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    Thank you so much for all your kind words! It's always so exciting when it gets to doing updates and it's a pleasure to keep putting out new content, even when circumstances are against you 😄 Nothing will stop us moving forwards, come rain shine or a broken MacBook we will continue to move Dreamscape forwards in the direction the players dictate! #DSGANG Drax
  2. We are pleased to hit you with the second update in less then a week! Patching a few necessary bugs as well as bringing you some new content! Introducing the arcade's most requested game mode! With huge rewards at waves 75, 100, 125 and beyond you cannot miss out on the Grind! Featuring a cross over between normal arcade and avengers arcade npc's this minigame is not for the faint hearted! You can start the Arcade Endless at the ::arcade machine at home, you must sacrifice an infernal cape to enter Arcade Endless You will require the top gear, tactics and flawless techniques to even get close to waves in the 3 figure range! Waves 1-55 - Same as extreme arcade Wave 65 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by 50% (every other hit) wave 70 - After this wave falling rocks will hit you as you progress hitting 20 damage each time Wave 75 - Reward - Tri-brid cape / Ability to start endless arcade at wave 50 Wave 80 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by another 50% (once every 4 hits) Wave 90 - After this wave you will get hit with poison each new wave Wave 95 - After this wave there are numerous explosions, if you are standing on the explosion you get 1 hit Wave 100 - If you complete this level you will receive a mystery prize. Introducing 3 new goodie boxes for you! The Thumper Goodiebox The Emperor's Necklace Goodiebox The Emperor's Ring Goodiebox These much requested new donation items give you a chance to make absolute bank without paying it! https://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/dd403184606b1d55ca06f0e9cc3d0ac0.png We have revamped the Quantum boots to fit more appropriately with our Space texture denoting end game equipment theme! We have added an arrow to let you know where diglet is hiding! We have made it so you will not lose drop rate when you upgrade your Dream Armour Sets We have fixed an issue preventing the number 1 donators pos from displaying We have fixed an issue that prevented type challenges from displaying We have fixed a bug that prevented content that used the alert system from working We have made it so the abyssal sire will respawn (preventing you from teleporting in and out) We have fixed a bug that prevented Cerberus from hitting damage We have fixed a bug that prevented the abyssal sire's drops from appearing
  3. We have been overwhelmed with the reception and response to the Tombola Event and can now reveal the prizes!! ------------ Total Prize Pool: 20,080$ ------------ 1. Sen Jr / Mr Candy- 1 x Textured Custom Weapon Worth 1,200$ 2. Sen Jr - 1 x Dream Mage Set 3. Hc Tolose - 1 x dream range set 4. Hc Spiderman - Seasonal Goodiebox 5. Cjbear - 50 x dsgo keys 6. Out a World - Lava Minigun 7. Sasha1- 9q CASH 8. Hc Spiderman - 50 x dsgo keys 9. Hc Tolose- 25$ Goodeibox 10. WInter 51 - Helicopter Pet 11. Sen JR- 25$ Goodeibox 12. Hc Spiderman - 50$ goodiebox 13. Sen Jr - 1 X BFG9000 Offhand 14. Dcdc - 1 x BFG9000 15. Dcdc- 8Q CASH 16. Mikewlods - 50 x dsgo keys 17. Sasha1 - 2k19 box 18. HC Spiderman - 2k19 box 19. Hc Spiderman - 1 x Dream Melee Set 20. null - 50 x DSGO keys 21. S T O P P A- 50$ Custom scroll 22. S T O P P A - 50 x dsgo keys 23. S T O P P A - Prize TBC 24. S T O P P A- 7Q CASH 25. Hc Tolose - 1 x Textured Icon (Worth 1,500$) 26. Quackers - 100 x dsgo keys 27. Hc Spiderman - 50$ goodiebox 28. Uptherah - 50 x dsgo keys 29. Chaos944- 50$ Custom scroll 30. Karim358 - 50$ goodiebox 31. Sen Jr - Seasonal Goodiebox 32. Cyco Gek- 10Q CASH 34. Quackers- 25$ Goodeibox 35. Catepectl- 25$ Goodeibox 36. Hc Spiderman - Crystal Set 37. Twitchu - 2k19 box 38. Chaos944 - 50$ goodiebox 39. Catepectl - 2k19 box 40. Nochi7 - 100 dsgo keys 41. Steroids - 2k19 box 42. Steroids- 25$ Goodeibox 43. Steroids - $250 Custom Scroll 44. Close Call69 - 2k19 Box 45. Hc Spiderman - Devious Set 46. Karim358 2k19 box 47. Jeba Jr - 50$ goodiebox 48. Hc Spiderman - EKS 49. null - 2k19 box 50. Hc Spiderman / Mr Candy - Icy Glaive 51. Steroids- 50$ Custom scroll 52. Steroids- 4Q CASH 53. Close Call69 - Seasonal Goodiebox 54.Killer One - Puffer Fish Pet 55. Dcdc / Tolose - Seasonal Goodiebox 56. Xtra/ Tolose - Emperor's Set 57. cjbear/ Tolose - Crystal Set 58. Cyco Gek - 100 dsgo keys 59. Killer One - 50$ goodiebox 60. Quackers - 50 x dsgo keys 61. Killer One- 3Q CASH 62. Killer One - EKS 63. Killer One - 50 x dsgo keys 64. Hc Spiderman - Emperor Set 65. Karim358 - Seasonal Goodiebox 66. Chaos944 - 25$ Goodeibox 67. Riddlemetits - 50$ goodiebox 68. Catepectl - 50$ goodiebox 69. Senjr - 1Q CASH 70. Hc Spiderman - Emperor Set 71. Catepectl - Crystal Set 72. Chaos944 - EKS 73. Twitchu- 25$ Goodeibox 74. Chubyhorse2 - EKS 75. Hc Spiderman - Emperor SEt 76. Riddlemetits - 100 x dsgo keys 77. I am Bambi - Devious Set 78. Xtra- 2Q CASH 79. Chaos944 - 50 x dsgo keys 80. Nochi7 - 100 x dsgo keys 81. Twitchu - 50$ goodiebox 82. Killer One- 50$ Custom scroll 83. Killer One - Devious Set 84. Hc Spiderman- 5Q CASH 85. Cyco Gek - Crystal Set 86. Turm Prod- 25$ Goodeibox 87. Riddlemetits - 25$ Goodeibox 88. WInter 51 - Infinity Aura 89. WInter 51- 6Q CASH 90. WInter 51 - Devious Set 91.WInter 51 - 50 x dsgo keys 92.WInter 51 - Devious Set 93. WInter 51 - 2k19 box 94. Winter51 - 1 x Textured Armour Set Worth $1,750 95. Hc Spiderman - Crystal Set 96. HcTolose - 50$ Custom scroll 97. Sen Jr - 2k19 box 98. Hc Spiderman - 50$ goodiebox 99. Sen Jr - Textured Pet - Worth $1,500 100. Sen Jr / Mr Candy- 25$ Goodeibox Please note: Please wait for your prizes to be added to your collection chest or::Dsgo Please do not pm staff asking for the prizes, they will be added to collection chests/dsgo directly during the next week. Please allow 7 days from now to get your prize, if you have not received your prize after 7 days please contact Drax Directly. For custom orders please contact Drax.
  4. What's up Dreamers! Today's update was a collaboration effort between the development team and the platinum partners! As some of you know we recently had a meet and greet in person with some of our platinum partners and were able to brainstorm some new ideas for development! These ideas are now reality and you can see below some of the juicy stuff we have been working on! Content we worked on together is shown with this icon: One of the hardest thing to keep up with on Dreamscape is item prices! We are aware that prices fluctuate significantly due to supply and demand. Today we introduce a fully automated market tracker that displays real time prices based on recent buying and selling patterns! Simply type ::prices in game and search the item you wish to see the price for! It will display an average buy and sell value based on historic prices. Please note, none of these prices are set manually and therefore it will take a few days for the price guide to have enough data to start giving prices. Furthermore, items that are not regularly traded may not have a price set. There are also a number of safe guards built into the system to prevent price manipulation. We take price manipulation very seriously and will punish anyone found to be attempting to manipulate the price guide (See ::rules - scamming) This new tool should help new players and old players alike and will hopefully be a tool that becomes more accurate over time as people buy and sell items. We are really excited by this new tool and hope to see it grow and help players for a long time! Today we bring back the Abyssal Sire! Now fully working and patched this boss packs a massive punch! We listened to you! This a more complex boss with multiple different combat stages! You can only fight the abyssal sire if you are assigned it as a slayer task! First, you will have to take out his respiratory system. Then you must avoid his spawns and deadly Miasma Pools Fnally you must avoid his Overpowered AOE attacks! Should you successfully take out the Sire you will be rewarded greatly! Not only does the sire always drop 1-5 Crystals that can be used to upgrade Dream armour (see below), but there are also 2 new cosmetic pets (see below) to obtain! One of the things the Platinum Partners were eager to have adjusted was melee! In particular the gap between the dream melee set and the dream range/mage sets! As part of our expansions to dream armors, we have also gone ahead and given the dream melee set an outright buff. One of the areas we discussed at the Platinum Vacation was the ability to upgrade armour! Today we launch a new system where dream armour can be upgraded into 4 tiers Dream Armour - Original set + stats Dream Armour (tier 1) - 1.5 x Original Stats (requires 250 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire) Dream Armour (tier 2)- 2 x Original Stats (requires 500 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire) Dream Armour (tier 3)- 2.5 x Original Stats (requires 750 Crystals - Dropped by Abyssal Sire) Please note that these upgrades render the sets untradable You can downgrade your armours at any time for 200m (restore it to it's original tradable status) Crystals are cumulative - for tier 0 -> tier 3 you require 1500 crystals in total Introducing Treasure Hunter! A new way to collect boxes via PVM and open them by collecting loyalty gems for juicy rewards! You will find that you are greeted by a new 'Treasure Hunter' button Clicking this will allow you to see the boxes you have collected, collect your daily gems and open your boxes! Boxes are dropped randomly while PVMing with all monsters dropping the boxes! When you receive a box, it will not show on the ground or in your bank/inventory, but is rather saved in the treasure hunter interface. Different tiers of boxes require different amounts of gems to unlock! The higher the tier of box, the harder it is to get and the more crystals it takes to unlock but also the bigger the rewards! You can claim daily gems to open the boxes or can purchase more from the donator store. You can only hold 3 boxes at one time and must open them or save them for another time (there is no way to get rid of a box without opening it). This means you need two think carefully about which box to open first! If you have 3 or more boxes already you will not receive any more until the first 3 are opened. Furthermore, the only way to gain the treasure hunter boxes is through PVM as these cannot be directly donated for. They said melee was underpowered... We changed that! INTRODUCING: THE THUMPER The hottest, most devastating melee weapon in the game! This weapon has the largest AOE of any weapon (5 x bigger then the BFG9000) and can absolutely decimate in multi combat areas! Duo-extreme Arcade Introducing the duo-arcade Extreme Mode! This new expansion to the Arcade's various game modes allows teams of two players to complete the arcade on Extreme mode! This should allow newer players to team up with an OG and take on the extra waves! As well as giving you a chance to earn more tokens by completing the additional waves! Please note: you do not recieve any final reward/cape when completing the arcade on Duo-mode Introducing 2 new cosmetic pets to collect! Lambo Pet (dropped by Abyssal Sire) Bugatti Pet (dropped by Abyssal Sire) We have reworked the way that the featured shops works at the Player Owned Shops! We found that people very rarely used the featured shops due to the price of featuring your shop. We have therefore repurposed it! The top 10 slots on the pos are now automatically assigned to Platinum Partners and the #1 Donator The first slot is reserved for #1 Donator (permanent) The other slots are assigned based on last login time e.g. The 9 slots are assigned to the 9 platinum partners who logged in most recently We have adjusted the policy on Platinum Partner Elo. Previously we would refund a Platinum Partners Elo should they lose it at no extra cost. We have instead implemented a new system where Platinum Partners have their Elo Saved for 7 days before it disappears. This 7 day period should allow more lee-way and remove the need for manual refunds. We asked what you would like to see added to the emperor ring! You let us know you wanted to Morph into Ninja Turtles! We made that happen! We have updated the dice zone Ranks, due to economic changes. You can now hold a lot more at each relative rank. Please Note: Anyone who obtained their rank before this update will keep their rank at the new rate and can hold the new amount for no extra cost! If you do not have a rank, you can buy your new ranks from the rank shop at ::dicezone Previously, The ranks went as follows: Recruit 450K Corporal 1M Sergeant 2.5M Lieutenant 5M Captain 10m General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot) Now with the update: Recruit 1.35m Corporal 3m Sergeant 7.5m Lieutenant 15m Captain 30M General Trusted Dicers (can hold any pot) For more information on Dice CC ranks see this thread: You can now combine all 3 capes from the Extreme arcade to make the tribrid Infernal Cape! Rainbow Khione Spidey's Sexy Boot's + Gloves We have fixed a bug with arcade token multipliers for Platinum Partners and the Number 1 Donator We have fixed the currency on the gambling leaderboard We have disabled a bug that allowed you to re-instance at the end of ::BG We have fixed a bug with Cerberus and the way in which he was 1hit We have increased the price of the dynamic box in the Arcade Shop to follow recent change in eco prices for boxes Cerberus Drops will now go into your inventory! We have fixed the donation message for the box of wealth! We have adjusted the emperors ring's static damage effect so it works more efficiently We have adjusted the scroll of fire's effect when used with AOE weapons We have adjusted the effect of the corp beast back to it's original defensive effect.
  5. As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year we started Dreamscape's Platinum Partnership! https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22975-dreamscpe-platinum-partnership/ One of the perks of being a part of this highly exclusive VIP club is a monthly loot box. Today we release more details on the contents of this loot box! As part of the platinum partnership you will be eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot crates from March 2018 until February 2019. Contents of JUNE Loot Crate 2019 Item 1 4 x Easter Boxes Value: 200$ (Approx 100-120Q) Item 2 Rainbow Khiones UNRELEASED - To be added next update Worth 950$ Item 3 4 x 2k19 Boxes Value: 200$ (Approx 80Q) Item 4 EMP NECK COUPON! Each Platinum Partner will receive a 50% discount on the EMPEROR Necklace (valid for the month of JUNE only) 1 Claim per person Non-transferable, No Cash Value, Not valid with any other deals or discounts Get this CRAZY best in slot necklace for 400$ (Usually 800$) Worth $400 Item 5 25% ELO! Each platinum partner will gain an additional 25% Elo! Please PM Drax to claim this additional perk Worth $250 Item 6 Your choice of 2 infinity stones! Pick 2 of the 6 stones and start charging the infinity gauntlet! Worth $200 Item 7 1 Month of Free Discord Nitro https://discordapp.com/nitro Worth $9.99 Total Value: $2,200 Regards, Drax, Chuck and the Platinum Partnership Concierge team.
  6. DISCORD BOOSTING! We need your help! Help us get our discord server boosted up so we can gain some more perks for our discord and you can earn some juicy rewards! You will need: Discord Nitro Go into your settings and click 'Discord Nitro' Click 'Select A server' under Nitro Server Boost! Then select Dreamscape! Not only will we be able to gain a load of new perks for our discord: Including: New emoji's Better audio quality Higher Upload Limits You will also gain some stuff for you personally! A new icon by your name! A New rank! Access to a VIP Giveaway Channel!
  7. To help bring in the summer and get everyone decked out with a new look, we are proud to today announce Dreamscape's Summer of Custom's Event! Anybody who purchases a custom item in June gets added into a raffle draw for the following prizes! Every entrant will win one of the following guaranteed! If more then 7 people enter, multiple prizes may be given! DSgang Textured Icon (worth 750$) DSgang Minigun (worth 750$) DSgang Textured Torva (Worth 1500$) DSgang Textured Emperor's Set (Worth 1500$) DSgang Textured BFG or BFG OFFHAND (Worth 900$ Each) DSgang Helicopter (Worth 2000$) Rules: 1. All customs must be bought through the dreamscape Store Customiser or through a pre-arranged quote with staff 2. To organise a custom quote, pm a member of staff and let them know you are interested in buying a custom! 3. All customs count as 1 entry (regardless of it's a 250$ custom or a 2500$ custom) 4. If more people enter then prizes will be duplicated 5. Only valid on custom items bought between 31st May - 1st July Current list of entrants 1. Killer One (DSGang Textured Torva Set) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  8. COMPETITIVE SEASON FOUR We listened to you! Today we introduce Dreamscape Competitive Mode Season Two! MAY 30TH 2019 - JUNE 30TH 2019 Compete against other players in this month long competitive season! Start by creating a new account and selecting 'Competitive Mode' Competitive accounts have similar restrictions to ironmen, with no ability to trade, gamble or used the player owned shops! You will be on your own as you try to get to the top of several leaderboards! The majority of these leaderboards can be found at ::train At the end of the month the person with the highest in each category wins! The same person can win in multiple categories! At the end of Competitive Season Two all competitive mode accounts will be reset to ironmen accounts and you will be able to retain your progress and items! The Categories are as follows: Skill level This will draw from the players total level in game, the person with the highest at the end of the month will win.The leaderboard at train displays the top 10 players with competitive game mode who have the highest total levels. Battlegrounds Points The player with the most battlegrounds points on the leaderboard at ::home Clue Scrolls This will be awarded to either the person who has scored the most points on the clue scroll leaderboard at ::train Bank ValueThis will be assessed by staff upon completion of the 1 month Achievements This will be awarded to either the person who is first to complete all achievements Overall winner This will be the person who staff believe have risen to the challenge of Competitive Mode the most and have made the biggest impact in the competitive season 2! Side Events: Npc Drops Throughout the season we will be running Competitive Drop Events. These will require you to get a certain drop to win an award! e.g. Next person to get an Oblivion Scythe drop from Oblivion Dragon wins! You can check the current drop event by typing ::whatdrop on any competitive mode account! These competive mode drop events will win an instant 50$ 100$ or 250$ store credit scroll which can be redeemed with any admin for store items or customs! Achievements We have updated the achievements for comp mode accounts! You will now receive Easy - 1 x Super mystery box Medium - 1 x Dream Mystery Box Hard - 1 x Event Box Elite - 1 x 2k19 box For each category, the winner at the end of the month will receive A free custom textured 1 in game item from a selection (Custom Set, Glaive, BFG, Khiones or Sword) And 250$ store credit which can be used in the Dreamscape store or on a custom item of your choosing!
  9. After listening to your suggestions and complaints about rev's being too busy we have decided to add an expansion to revs! The boss teleport version of rev's still functions as it always has, however we have added a new limited access Instanced Rev Area! This private location allows you to kill Rev's at your own pace without being crashed or losing out to AOE weapons! To access this area you will need one of three things... Rev Pass or Trix Amulet (+) or Emperor's Necklace Rev Pass (Limited) This Pass is valid for 1000 kills before it teleports you out and you must buy another one These Rev Passes can be bought from DurkaDurka at home and the passes cost 500k Please note: These passes will disappear after use, so be sure to maximise the time you have available to kill the revs to ensure you make the most of your purchase. Trix (+) This new amulet (not to be confused with the Trix (i) can be bought from the Donator Store It has the stats and effects as regular trix (i) But it has a right click teleport option that allows you unlimited access to the Instanced revs Emperor's Necklace We have also added the above teleport to the Emperor's Necklace (see below for more info) We have also added 2 new rewards to the Wilderness Shop: Donator ticket - 10k points pop protection scroll - 20k points We have brought back achievement category for Competitive Accounts! You will not only win a prize if you are the first account to complete all achievements, but for every achievement you complete you will receive one of the following: Rewards: Easy - Super Mystery Box Medium - Invictus Box Hard - Tactical Box Elite - Dream Mystery Box Please Note: You are only allowed to create 1 competitive account every 24 hours, to prevent box farming. As well as this change we have also added in some new interaction changes to comp mode accounts. The most notable of these changes is as follows: - We have added an invisible buff to comp accounts that should enable them to make use of dynamic drop rates at a quicker rate then other accounts (especially useful in raids) - We have edited the permissions to ensure that players cannot cheat by trading their comp accounts or leave drops on the ground for their comp acc to pick up - We have enabled it so that competitive accounts will gain the same perks if they get a donation rank - We have ensured all tracked competitive categories automatically save on log out, to ensure all categories are recorded accurately - We have increased the drop rates for comp accounts at ::soulroom and chance of beginner cash drops We have reduced the drop rates on the Avengers Arcade! We noticed that the drops from the Avengers Arcade were harder to get then we had hoped for so we have reduced the drop rates of the Avengers Arcade Ultra Rare drops by 10% Introducing a new end game necklace to go along with the emperor’s ring. This necklace will get new benefits and perks over time. Current Effects: Collection Effect Collection to bank (same as collectors necklace) NEW EFFECT - Collection to inventory (right click->operate to toggle) Chargeable – every 1000 kills your Drop rate goes up by 1% (capped a 30% additional DR or 40% max total) This will reset if you go 1 hour without being in combat or if you die! Watch your Drop Rate literally charge before your very eyes! Increased chance of getting an ultra rare drop from the soul room by 25% 30% hybrid boost - 30% range boost - 30% magic boost - 30% melee boost 10% luck 10% drop rate (which grows to 40% when fully charged) 10% double drop rate 25% higher chance of upgrading items successfully Wearing the necklace increases your maximum possible HP by 10(100) - Or 10% higher then your max hp! Necklace when equipped will add cash to your money pouch at a similar rate as AFK island Watch your cash grow no matter where you are on Dreamscape! Earn while PVMing, gambling or simply by logged in! 9 This also stacks with AFK ISLAND meaning that you can get 2x the cash per hour or a maximum of 625K per hour (on bonus afk weekends) We have added a teleport option to the instanced revs! To pick up your Emperor's Necklace checkout the ds ::store Or pick up the Emperor's Bundle to get both the Emperor's Ring + Emperor's Necklace (200$ reduction) To ensure consistency we have also updated the graphical look of the emperor's ring! We have fixed a large number of player reported typos and adaptations to the new currency! Thank you so much for submitting all your typos/bugs/QoL issues with ds-coin! We have enabled you to view upstairs in the battlegrounds mini game! This should allow you to keep track of the battles better as well as interact and spectate with the ongoing game more efficiently. We have added the Infinity Gauntlet (Charged) to the donation store! The infinity gauntlet also has: 9x9 aoe - same as BFG9000 1 in 5 chance of 2.5 x max hit 2 x hit speed - same as BFG9000 We listened to you! We renamed the Quadron box to The Box of Wealth This update: What should we call the new best in slot melee weapon? Vote here: - We have given the pink dildo a secret buff - We have fixed a bug with the minibus leader not taking your money - We have fixed bugs with Slayer masters using old currency - We have fixed the text on the Golden Scratch Card - We have updated the blackjack table to work with DS coins - We have fixed a number of compatibility issues with DSCoin - We have fixed a bug that teleported Platinum Partners to Sponsor Zone instead of Plat Zone - We have fixed bugs with Extreme donator and super donator zone - We have fixed a bug that made old style coins collect in your bank - We have updated a number of drop tables to use the new currency - We have fixed the 'Featured Shops' in the POS - We have updated the Lottery to incorporate DSCoin - We have fixed a bug that caused the Platinum Coin model to appear to large - We have added support for Players to maintain HP higher then 99 (See Emp Neck) - We have fixed a bug that allowed bosses that TP to teleport into unaccessible areas
  10. We are offering buy one get one free on all goodie boxes for 24 hours! To celebrate the start of the summer and the end of school you can now get twice as many goodie boxes! To take up this offer, simply add 2x the goodie box of choice to your cart and checkout! You will only be charged for 1 of the boxes! e.g. 12 boxes costs what 6 boxes would! This is the first time we have run this deal on this scale so make sure you do not miss out!
  11. Day Two - Late posting Today we really got to focus on development. We ran a think tank to discover new ideas and discuss areas of the game that the platinum partners felt needed work and then set to making them happen. We went to the Cinema room so we could collaborate on a development brief and were then able to showcase some of raid 7 and discuss the work that needs to still be done. We watched some OG Dreamscape videos and got our fill of didyscape in full 4k cinematic goofiness. Some of us made use of the spa, steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi while others played pool. We manage to eat some chinese food and toasted to DS with some all American Bourbon. The hornets then turned on us and began to attack! Things traversed into a pool party and we ended up drinking and chatting into the late hours of the evening. Before the inevitable bowling championship at 1am. Jason unfortunately broke the bowling alley because he likes to ruin everyone’s fun and we had to call it a night. Highlight of the day: Chuck: Running a group think tank and discussing new ideas Drax: Coming up with new content! Big Oof: Chatting into the late hours by the pool Dreamz40: Development Jason: breaking the bowling alley and being fired Alex: Showing off my Java Skills
  12. Platinum Partner Vacation - Day One We were so lucky to be joined on this years platinum (summer) vacation! Dreamz40 and Big Oof joined Chuck, Jason, Alex (our lead developer) and myself in sunny Orlando! We met out of town at DS:HQ for a champagne reception and a chance to get to know each other before heading out for food and a few more drinks. Dreamz shared his knowledge of Executive Scotch and Jason exerted his masculinity by ordering a pina colada. We then headed over to the DS Mansion. Located in a 10 bed, 12-bath mansion we have booked the hottest venue possible to celebrate the success of the year! We have been bowling (the house has 2 lanes in the basement), and played some mad baskeball with Jason playing the role of ball boy (he sure can handle them well!). We brought in the evening by smoking Cubans in the pool and discussing Dreamscape past and present. Over the course of the days we are looking to discuss dreamscape’s future and develop ideas on future updates, community changes and quality of life we can bring. As well as getting the plats to test out Raid 7 (which has been under close wraps for the last 2 months). Highlight of the day: Chuck: Bowling alley… oh and the smart toilet worth 7 bands. Drax: Cubano Cubano Big Oof: Pool (Going full Aquaman) Dreamz40: Popping bottles at the reception… Champagne for days! Jason: being a subservient ball boy o Dreamz and oof Alex: The food (eating salmon that reminds me of the motherland)
  13. What's up Dreamers! Today's update focuses on some MAJOR content! Revamps! Bug fixes, quality of life and of course a healthy handful of custom items! Today we bring you one of the most instrumental changes to Dreamscape’s economy since release! For a long while we have been trying to make our economy conform to the restraints of an osrs economy. This has had a number of difficulties and we have decided that as a custom server, an osrs style economy is no longer compatible. As such we have launched a new currency! We are after all a custom server and we believe our players deserve a custom economy. DScoins will replace osrs coins and the more commonly used bil tickets. This will do away with the difficulty of high denomination language, max cash stacks and bugs due to high amounts of currency being lost due to cash limits. The changes have been done putting maintaining value and ensuring that nobody loses value through these economic changes, similar to how OSRS launched ‘Platinum Tokens’ to deal with a similar issue regarding integer limits and max cash. Your bank value before and after the update is exactly the same. We have removed bil tickets and replaced coins, 100m checks and the like entirely. Instead the go to denomination in dreamscape is 1 DS Coin (rather then 1b ticket). You will noticed that when you login your bil tickets have been replaced with DScoins. This will now be the standard currency on Dreamscape. 1b is now 1 coin. The value of items will remain unchanged and the economy as always will remain a lasez faire model, instructed by supply and demand. However the language used and the denomination of currency will change. If we take for example the Golden Minigun. This item at the time of writing fluctuates between 8 and 10 Quadrillion (8,000,000 - 10,000,000 bil tickets or 8,000,000,000,000,000 - 10,000,000,000,000,000 coins) It is plain to see how having bil tickets as a primary currency has it’s difficulties and we felt that this complicated maths as well as extremely high denominations was no longer necessary.. Under this new system where bil tickets are replaced with ds coins, a Golden minigun is worth: 8-10m or 8,000,000 - 10,000,000 DS Coins To this regard: 1B is now simply: 1 DS Coin 1T is now simply: 1000 DS Coins or 1k 1Q is now simply: 1,000,000 DS Coins or 1M 1QU is now simply: 1,000,000,000 or 1B To make currency conversions, trades and gambles simpler to facilitate as well as more user friendly, we have also introduced a number of different coins. (Similar to an IRL Economy e.g. Cents, Dimes, Quarters, Dollars) 1 DS Coin - Bronze Coloured Coins = 1 DS Coin 1 DS Coin (Silver) - Silver Coloured Coins = 1,000 DS Coins or 1K Ds Coin (previously known as 1T or 1 Trillion) 1 DS Coin (Gold) - Golden Coloured Coins = 1,000,000 DS Coins or 1m DS Coins (previously known as 1Q or 1 Quadrillion) 1 DS Coin (Platinum) - Platinum Coloured Coins = 1,000,000,000 DS Coins or 1B Ds Coins (Previously known as 1QU or 1 Quintillion) In order to ensure smooth and easy to understand implementation and adaption we ask that players kindly refer to currency using it’s new denominations 1-999 Coins - Referred to as: Coins - 1-999 DS Coins 1,000-999,000 Coins - Referred to as K - 1k-999k DS Coins 1,000,000 - 999,999,999 - Referred to as M - 1M - 999m DS Coins 1,000,000,000 - Referred to as B - 1B-999b+ e.g. Selling Soulflare 300k Or Buying Devious Set 30m Or Dice Dueling 100m+ Or Selling 50$ donation 50m+ In order to ensure that the new currency works smoothly with every aspect of the game we have made some additional changes: Shops at home have had their prices changed. The minimum price of an item from a shop is now 1 Coin. Achievement rewards, starter packs, box rewards, level up rewards, mini game rewards, clue scrolls will now all give DS Coins Rather then Bil Tickets The Well of Fortune now requires 25m (25,000,000 coins) to activate rather then 25,000,000,000,000,000 coins (25Q or 25 Quadrillion) Gamble games are now automated to function with the new currency. AFK Island now gives the equivalent DS Coin conversion per hour. We have updated thieving you will now receive DS coins from thieving stalls at a rate of: Crafting Stall - 1 Ds coin - takes 10 seconds to thieve Food Stall - 1 ds coin - takes 5 seconds to thieve General Stall 1 ds coin - takes 2 seconds to thieve Magic Stall 1 ds coin - takes 1 seconds to thieve Scimitar Stall - 2 ds coin - takes 1 seconds to thieve As this is a major change, there may well remain some outdated language (B, T, Q or Bil, Tril, Quad) We ask you report any instances of this being around at: www.Dreamscape317.net/bugs If you are he first person to report a Typo you will receive a reward! We also want to remind you of Dreamscape’s Bug Bounty! Anyone who finds a way to duplicate currency or a serious bug (Read: Serious) may be eligible for a bug bounty which can, depending on the severity of the bug include an IRL financial reward. Should you find a bug that fits the aforementioned description please report it to a member of staff for full Amnesty and rewards! Our rules are quite clear on bug abuse and we ask you to be aware that you will always amass more riches by reporting a bug and being handsomely rewarded then trying to bug abuse your way to unfair in game advantages. THE ENDGAME HAS ARRIVED! We have taken your suggestions and totally revamped the avengers mini game! The old mini game was clunky, unnecessarily complicated and the team requirements made it unpopular. Avengers now functions as an extension of the Arcade! Bosses now come in waves 1 by 1 and the raid is now a solo raid. Wave 1 - Black Panther Wave 2 - Drax the Destroyer Vision Wave 3 - Vision Wave 4 -Dr. Strange Wave 5 - Ant Man (with nerfed self-heal) Wave 6 - Captain America Wave 7 - Iron Man Wave 8 - Spider Man Wave 9 - Hulk Wave 10 - Ultron/Thanos (Final Boss) Players are rewarded arcades tokens rather then avengers points Wave 1 - 20 tokens Wave 2 - 40 tokens Wave 3 - 60 tokens Wave 4 - 80 tokens Wave 5 - 100 tokens Wave 6 - 125 tokens Wave 7 - 150 tokens Wave 8 - 250 tokens Wave 9 - 350 tokens Wave 10 - 500 tokens We have removed the Avengers shop at home and added the rewards that were in that shop to the arcade shop! Including: Batman Mask - 25,000 arcade tokens Thor's hammer (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain America Shield (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens Spiderman mask - 25,000 arcade tokens Spiderman Body - 25,000 arcade tokens Spiderman Legs - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain American Mask - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain American Body - 25,000 arcade tokens Captain America Legs - 25,000 arcade tokens New Rewards: You can now get the Spiderman Noir Set, a beautiful black and white cosmetic set! Spiderman Noir Helm - 25,000 Arcade Tokens Spiderman Noir Body - 25,000 Arcade Tokens Spiderman Noir Legs - 25,000 Arcade Tokens Extra Rewards As well as receiving Arcade tokens for each wave that you complete (see above for reward breakdown) If you successfully complete the Avengers Arcade (complete wave 10) you have a chance of a rare drop If you don't get the drop your drop rate increases (using a new dynamic drop rate system we are beginning to implement Rare Drops Infinity Gauntlet Soul Stone Time Stone Space Stone Mind Stone Reality Stone Power Stone If you are powerful enough to collect all 6 infinity stones you can bind them to the Infinity Gauntlet to create a new Best in Slot Mage weapon with DPS that rivals the BFG9000 The infinity gauntlet also has: 9x9 aoe - same as BFG9000 1 in x chance of 2.5 x max hit 2 x hit speed - same as BFG9000 Thanos Pet This super OP Pet has the same stats and effects the helicopter pet with the additional bonus of having: 1 in 5 chance of doing 2.5 x max hit This effect stacks with other 2.5x max hit boosters. Thanos Pinata In order to celebrate the revamp of the avengers mini game we have added a thanks Piñata in game! These will be randomly dropped by administrators throughout the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled! We have continued to tweak the end of battlegrounds in line with our commitment to keep this mini-game the hottest PvP mini game around! The final battle is now single combat meaning that it is 1 v 1 fights in the end. We have also removed protections prayers meaning that fights with no longer be painfully long and increase the risk of death while in BG! In order to celebrate the introduction of the NEW currency - DS Coins - we have fully revamped the Quadron Box! The Quadron box, now nearly 2 and a half years old has become unrewarding and does not fit with our current economy! We have majorly buffed it! Previous rewards from the Quadron Box were: 1,500-2,000,000 Coins The new and improved box gives: 25,000 - 25,000,000 Coins! Common Rewards 50k - 150k Uncommon 150k - 250k Rare 250k - 1m Ultra Rare 1m-5m Legendary 10m - 25M Due to the changes in Dreamscape's Currency, we no longer feel that the name 'Quadron Box' is appropriate. We want you to chose the boxes' new name! CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite! INFINIY GAUNTLET (Charged) Reward from new avengers mini game Spidey's Sexy Cape Custom Donation Noir Spiderman Suit New Reward from Avengers Raid - We have fixed a bug that made upgrading items turn into nulls - We have fixed the platinum cape to function like the executive cape (Right Click -> Operate) - We removed the ticket dealer from the home shop - We have fixed a bug in he bank that prevented you moving items - We have fixed a bug that prevented you from dropping pets - We have made a small change to the beginner ring that made double drop rate stack meaning players could get 6x cash drops - We have fixed a bug that prevented iron men and comp accounts from picking up drops - We fixed a bug that made Revenant Ether appear as Chucks Head
  14. We are proud to announce the winners of competitive Season Three! Skill levelComp Taika Gems CollectedCATEGORY CANCELLED DUE TO ABUSE Battlegrounds Comp Floppy CluesDank v2 Overall winnerS T O P P A For each category, the winner will receive A free custom textured 1 in game item from a selection (Custom Set, Glaive, BFG, Khiones or Sword) And 250$ store credit which can be used in the Dreamscape store or on a custom item of your choosing! Important information regarding season four!
  15. We are doing some scheduled maintenance on the server. The server is likely to be offline for up to 60 minutes. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your ongoing patience while we ensure the smooth running of Dreamscape. Regards, Drax, Chuck and the Development team.