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  1. Bodhi

    I’m wasting exp aswell!! Too many bdays, work nowadays 😞
  2. Bodhi

    Hey Zombie Jesus, as for starters Forums and Ingame/Server is not linked to eachother. If I’m having a password on Forums “Dreamscapeisthebest” and Ingame/Server “HellYeah” and you’ve changed Ingame/Server password to “NewPassword” your Forums password remain the same “Dreamscapeisthebest”. If account lost, recover it here; if forums password lost/forgotten, you can recover it easily at the login screen on the forums>Forgotten password. Goodluck with the recovery(ps post next time in correct section)
  3. Bodhi

    Congratulations boys, well deserved! Thank you for all yours efforts for past month. Keep it up the hard dedication!
  4. Bodhi

    Pmed him on discord for you. I'll let ya know or he stil wants it.
  5. Bodhi

    Wow, thought the garfield thing was over for me. Yet you've brought it back up and alive. Really cute, amazing. Thank you man haha Goodjob on that one
  6. Bodhi

    Wowwww, that's really nice!! I like it! O_o I'd love to have one aswell 😮 That's very impressive man. Goodjob on that
  7. Bodhi

    Ouch, hope everything goes okay now. Sounds awfull already just by reading it. Stay strong, take all the time you need to recover from that. Enjoy whatever you enjoy 😛
  8. Bodhi

    This is a very good idea. I'm self a huge fan of Vorkath. Some high tier can be dropped. How about Khiones staff or similair to same tier. +1
  9. Bodhi

    Update 16 November 2018 Added the new achievements; Easy Treasure Trails Complete a Dream Clue Scroll. Castle Wars: A New Hope Win a game of Castle Wars. Clue Enthusiast Complete five Dream Clue Scrolls. Medium Party pooper Kill one-hundred Party Pete minions Hard Castle Wars: The Empire Strikes back Win three games of Castle Wars. Dream Scribe Complete ten Dream Clues. Prestige Prince Prestige ten times. Run Forest Run! Complete five hundred agility course runs. The Magpie Get a row(i) from a birds nest. Elite Castle Wars - Return of the Jedi Win five games of Castle Wars. Keep On Dreamin' Complete twenty five Dream Clues. Prestige Pioneer Prestige fifteen times. Right to Bear Arms Equip a Golden Minigun. Updated bugged achievements to red/backwards the ones are working; Easy Death to Dragon Kin Kill one-hundred Dragonbone. Medium Dangerous Dueler Win twenty-five duels. Party pooper Kill one-hundred Party Pete minions Elite A Man's Best Friend Earn a skilling pet. Recolored the bottom achievements to Yellow/Orange they aren't on list anymore. Most likely an interface bug unless any staffmember can confirm; The Last Horcrux Kill voldemort once. Trix are for Kids Create a Trix Amulet Typist Win a ::type challenge/ Up Like Trump Win sixty Dice Duels. V for Vendura Kill Vendura once. With Exorcist Kill five-hundred Magegrays. Thank you @C O G N A C for reporting the broken ones Don't forget to pm me or any staffmember for bugged/broken ones so they can solve the issue+me updating the thread. Peace out.
  10. It's really simple suggestion. We have Dream, Lava logs recently added into Dreamscape which is amazing, but only has one purpose is firemaking. I'd like to see something more from it like regular logs being able to craft bows, or arrowshafts. Or another moneymaking method being able to sell the logs to the stores(not POS). Example; Dream logs 5b each and lava logs 3b each? Just an idea. Because once you have firemaking level 150/max exp it's quite useless and they sell for 1 gp in stores. Unless someone else has an idea to make these logs bit more usefull Also give us ability to note these logs. I have no use for both of them Thank you for reading
  11. Bodhi

  12. Bodhi

    and excluding me @Aishteru huh? lol
  13. Bodhi

    Dubby’s favorite @YCGamez
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