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  1. Bodhi

    Hey Dreamers, Allow me to explain why I've been gone for 5-6 months out of nowhere and resigned from all positions. For past 5-6 months has been a hell, but also a heaven at same time. I've recently completed a rehab program and finished it. It was meant for my soft drugs, gaming addiction, and anger issues I've experienced out of control. Short story, under influence I've punched important people around me, and for my own future career that was the bottom line. They forced me to go follow the program or I'll be kicked out of the house, kicked from the school. Decided to choose to follow the program and finish it. What's changed? -Well I'm going to meetings, like you see in movies "AA meetings" where all alcohol addicts comes together. 2-3 times a week. -Obviously I'm not going to game like 10+ hours anymore, I'll be trying to do only 2-3 hours, maybe in weekends bit longer if I have spare time. -I'm going focus entirely on my future, if I don't have time, no gaming or any hobbies. First important things, then fun. Welp let's back to introduction, My name is Bodhi obviously, 20 years old, Netherlands. I love being with friends, hang out that sort of things. Recently started sportschool/gym if you guys have any tips let me know! I'd like to learn more about the gym. Ehhhh I love forums? My baby board :c I'll make some droplogs or whatever is on my mind in the future. I love helping people with their issues, more aimed at forums, irl things. Whenever you need a person to talk with, I'm here whenever you need me. My future career will be based with children, havn't really decided what direction I want to go. I was thinking of helping children with their issues as in bad hearing, language struggles, behavior or children with issues at home, school, addiction. Going to do my year 1 over again as in Children daycare and work my way up there in studies. Hopefully in few years a university. Facts: -Old player back in 2014 -Sexy, kind, lovely -Forum addict - @808raptor's bff - @Amfisca's biggest fan Eh no idea what else to mention or tell, feel free to ask me anything
  2. Bodhi

    That’s amazing! I’m really looking forward to end results or even about a year from now. Keep it up fam, I’m your BIGGEST FAN! (color test aswell) Dss Test test
  3. Bodhi

    This has been already suggested by @Cjbear atleast really similar idea, feel free to reply over there. requested to be locked&archived
  4. Bodhi

    Hey @HC Canada, Awww, how unfortunate for the staff team. I remember the first day @Englishlogand I invited you over to the news team. O boy I saw so much potential in you! I’m proud of you, how you’ve grown into your own potential I saw in you. Time flies, unfortunately I wasn’t much longer around when you’ve climbed through the ranks, Wiki Manager, News Team Manager, Global Moderator, you should be proud. I wish you a goodluck with your university, job. Keep your lady happy, and the kids of course! We’ll stay in touch my friend, we’ve come from the bottom and here we are. I’m/we’ll be always here. We won’t take another step away whenever you need us. I love you! Live up all your dreams, goals! Like you did here!
  5. Whats on my mind... hmmm... BOOTIES

  6. Bodhi

    Road to 500b am I right?? keep it up! Loving it so far!
  7. Looks amazing Drax, really interesting idea. I’ll make sure I’ll follow em all! Interesting ideas, content in development.
  8. Bodhi

    Looks good, looking forward to big juicy tab! I’ll be following this mate, hope you’ll keep it updated!
  9. Bodhi

  10. Bodhi

    Username: Bodhi, ingame Jr bodhiRank In-game: executive, I want to keep my Legends rank, just need executive perms on forums. Replace sponsor with Executive and Legends rank at my first priorProof (screenshot😞
  11. Bodhi

    Hey Alyssa, welcome on the board! Looking forward to see you more often on forums, discord!
  12. Bodhi

    Juicy deallsss, daaaayyummm
  13. Bodhi

    Isn’t that a pokemon like a mini tree one? Lmao
  14. Bodhi

    Well... it’s my irl name lol. But I asked my parents years ago where my name came from. They answered, religion Buddha. And a plant called Bodhi Tree. Don’t ask me why I’m named after a tree.
  15. Bodhi

    Good thing I can bypass things.