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  1. Bodhi

    Dubby’s favorite @YCGamez
  2. Ign: Bodhi Timezone: GMT
  3. Bodhi

    What is this new Achievement system? Well, you can compare it to OSRS's Achievement dairy or even "quests". You complete several achievements/tasks in order to complete tier "easy/medium/hard/elite" to get a reward. I'll get back into the rewards at the end of the Tier and guide. Red coloured achievements means that they're not working. Beat Up Perform a cumulative of ten thousand damage. Choppa Chop down seventy-five Trees. Cleaning the streets Kill one-hundred ThugBobs. Dance Dance Revolution Dance your heart out fifteen times. Death to Dragon Kin Kill one-hundred Dragonbone. Death to Rocks Kill one-hundred Rock Crabs. Eat up! Consume one-hundred "Food" items. Fifty Centy Flex Sell an item from a Player Owned Store. Forum Lurker Visit the forums (::forums). Get Well Add to the Well of Good Fortune. Jad Job Kill TzTok-Jad once. Kardashian Trend Change your appearance once. Lil Tay Flex Purchase an item from a Player Owned Store. Meahoy, memyay? Summon a Thugbob egg. Menace Kill one-thousand NPCs. Party Time! Equip a party hat. Political Activist Vote five times. Royalty Successfully upgrade a Royal Sicle (::upgrade) Rule Scholar Read the rules (::rules) Star Power Combine Star Wishes five times. Suprise! Spin the wheel on Squeal of Fortune five times. Take the throne Kill King Black Dragon twenty-five times. Wave Rider Reach wave fifteen in the Arcade. Wiki Scholar Visit the wiki (::wiki) Ahrim Shot! Kill Ahrims brother 5 times. Battle Rookie Win the Battle Grounds once. Burn Baby Burn Burn five-hundred logs. Council Member Vote ten times. DJ Kharil Kill Kharil brother five times. Dangerous Dueler Win twenty-five duels. Dharok Devastation Kill Dharok brother five times. Flame On Summon a Phoenix Pet. Gambler! Spin the wheel on Squeal of Fortune ten times. Game Night Answer five trivia Questions. Guthan's Make Light Work Kill Guthans brother five times. Impling Catcher Capture a dragon impling. Loyal Purchase an item from the Loyalty Store. Maniac Kill five-thousand NPCs. Mohammad Ali Perform a cumulative total of one-hundred thousand damage. Mystery Man Open one-hundred Mystery boxes. Part Time Robber Pickpocket two-hundred times. Soul Splitter Activate Soul Split Super Star Power Combine Star Wishes ten times. To Key or not to Key Open one-thousand Crystal Keys. Torag to riches Kill Torag brother five times. Verac Attack Kill Verac brother five times. Wave conjurer Reach wave Twenty-five in the Arcade. Well Well Well Donate One-Q to the Well of Good Fortune Yodler Yell at least once. Battle Veteran Win the Battle Grounds five times. Big Spender Donate Five-G to the Well of Good Fortune. Bird Watcher Open ten Bird nests. Cape Quest Equip any TokHaal-Kal variant. Chaotic Companion Summon a Chaos Elemental Pet. Drop Party Get an Ultra Rare drop. Feelin Lucky Win Fourty dice duels. Fountain of Youth Drink ten donator fountain drinks. Ghost Pickpocket three-hundred times. I hate the Cold Kill two-hundred-fifty Icy Skeletons. Jason Born Perform a cumulative total of one million damage. King Slayer Kill two-hundred-fifty Shadow Kings. Milkyway Combine star wishes twenty-five times. Mountain Man Kill Vorago five times. No Life Reach one-twenty-five in five skills. Overdose Create an Overload Potion. Peace Bringer Kill two-hundred-fifty Chaos Elementals Peanut Butter and Space Jam Sword Upgrade a Space Jam Sword(Succesfully). Pet Party Open ten Pet Mystery Boxes. Powerball Enter the Grand Lottery Rigged Election Vote twenty-five times. Runite Plate Forge a rune platebody Runite Scavange Mine runite ore. Serial Kller Kill twenty-thousand NPCs. Sherlock Holmes Open ten Super Mystery Boxes. Trivia Teacher Answer ten trivia questions. Tsunami Reach wave thirty-five in the Arcade. Witch Hunter Kill two-hundred-fifty Magegrays. A Man's Best Friend Earn a skilling pet. Arcade Champion Complete all waves in the Arcade. Battle God Win the battlegrounds twenty times. Chaos Commander Kill five-hundred Chaos Elementals. Chief Investigator Open twenty-five super mystery boxes. Chuck Norris Perform a cumulative total of five million damage. Corporal Punishment Kill the Corporal Beast Fifty times. Diablo III Kill Diablo once. Extinction Kill fifty thousand NPCs. Flader Up Upgrade a SoulFlare. Galaxy Combine fifty star wishes. Ice Ice Baby Kill five-hundred Icy Skeletons. Landfill Donate Twenty-five Q to the well of good Fortune. Lord of the UnderGrond Pickpocket five-hundred times. No Experience Waste Reach level 125 in eight skills. Original Gangster Kill O.G dragon once. Ovelord Kill five-hundred Shadow Kings. Pet Park Open twenty-five Pet Mystery boxes. Quick Stop Purchase a item from the Agility shop. Raid Raid Raiden Kill dark raiden once. Show Host Answer fifteen trivia questions. The Last Horcrux Kill voldemort once. Trix are for Kids Create a Trix Amulet Typist Win a ::type challenge/ Up Like Trump Win sixty Dice Duels. V for Vendura Kill Vendura once. With Exorcist Kill five-hundred Magegrays. Easy&Medium You'll get from Easy access to Achievement top. You'll get from Medium access to Achievement bottoms. Achievement top provides you 5% droprate when wearing this top. Achievement bottoms provides you 5% double drop when wearing this bottoms. Hard You'll get from hard access to Achievement Banner. And this Achievement Banner does not have any benefits or extra's. Maybe in the future! Elite You'll get from Elite access to Achievement Icon Also no benefits or any extra's. Maybe in the future! Credits: @Bowzah for helping me out with the writing part. @Bodhi and myself ofcourse :o Small note; I'll be updating this guide with locations/more details. Adding Achievements first. If I missed anything, let me know! And if any Achievement doesn't work! Report them to Administrator team or higher, and pm me on discord Bodhi#9025 so I can color this achievement red till it's fixed.
  4. INSANE UPDATE, so many hyped about the owner cape zone newest addition. Overal, nice update! Keep it up!
  5. Bodhi

    Honestly, This would be adding unlimited of monster spawns, if we could put a fee into this using of the instance Like example 50t cash? So this wouldn't increase eco way harder if the fee was low and free. Neutral
  6. Bodhi

    Again, I'll try to get online since 5-6 pm is a dinner time for my family. IGN: Bodhi Timezone: GMT +1
  7. Bodhi

    I do totally agree with you with pvm related, I'd love to see new updates/changes into pvming for us but about "updated" part is not entirely true. We got recently, -Revamped point store -Skilling zone(north of the teleport) -We can claim unlimited owner capes if we might lost it or dumb emptied and having regrets. But I do agree because I'm even slaying Necromancers in ownercapezone for only 2 reasons, Calm, and sponsor points at the end of the kill. Possible to do with the monster we used to have at ownercapezone we couldn't attack, there were like 3-4 spawns of them. And I've forgotten which npc's that was. I'm totally open for a another change into ownercape zone and for ocape users(not sort of another monster we can't touch with our cape)
  8. Bodhi

    Hey Jkftw1234, Make a ticket in support give them about 48 hours or so to reply, they will get that fixed. And Stuart has a detailed guide/how to make the support ticket by following link; Goodluck on the appeal!
  9. Bodhi

    Here we are!
  10. Bodhi

    Oi, that's very near dude! Let's throw the hype up! Happy early birthday fam. #TEAMDRAX O, before I leave, I have a gift for you, a meme @DRAX
  11. Bodhi

    Agreed! Totally, the rarity and price are insane for their bonuses/stats. They should be revamped/buffed.
  12. Bodhi

    This is a good idea! Honestly, I have better idea here, actually two. It has to be limited though, not anyone is going grab 10k clues and then do them. I was thinking maybe about this, Regular player/Hardcore; 10 Clues of each kind. Iron man; 15 Clues of each kind. Regular donator; 15 Clues of each kind. Super donator; 20 Clues of each kind. Extreme donator; 30 Clues of each kind. Sponsor; 40 Clues of each kind. Executive; 50 Clues of each kind. Or depending how many clues you've completed to increase the limit like, the "tier/upgrades" of completion ability to hold more clues could be Complete; -5 Easy clues -5 Medium clues -5 Hard clues -5 Dream clues If completed any of them these clues tiers, the limit would increase by 2. And the requirement will be repeated and increased etc etc And the basic limit would be 5 clues of each kind. Example: You've completed; -17 Easy clues -5 Medium clues -3 Hard clues -1 Dream clue This means, you can hold -11 Easy clues(6 from the upgrading the tier) -7 Medium clues(2 from the upgrading the tier) -5 Hard clues -5 Dream clues This could be upgraded at an npc, and we can add maybe like chances, 50% to succeed upgrading or not.
  13. Bodhi

    No support, This is similar to the game "Roulette" like others has said, just quicker games. However it's a nice idea of using the punch machine. But I'm more open for other ideas about this, more like a luck based of "dicebag" however that'd be same as Dice duel. If another idea(s) has made about this "punch machine" I'm open to read and possibly react.
  14. Bodhi

    This might be sort of hard, due one ingame items. But if possible not to ruin other 1 item owners then that'd be nice idea. vouch for the fashionscape"shop" but also for @ChilladinYT's idea.
  15. Bodhi

    Vouch, if market prices were 100% stable or atleast more stable than we currently have. It might be very easy to add the prices value/total calc on bank but the problem will be the stability of the prices. Vouch if this is possible to add.