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  1. well thanks i didnt know that
  2. my account got locked cuz i have 1b cash+ i already did 2 tickets and no 1 responded what should i do ?
  3. aria1

    Hello :)

    helloooo guys 😄 quited long time ago but guess who is back xD
  4. you do a great job , and we all love you.
  5. aria1

    hello :D

    thank you nicola and sure thing i will let u know f i need any help thanks tyrant thank you so much drax thank you feeds thank you og sage
  6. aria1

    hello :D

    thank you mask .
  7. aria1

    hello :D

    thank you ownerscape for welcoming me at ds , such a pleasure to see you replaying at my introduction post.
  8. aria1

    hello :D

    hey guys , im aria and im addicted to rsps's and i wanted to try this custom server cuz it seems so cool and i think i will love it alot :D
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