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    Let's count to 10,000. If we make I'll give away a glaive. Rules - 1 count per post (say a single number per post not like 2,3,4,5,6,7,etc) - no double posting (Don't post in this thread if the last comment was by you) - counting must be done in whole numbers and in a linear increasing pattern (e.g. don't be a smart ass) - Take this VERY VERY VERY seriously... it's a matter of life or death - Don't be Darklordrr I'll start... 1
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    35... getting there boissss
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    20! bish bash bosh Oinky Doinky
  4. What up DSGang! Today I am unveiling a new month long event I have dubbed Security September!! This event is designed to get people talking about account security, promoting good account security and giving away some juicy prizes! 1. Set or already have a secure password (a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols that has not been used on any other account before) 2. Set up ::2step on your account (see below for instructions) 3. Comment on this thread with your in game name (so the first 2 requirements can be checked) That's it! Everyone who enters by commenting below before the end of the month and meets the 3 entry requirements will win a donation box! Furthermore there will be 3 prizes for 3 lucky winners (comments picked randomly by assigning a number and using a random number generator) 1st Prize - Golden Minigun 2nd Prize - Minigun 3rd prize - Soulflare (u) As well as these prizes you will have a far more secure account and protect yourselves from malicious unauthorised access of your account. Info on 2step! To set up 2 step authentication on your account you will need either a mobile phone with Google Authenticator app installed Android: Click Here IOS (IPhone) -Click Here - OR - If you don't have a mobile phone or would prefer to keep things localised on your browser, install the google authenticator Chrome Exstension Click Here Steps to Setting up 2 step 1. Login to your in game account and type ::2step 2. This will open a browser with a QR code 3. Scan this barcode either with the google authenticator app or with the chrome extension 4. This will now show up with your Dreamscape username and a 6 digit code which will change every 30 seconds 5. Go back to your game client and type in the 6 digit code into the open chatbox window 6. Congratulations! If you followed the steps above and entered the 6 digit code correctly your account will be secured with 2step authentication What does this mean? 2 step authentication means that you must have access to the code to login from a new IP address. It is by far the most effective way of securing your account (we have not yet had a single verifyable report of a player being hacked who had ::2step enabled) Should you try to login to your account from a new IP address you will be prompted to enter your 6 digit code off your app or chrome extension. This number goes in the 'auth box' to the right hand side of where you enter your username and password (see Auth:999999) If you have any questions about account security or the event please feel free to message me in game or on discord (drax#1111) Drax
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    Starting today I will be running a weekly caption contest! Every Saturday I will post a new picture... you have to reply with a caption that is either funny, witty, memey, or all of the above. Rules - 1 Entry per person per picture (can enter multiple times but will have to wait for the next picture) - Nothing rude, intolerant or just plain butt buddish - Enjoy have fun don't take it too seriously - My decision is final... don't get upset if I didn't find your entry funny or clever enough to win - Don't whine - Have fun - Enjoy - Have fun Prizes Each week will have a different prize! This will be specified When the picture is posted! Good luck!
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    9 I hope it doesn't :D Disqualified
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    14 ranks given All up to date. Congratulations on your ranks! Drax
  8. This week we bring you one of our jam-packed specials! full of spicy new content! New bosses! Overhauls! Quality of life bug fixes! and our usual helping of original custom items We listened to you! We have totally revamped barrows and now have a 100% working barrows, including crypts and door puzzles! You can now fight the 6 brothers and access the crypts to reap your rewards! Inside the crypts you will have to fight the final brother! It wouldn't be Dreamscape without some customisation so we decided to add in some juicy custom rewards for players who brave the barrows! Ahrim jr - has a 1 in 10 chance of hitting twice when using mage Dharok jr - causes the players average damage dealt to be increased as they loses life points Guthans jr - Heals player Karil pet- Your hits reduce the bosses magic level Verac jr - allows player to have a chance to ignore the bosses armour Torag jr - 3x special attack recovery time Should you wish to get a head start and get a Barrows Pet more quickly, you can now donate for the Barrows Pet Box from the donation store to get your hands on one of the new OP pets. We listened to you! Today we release a new mini-raid for new players! Charizard is a new boss for beginners to mid-level players, he drops between 1 - 50b cash per kill! To access charizard, you must kill 10 charmanders at the new location and then proceed through the door to kill Charizard! We have implemented full working farming! All patches and seeds are now working and can be used. This is the first step of a two stage process where we will be improving skilling and creating a bunch of custom skilling elements to Dreamscape! We listened to you! We've added a bunch of new items to the upgrade chest! Khiones staff can now be upgraded to Eternal Khione's Staff Crystal Set can now be upgraded to the Eternal Crystal Set Minigun can now be upgraded to Golden Minigun Golden minigun can now be upgraded to M4A4 Asiimov Electronic Katana can now be upgraded to Dream Katana We've added some additional bonuses to longclaw! Giving it 10% double drop bonus and 5% luck! This makes longclaw the first weapon in game with a luck bonus! Introducing the Eternal Crystal set! This set can be obtained by upgrading a crystal set! This set is designed to be used hand in hand with the eternal Khiones staff and when using the two together the set has an immense effect on the Eternal Khione's Staff by using the special effect twice as many times! Instead of a 1 in 10 chance of Special Attack it has a 1 in 5 chance. The special attack does a 2.5 x max hit (in excess of 20k per hit) Eagle Pet The Eagle pet will now bank any birds nests you gain while woodcutting! You must have the pet out to gain this banking benefit as well as the existing boosts from the eagle pet itself (25% more chance of gaining eagles nests, 50% more chance of gaining normal birds nests) ::merit Have you received outstanding support or help from a staff member?! Have you been given a really OP donation deal by an admin?! Were you guided through a clue scroll or shown how to make money?! Players can now award merits to staff members who they believe have gone above and beyond and deserve praise! Simply type ::merit in game to award a staff member a merit! Then simply write in the reason for your commendation: This will go into a log that will be reviewed weekly by the Staff Manager and allow us to track staff activity as well as us being able to reward staff members who have received the best player feedback! We've added 50% double drop bonus to the Dream magic set making even more juicy! This set can be obtained by combining shards from the dream mystery box, bought from the donation store or bought off players in game! We listened to you Today we introduce the Arcade Ring! You can purchase this ring from the arcade rewards shop and it will allow you to transform into any of the npc's from the Arcade Minigame! Players can now more easily keep our with their buying and selling by typing ::poshistory This will show you what items you have recently sold. We listened to you We've added more user friendly potion timers that will better allow you to track how long you have left active on your potions. We've added a new system where players can earn rewards by referring or being referred to dreamscape!! After finishing the tutorial players will now be asked how they found Dreamscape! They can insert the name of who referred them We also have a system now to let players earn rewards by entering your name when they join dreamscape and depending on the number of referrals you get you can earn rewards too! To discuss being added to this system please contact Drax with a brief description of how you aim to refer players! Following the success of our npc kills leaderboard We've added a new slayer leaderboard to the leaderboard at home! You can select to see slayer tasks and see the top 10 players who have done the most slayer tasks! You can see the total number of global tasks completed by talking to King Percival at home To celebrate the launch of this we will be running a month long slayer task event! Click here for more info! We've buffed the Mega Crates! Adding in a bunch of new items including the customisable party hat, supreme t-shirt as well as 3 new armour sets!! Pick up your mega crates here! These new sets are a pre-release of ultra rare rewards from a new slayer mini game (coming soon!) Each set is textured (Acidic, Shadow and Blood) with a whopping 25% drop rate, 25% double drop rate and 20% luck per set! We listened to you! We've added some new boosting items that give you boosts that are equipped in the arrow slot! Scroll of luck gives you 5% luck Scroll of blood gives you a 25% damage boost in the Theatre of blood Scroll of souls gives you a 25% boost when redeeming soul keys at ::soul room as well as a giving 2x soul drops on all monsters! Scroll of blood does a 2500hp static damage on the boss you are fighting per hit We've listened to you! We've added a new skilling area for executive members! To access it talk to Larry at executive zone Here you will find lava trees, dream trees and our brand new rainbow fishing spot! Executives can now fish for rainbow fish! There is a fishing spot at the new executive skilling zone that exclusively gives rainbow fish (which heal full hp and are great for raids) To fish for rainbow fish you will need 120 fishing and stripy feathres which can be bought from INFO NEEDED Today we introduce the newest scratch card! This scratch card functions like a lot of peoples favourite box, the Dynamic Box! This allows admins to add in the most up to date and juiciest loots! To view the current rewards in the scratch card type in ::checkdsc We listened to you! We've listened to your feedback and made some major improvements to the sponsor instances! The main change we have made is reducing the respawn rates. The monsters now respawn in 0.5 seconds rather than 15 seconds meaning that you can kill the npc's quicker inside the instances then at ownercape zone (2 npc's with 7 second respawn) After some fixing unforeseen issues with the Executive rank - The executive rank is now fully ready and working! Players can claim the Executive rank by donating for the executive cape or combining an executive totem with an ownercape. (if you have already done this, please contact drax to get your rank) To celebrate this release, we've added some new commands for our Executive members! ::wb will allow you to teleport directly to the world boss and mega world boss! ::backflip allows you to show off your nimbleness as you backflip into those dm's We've added a bunch more custom sets to our hall of fame! You can now see some of the amazing customs that have been made for our players! These custom armour sets now also dance and can be seen at the donator room when players donate! If you are interested in having your custom set added to the donator room - please contact Drax If you are interested in getting your own custom armour set please see this Custom Items Thread As way of thanks for all the hard work put in by our forum moderators and wiki editors we have made two icons that can be earned by those in the role to show off their hard work offline when they are online! Forum Moderator Wiki Editor Introducing Dreamscapes Hottest 1 In game set! The Inferno Emperor set boasts 25% Drop rate and 50% Double drop rate bonuses and packs an insane Tri-brid punch! Purchase the inferno emperor set here ::mydeals My deals is a new fully personalised way of rewarding our donators with even more extras! As well as gaining grand lottery points, donator points and any in game deals running at the time (see ::deals) players can now earn rewards for every 100$ they donate in a 24 hour period! To take part simply type ::mydeals Customisable Party Hat We've created a fully customisable party hat! This party hat allows you to choose which colour it is! We have added this party hat as a dream reward to the Mega Crate! Omega Set We've added a new feature to the omega set, allowing you to recolour it to any colour of your choosing. To pick the colour of the set, simply put the item on and right click operate it. This can be done individually with different pieces different colours or by simply clicking confirm on each piece you will be able to recolour the whole set to one colour. Supreme T-Shirt Reward from Mega Crate The Souleater Custom Donation Remyco's Custom Eclipse Set Custom Donation Remyco's Custom Khione Staff Custom Donation Link's M4A4 Asiimov Custom Donation Friends list now cache properly for clan chats We've fixed the stats on space trova stats and re-added it into the store We've set limits on the number of connections you can have to prevent bots and spammers We've set up a system to reduce spam from youtubers opening boxes! We've fixed the names on some Auras that were showing up as the wrong level We've addressed the Mystic aura boost (invisible magic boost) We've fixed the requirements for the Skilling outfit (now 150 in all skills is required for every piece) We've addressed the bugged items in the Dream mystery box and super mystery box Instances issues - We've fixed the issue with random instances awarding chaos elemental souls We went back to basics with the Arcade and addressed some player complaints that npc's had been made harder. Increasing AFK penalties and reducing the effect on legitimate players. We've made all skilling pets untradable Virtur has been fixed and will now attack with tornadoes We've made some tweaks to the Theatre of blood to make it more difficult to cheat in the maze section as well as increasing the strength of Pestilent Bloat We've addressed the issue where the Enraged Magegray world boss could be safe spotted Trinity fixes - We've fixed the issue where bosses spawned outside map and lowered the drop rates on items from Trinity Chests We've added 50% double drop bonus to the Dream Magic set Market Dc issues have been fixed and you should no longer dc when searching the market. We've fixed an issue with Battlegrounds chests not spawning correctly. We removed penguins from the ::starterboss interface (now use ::mbox) and have added in the Charizard Raid! We've fixed an issue with the Black market trader causing you to DC We've removed the dungeoneering tutor from home, to access dungeoneering simply click on the skilling section of the teleport tab. We’ve made the money pouch more user friendly and it will now display the amount in Q after 10m bill checks. We’ve added the golden ak as a drop from the tank boss for ironmen We’ve removed the announcement for the Demon Lectern drop from the theatre of blood. Theatre of Blood items will now no longer show as nulls We've fixed the 'Death to Dragon Kin' Acchievement We've added a warning message when buying something from the Loyalty Point Store
  9. 150q CASH GIVAWAY As some of you may remember last month we ran a giveaway for 150q cash! Today we managed to give away the majority of the prizes so I think its time to let everyone know who won! We had nearly 97 entries and used a random number generator to pick out the winners. The winners were as follows: 5th Place - Blackk/goldah Hc mies - 20q --Prize still to be claimed, please contact Drax ASAP-- Hcsin - 30q Nautilous - 40q Outbreak - 50q Congratulations to the winners! More events coming soon! Watch this space!
  10. Hey DSGANG! Today we are unveiling a new verification system for our Discord. We have a lot of players complain in the past about phone verification and having issues. However discord security is very important to us! We want to ensure people on our Discord are truly members of the DSGang and at the very least play Dreamscape rather then advertisers. Today we are unveiling a new form of discord verification which links your in game account to your discord account (This is an RSPS first!) To setup discord verification, simply login to your in game account and type ::verifydiscord, a message will appear with a command for you to type in discord Then go onto discord and type in the command You will be awarded the verified rank For the initial roll out of discord/in-game verification, this will have no effect. However, once we are confident that the system is viable we will limit typing in text chats and joining voice chats on our discord to verified Dreamscape Players only. The discord is a amazing place for community engagement, communicating with staff and Lit Events! We want to ensure that our discord is for the real DSGang! Drax
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    What Up DSGANG?! Today I am introducing the Event Event! What does that mean? Players will reply to this thread with an idea for a new type of event! The best suggestion gets spawned a bunch of prizes and with a couple of staff to lend a pair of hands will be able to run their event in game! This is a super exciting prospect as I know you guys have super ideas for events but not everyone has the capital to give away their own items! Why an event event: It seems to me that often times we repeat the same series of events, be it flower game, dice or karaoke... I think it's time for a new Dreamscape Standard... and I need YOUR help to make it happen! Please suggest your new event ideas below and after 10 entries have been made I will pick a winner and organise to run their event in game! The winner will also win themselves a bunch of prizes for themselves as well as having the potential to run more events like it in the future! Events are a big part of what makes the #DSGang unstoppable! Lets make them even better! How to submit: Please submit your event in the format below! Event Name: Description of Event: How many players needed: Any Restrictions: for example: Event Name: Dice Tournament Description of Event: Players will face each other in 1 on 1 dice duels (first to 3) the winners go on, the losers go out! the person to be undefeated all the way to the final will win the top prize with 2nd and 3rd place also winning prizes! Also we will give out goodie bags to 5 random players who didn't win! and a special prize for anyone who rolls the number '69'. How many players needed: The more the merrier! Any Restrictions: Must be donator+ to dice Can't wait to see your suggestions! Drax
  12. Dear Dreamscape Community, We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format. In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member to best pvm'er. THE RESULTS: Most Kind @DRAX  Best Dicer @oma torva Best PVM'er @oma torva Best Newcomer @canadianpk Best GFX-Designer @DylanRSPS Best Youtuber @DylanRSPS Best Livestreamer @DylanRSPS Most Respected Non-Staff Member @4 Real IrishIrish  Most Active on Discord @DRAX  Best Ironman Iron Zezima Most Potential Shown @oma torva Best Event Host @Psigreen Most Respected Trusted Host @oma torva Best Helper @Vaider Best Moderator @Inject Best Administrator+ @DRAX Most Respected Staff Member  @Feeds Most Active In-game @Psigreen Most Active Forums @DRAX Most Active Overall @Psigreen Best Staff Member @Psigreen Congratulations all winners! Prizes will be handed out over the next couple of days!
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    I am not sure I agree with the sentiment that increasing vote book rewards is going to dramatically increase our player base... we already rank very highly on all major vote sites. This was 10 days ago: It would help to reward players for voting though and some of the rewards (although I've already done 2 revamps) are out of date again. I will get a review done of the current rewards and look at a potential revamp //pending review
  14. DRAX

    Will discuss the possibility with developers //pending review//
  15. Interesting idea, I like the idea of more tree spots that make it easier to work around bots or that offer rewards that can't be botted. //pending review//
  16. DRAX

    Very nice idea! Will look into adding this! //pending review//
  17. Another month down on the DSGrind and another member of the month! It's been a great month packed with community events, updates and juicy DS action. The votes are in and this month we are naming @4 Real Irish the member of the month! Keep up the good work! A massive shout out to the other nominees: @out a world @DylanRSPS and @oma torva
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    hi guys I make sigs plz request belwo... ty my previous works: Made this for ma boy psi gren... I used a gauge for the psi... u get me he could nt get enough of it raider wanted this... he was so impressed... he had no words dis was requested by clylorv he loved it! dis what he sed if u wanna be cool liked em, request a sig below! You don't get what you ask for, you get what ur given... lots of love darx
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    Mad dis for inject... very rushed but still arty af
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    Last update brought 2 new offhand: golden offhand and Avernic Defender //approved//
  21. DRAX

    Will look into logistics of this and best way of doing it //approved//
  22. DRAX

    Have messaged a developer about the logistics of this If its possible and doesn't cause interaction issues I'm for it! //approved//
  23. DRAX

    Obviously this got approved and added last update :D //approved//
  24. Colour has been adjusted. Command has been semi approved (can't really say more as it's due for release soon) //approved//