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  1. Bodhi

    Updated, 19th August.
  2. Bodhi

    Not always! Really sometimes Admins are doing 30$ deals for it! Stay tuned, alert, you'll see them come once a while.
  3. Bodhi

    Cj cj, you're always have been the man of the team. Everyone always looked up to you. Whats all here, is your legacy. You left a mark behind, something everyone will remember, something to look back to you. I wish you all the best, thank you for all the hard dedication, endless hours you've spent into Dreamscape. You made Dreamscape a better place for a fact. Take care!
  4. Bodhi

    I suggest Young matured Cheese.
  5. Bodhi

    What's the question to start with? For an advice you're seeking for.
  6. Bodhi

    Hello Coors, you'll have to make a support ticket in order to get unlocked. Here's a guide / how to do it. //Requesting to be moved to proper section & Lock since the issue has been answered by leaving proper thread.
  7. Bodhi

    That's actually a nice Q.O.L changes to have. I'm giving a vouch here.
  8. Bodhi

    I'm not sure how I should feel about this. I know Fortnite is popular under younger players but it's also an annoying game for other players. I feel like it's waste of time for the Developers by creating new dances for just cosmetic meaning. I'm leaving a No vouch for now. Unless they're planning to re add seasonal pass again, then it'd be interesting to have unique movements.
  9. Bodhi

    No, Claw isn't meant for everyone
  10. Bodhi

    Hello, I don't know or this has been resolved nor found the support ticket's link. A while back I've made for the community a guide how to make a support ticket. This should help you creating a ticket + guide your way there. Requesting to be locked.
  11. Bodhi

    Hey, Welcome on Dreamscape! Can I give you a friendly advice? I'd say scan around the guides, read little bits on Wiki. There's loads of information otherwise join the cc 'help' Hope you'll enjoy your stay here mate
  12. Bodhi

    Heyyyy welcome on the forums!!! Spread the positivity everywhere!! Hope you'll enjoy your stay and meet each of us
  13. Bodhi

    I used to have that on my older laptop. Here's what I've done; Located the cache and removed it entirely + java client. Updated Java, redownloaded Dreamscape and it worked perfectly ever since! Goodluck with restoring your client.
  14. Bodhi

    A simple quality of life change. QOL's are always welcome! 100% Vouch
  15. Bodhi

    Hey hey, welcome on our forum board! I'm really excited that you've chosen Dreamscape! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here with each of us! If there's any struggle, feel free to pm any staff members. They usually have a unique icon before their names!

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