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  1. Bodhi

    Ranks given.
  2. Bodhi

    No vouch from me, Since we also released a melee weapon which does not mean it has to be a melee set either. As far I can see Skotizo is offering a tribrid option. Melee, ranged weapon and a BIS mage setup. If we went releasing a mage weapon. Where should it fill the gap? From me, infinity gauntlets charged is already op as it is. A no vouch.
  3. Bodhi

    Please use the format, but I do get the point, it'd be nice to have a reminder, or a ping'er on your desktop or something connected to your alarms. Vouch from me
  4. Bodhi

    Aye, welcome back lad! Good to see you once again, hopefully this time longer run with us all? Btw, gl on the tickets after reading your introduction. I'm looking forward to the fun times we'll have!
  5. Bodhi

    I'm interested and looking forward to your progress. I wish you the best! Any updates you're going to post and let us know how it's going on your grind?
  6. Bodhi

    I personally play a lot DS when it comes up to spare time! However I do play osrs on side client. If not, then I'm usually playing bloons tower defence on my phone hahaha. Or on my ps3 playing pes 13. Yea I know old game.
  7. Bodhi

    ranks given!
  8. Help cc Rules -Do Not Buy or Sell / Trade in the Help cc. -Do Not Beg in the Help cc. -Do Not Flame, Argue, or use Bad Language in the Help cc. -Do Not Roll Dice in the Help cc. -Use English in the Help cc. -No Giveaways in the Help cc. -Do Not discuss a support ticket in the Help cc. -Do Not Use Block Capitals in the Help cc If you break the rules you will be warned. If you proceed to break the rules you will be kicked from the Help cc. If you then proceed further to break the rules, you will be jailed or muted, depending on the rule you broke. Please follow the rules. Info on 2step! To set up 2 step authentication on your account you will need either a mobile phone with Google Authenticator app installed Android: Click Here IOS (IPhone) -Click Here - OR - If you don't have a mobile phone or would prefer to keep things localised on your browser, install the google authenticator Chrome Extension Click Here Steps to Setting up 2 step 1. Login to your in game account and type ::2step 2. This will open a browser with a QR code 3. Scan this barcode either with the google authenticator app or with the chrome extension 4. This will now show up with your Dreamscape username and a 6 digit code which will change every 30 seconds 5. Go back to your game client and type in the 6 digit code into the open chatbox window 6. Congratulations! If you followed the steps above and entered the 6 digit code correctly your account will be secured with 2step authentication What does this mean? 2 step authentication means that you must have access to the code to login from a new IP address. It is by far the most effective way of securing your account (we have not yet had a single verifyable report of a player being hacked who had ::2step enabled) Should you try to login to your account from a new IP address you will be prompted to enter your 6 digit code off your app or chrome extension. This number goes in the 'auth box' to below of where you enter your username and password (see Auth:123456)
  9. 1. ) You must never bring forth your application to anyone under any circumstances. 2.) You must meet all the requirements that are set for the position. 3.) The application must be filled out entirely and correctly, failure to do so will be an immediate decline. 4.) You may only apply once every 2 weeks. 5.) You must not ask for vouches from people. 6.) Forbidding any of these the application will be automatically declined. 7.) You must have a medium to strong knowledge of English 8.) You must have joined the Forums at least one months ago. 9.) You must have at least 20 Forum posts. 10.) You must be able to devote time to the Dreamers Monthly. 11.) You must be active on Discord at least 4 days of the week. 12.) You must be active in-game and on the forums. 13.) You must have a minimum 5 days of playtime. 14.) You must stay in touch on Discord & Offical News Team Discord Name: Age: Country and Timezone: In-Game Username: Forums Username: Proof of days Played: How often are you active in-game and on forums, Discord? Why do you want this position? What would you bring to the Dreamers Monthly? Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone? For any doubts, questions or guidelines, please pm me on Forums, In-game or Discord. Thanks, Regards News Team Management, Bodhi, Australia, Sperm Dibber
  10. until

    lets get this bread
  11. Shout out to #DSGANG

  12. Woah smoking fires, a lot cash savers! Get them boys while it's there!
  13. I'm going to apologize in advance for the future spams of myself, or from other certain staff members. Hence why this thread I'm about to share with you guys. As you've noticed lately, the forum activity has raised up, and not by a bit but sofar about 17% posts increased from last year which is amazing, and hope to continue and strive for the old days we used to have. Limes has been working on some changes are below; Forum Giveaways He is also working on other stuff for in the future to make forums even more attractive. Yet to be seen! Coming next few weeks I'll be revamping the entire forums. Which means massive posts spam as I've predicted which I want to apologize in advance for our forum readers. This means; -fully updated threads -Possibly fixed minor mistakes -Ranks permission fixed for once and always I'll be hosting an simple forum event. Report bugs & Suggest Forum Ideas Which includes -Rank's permissions -Icons -Section suggestions -Guide suggestions -Future ideas -Forums in general suggestions I'll fix 80% of them personally! Expect them be fixed asap(Bugs) They can be posted in; https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/forum/78-suggestions/ For every quality report bug / suggestion You'll earn up to And as for main prize (Randomly generated) Any questions you can reply below, or contact me on discord ; Bodhi#9025
  14. Founder The Founders of the Dreamers Monthly are not technically required to do anything. They simply have their name put on the Newspaper as the original "Owners" of the Dreamers Monthly. Director This is usually someone has been around for a while. Represents as a back up if the manager decides to resign or even quits before a new manager. Also the Director is responsible of Salary & Monthly Goodiebags, future events for our lovely fans! Manager The Manager of the Dreamers Monthly has multiple jobs, and overall is the person in charge of the Dreamers Monthly. The Manager is in charge of all Promotions and Demotions regarding the Dreamers Monthly and is also in charge of making sure that the Dreamers Monthly is released at its proper time.Chief Editor The Chief Editor of the Dreamers Monthly is the final person that the paper is handed to before it is published (Other than the Manager). The Chief Editor is required to find all grammar mistakes, missing links, and anything else that is required before the Dreamers Monthly is released.Editor The Editors of the Dreamers Monthly are the ones who will take what the Interviewers and Reporters have handed to them, and make appropriate changes that will ultimately leave the people reading the paper at ease. Reporter The Reporters of the Dreamers Monthly are the ones who will find new information regarding DreamScape (Updates, Easter Eggs, etc.) and give feedback on them. Interviewers The Interviewers of the Dreamers Monthly are the ones who will interview different members of the community, asking them questions that they have never been asked before.
  15. Bodhi

    @Bench Press @Squishy @Bodhi @Australia @The dibber - - - @Gya

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