechanics to the iron man play style but I would just love to see some extra features or benefits for playing the mode, not just negatives. Some ideas I had were a separate upgrade chest for swapping out pieces of dream mage or infinity stones that could be a less painful alternative then camping for 10 duplicates, or iron men only events that reward some progression items only for those playing the iron man style to make up for not being able to participate in drop events. Just a couple suggestions, feel free to tell me these are awful ideas 😛 always up for criticism. Give some love to the fools playing iron men 😄 DSGANG!!
  4. until

    Love you Mplemstr
  5. mplemstr


    Fun event, great time! Thanks

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