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  1. Arky

    Welcome to DreamScape if you need any help please feel free to PM me!
  2. Arky

    You got a better bank then my mains led along my iron man xD
  3. Arky

    Very nice man, i used the wiki all the time when i first joined and it honestly helped alot!.. New players should be directed linked to it saying that everything you need to help is there.
  4. Arky

    Theres already a few out there, Even without a video you can always go to the Drop Logs section of the forums people usually post loot there!
  5. Arky

    Jesus, Nice man.. Decent loot considering how many spins you bought!
  6. Arky

    Very impressive, Gratz homie!
  7. Arky

    Welcome back man!, glad you're back!.. im here personally if you have any questions about the new server updates since you've left!
  8. Arky

    Welcome, Feel free to pm me in-game, discord or on forums if you need any assistance!
  9. Arky


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