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  1. DRAX

    Week 3 - prize 1q cash
  2. DRAX

    Gzzz for winning week 2 @LordArchon
  3. DRAX


    Welcome @zgodfreak! Although it sounds like a belated welcome! Great to see you on the forums my guy! Always dope to see more GFX guys!! If you need anything lmk! Drax
  4. DRAX

    Congratulations @HcMyllyfor winning!! Also massive shout out to the two other nominees from this month!! Well deserved all round! Drax
  5. DRAX

    Week 2 - Prize SOULFLARE (U)
  6. DRAX

    Congrats WINNER! PM me for your prize!!
  7. DRAX

    Woot! thanks to everyone who entered!! Juicy EVENT!! Great feedback! PM me in game for your prizes!! Top Winners! gmg - Lordarchon MG - Empti SFU - Cynder
  8. DRAX

    It's Tyrantito's Set @Cooni Some OG items are coming back from the past, seems a shame to never see all these juicy customs any more.
  9. DRAX

    maybe on old and unused accounts... There is about to be another that people can actually enjoy heh heh heh
  10. Starting today we are auctioning off some juicy custom items! These are all 1 in game items that have already been made and are in game and can be delivered to you instantly!! Included in the price is a rename, so you can name the item whatever you want! To bid on an item simply message Drax in game or on discord - Drax#1111 Bought donations do not count for these items, however we can work out payment plans!! Lime Minigun Glaive! Starting Bid: 800$ Current Bid: Auto Win: 1200$ Black Custom Glaive Starting Bid: 700$ Current Bid: Auto Win: 1000$ Custom Icon Starting Bid: 300$ Current Bid: Auto Win: 500$ American Flag Cape (with fixed animations) Starting bid: 400$ Current Bid: Auto Win: 750$ Sword Cape (cosmetic) Starting bid: 350$ Current Bid: Auto Win: 600$ Blaze Cape! 10% drop rate! Starting Bid: 200$ Current bid: Auto Win: 400$ Lava Set 10% drop rate, 20% double drop rate Starting Bid: 850$ Current Bid: Auto Win: 1500$ Custom Armour set Starting bid: 600$ Current bid: Auto win: 1000$ Custom Cape Starting bid: 400$ Current bid: Auto Win: 600$ End of auction: 7th October 2018 (00:00 GMT)
  11. Just took action on 31 suggestion threads on the forum! Sorry for the spam but it is going to be great to get some of these in the game! Keep those suggestions coming!!!

  12. DRAX

    Bowwow knows I bloody love this idea. Been great hearing from you guys on it too! Please keep the suggestions and input coming! Drax