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  1. You're insane mate I'll give you that! Huge respect for the dedication! Well deserved, what's next?
  2. Hello, @Zerc, I personally recommend indeed checking the wiki page self like AwfullIron has left above me, I'll turn it into a proper link; https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Boosters If you're missing anything make sure you pm the Wiki Editors or Staff members they'll tell the Wiki Editors to look into. Here's a full explanation how Droprate exactly works if this would ease your mind aswell;
  3. How unfortunate that the fact you're leaving 😞 Take care of yourself mate! Thank you for everything you've done for #DSGANG
  4. Congratulations to the nominees! I wish the very best all three of you. For me it's not even a choice between all three. Only one stands the most out in my opinion! G.L, btw voted for trump to be the member of the month.
  5. Honestly this is already being worked stated in earlier updates. They brought us first version. More yet to come ^_^
  6. Looks amazing! I've heard it a lot, so I gave it a shot to look at it. Just amazing! Art!
  7. That'd be definitely a grind! But worthy in the end, one step closer to the endgame. I'd wish you the best mate!
  8. Hey Senpai89, I'd recommend you to check out some starters guides, information. Wiki is a great source for information! By doing ::Wiki topic Example, '::Wiki Arcade" It should guide you to Arcade's page on the wiki. https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wiki As for ingame, I'd say join cc 'help' you can always ask for information! You also can do ::staff and check who's online and pm them (I recommend Mod/Ss) Admins are usually busy. Another option, get yourself a donator rank to be able to ::yell message. Everyone will see it!
  9. I’d say I like Cold more than you. Doesn’t make you more dislikable than him?!?! No u aint boi
  10. Hey, I'm currently doing a goals for my account post thread, and I'm having an issue. I can't seem to edit my first post, to cross out the goals I've already completed, when I do attempt to do so, it brings me to the error pages. I'm just wondering if there's any ways to resolve this.

    1. Epok


      @Kingdom Comecreate a support ticket & make sure to have a screenshot as proof

    2. Kingdom Come

      Kingdom Come

      Yeah. I think it occurring sporadically. Happened to work last night and then stop working again.  Weird, maybe it has to do with the daily post limit.

  11. Cj cj, you're always have been the man of the team. Everyone always looked up to you. Whats all here, is your legacy. You left a mark behind, something everyone will remember, something to look back to you. I wish you all the best, thank you for all the hard dedication, endless hours you've spent into Dreamscape. You made Dreamscape a better place for a fact. Take care!
  12. I suggest Young matured Cheese.
  13. What's the question to start with? For an advice you're seeking for.
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