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  1. NOVEMBER STAFF EVENT WINNERS  Another month of Juicy prizes for to show appreciation to our staff! After another month of extreme hard work and dedication, the results are in for the Staff event! This month we did more prizes then ever, featuring 3 prizes up for grabs and it was not a easy pick. I am glad to say that everyone on the staff team has been going above and beyond this month! We value the consistency and keep up the great work! First Prize $550 CASH (USD) WINNER: Alieni  Second Prize 450$ CASH (USD) WINNER: Cylorv Third Prize 300$ CASH (USD) WINNER: Bowwow Congratulations!! Prizes will be paid out in the next 2 weeks! (apologies for the delay in posting this)
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    hi guys I make sigs plz request belwo... ty my previous works: Made this for ma boy psi gren... I used a gauge for the psi... u get me he could nt get enough of it raider wanted this... he was so impressed... he had no words dis was requested by clylorv he loved it! dis what he sed if u wanna be cool liked em, request a sig below! You don't get what you ask for, you get what ur given... lots of love darx
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    Let's count to 10,000. If we make I'll give away a glaive. Rules - 1 count per post (say a single number per post not like 2,3,4,5,6,7,etc) - no double posting (Don't post in this thread if the last comment was by you) - counting must be done in whole numbers and in a linear increasing pattern (e.g. don't be a smart ass) - Take this VERY VERY VERY seriously... it's a matter of life or death - Don't be Darklordrr I'll start... 1
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  7. To celebrate the release of the new Scavenger Skill we are releasing an event! The rules are simple, the first to reach certain levels will win a prize and be immortalised on this thread forever! Each winner will receive a Dreamscape Giftcard to spend in our store or on customs! There are also custom items and titles to win with a total prize pool of 2,600$ You can win on multiple categories so get grinding! Categories First To Reach 99 - Not yet claimed First Ironman to reach 99 - Not yet claimed Prize: 100$ DS Gift Card First to reach 120 - Not yet claimed First Ironman to reach 120 - Not yet claimed Prize: 200$ Gift Card + 'Scavenger King' Title (worth 150$) First to reach 150 - Not yet claimed First Ironman to reach 150 - - Not yet claimed Prize: 200$ Gift Card + 'Scavenger God' Title (worth 150$) + a unique custom item made for the 2 winners (worth 500$) Rules: To win you must post a picture of your scavenger level on this thread! If you achieve the lvl before another person but do not post it in this thread you will not be eligible so ensure you upload a screenshot as soon as you hit the level! You can win in multiple categories! You can stack your prizes! You can use your gift cards for anything in the store or towards custom items! Gift cards non-transferable and cannot be sold to other players! Gift cards can be combined with IRL purchases but not with bought donations!
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    ::mydrops It's already in game. However a more user friendly interface might be worth implementing. //pending review//
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  18. Great suggestions! //pending review//
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