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  1. DRAX

    UPDATE: Cylorv and I have done another 4-5 hours of reviewing your submissions. We are at 115 of 280 responses and are thoroughly enjoying reading all the positive and negative responses! We will continue to review and let you guys know our progress through the week. Also this... lol Drax
  2. DRAX

    //Accepted// Pending rewards and implementation plan Drax
  3. DRAX

    Very interesting suggestion! Looking forward to seeing community reception on this one! Drax
  4. DRAX

    //accepted// Drax
  5. DRAX

    //Pending review of super donator zone// Drax
  6. DRAX

    //Accepted// Vote rewards will be reviewed. Drax
  7. DRAX

    //Pending Review on feasibility// Drax
  8. DRAX

    Approved Drax
  9. DRAX

    //Pending Review. Junk items and immortal stones to be done Others to be reviewed. Drax
  10. DRAX

    //Approved// Drax
  11. DRAX

    Pending Review Approved some with some to be reviewed and discussed by staff.# Drax
  12. DRAX

    //Approved// Pending review by devs on feasibility
  13. DRAX

    //Approved// Will make this item stackable