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  1. Let's have some more interesting stuff going during Competive Season 1. During your adventure, maybe share your stories, memories, progress with other competive members! Or even bragg to the community?! Simple, reserve a spot below this thread and keep update/edit your reply and share your achievements!! I'll start with mine here; Account name: Bodhi C1 Levels: 17 February 2019 Bank: Milestones: -Space Invader pet(2x experience effect) Share your achievements with us!!
  2. Bodhi

    Guess what? Dreamscape is actually a ECO server if we have to look from your view. Support, I'd love to see more benefits from skilling. This could have a impact on seasonal modes!
  3. Bodhi

    Damn impressive! Looking forward to see more from you!
  4. Sick update!!! Thank you for releasing this update! That competive mode is going be hella interesting! Thank you guys! for your dedication and efforts! Keep it up!!!
  5. Bodhi

    +1 I'd like to see more lamps being used again. Kinda low at the moment.
  6. Bodhi

    9/10 two words as a name define lazy as garfield or wot
  7. Bodhi

    6/10 no idea what I should say 😂 except your name reminds me of Registeel. I think that’s a pokemon 😂
  8. Bodhi

    Ooh, I’ve asked several times in yell. No one replied. Thanks for testing and letting “us” know! So there’s two broken achievements. I’ll update them now. updated, added castle wars achievements, removed corp.
  9. Bodhi

    I've checked and confirmed at several players. I've removed the quantum boots from the suggestion since that one was actually good and didn't miss any stats. Only Space boxing gloves is missing 200+ Range Accuracy and 50+ range strength. updated
  10. Bodhi

    Here am I once again with few suggestion(s). Some might be known, I'll redirect the source with it aswell. Some of you might have noticed this. I'm not really sure or this is done on purpose or accidently mistake. As you can see the stats of three gloves below; I've marked the range bonuses on Anguish Gloves, now double check Space boxing gloves's stats, As you can see the stats is actually different, weaker in range's style. Again not sure or this is done on purpose or not. My suggestion on this one is balance both gloves in stats for range's style or an answer like "this is done on purpose due prayer bonuses blabla.." I'd like to suggest to add Checkpoints in ::elo/ELO self to avoid total reset. Players like me can actually get busy in life or something happens with you or the people around you which keeps you away from pc? I'd say add a checkpoint system like this; 25%>50%>75%>90%? Like yes you can get resetted by not logging one day in. Example, I have 79% ELO and I got busy and I wasn't able to login and do quick 100 kills. I'd go back to 75%. And let's say not to keep the checkpoint permanently. You'll get 7 days to maintain your ELO to repick it up before it goes to 50% and goes on till 0%. Or add another system, Max 2-5% loss each day you can't login? This should avoid players losing their hard earnt ELO for just being busy for a day or maybe 2-3 days! Source: And after every ELO's daily task has been done should be 100% saved just in case of server crashes(if takes longer than a day) Achievements doesn't work, blocks you from getting completionist cape!! Corporal Punishment Win Castle wars 3/5 times. (Win 1 time does work) ^This achievement doesn't count up anymore?^ I'll update the thread with a reply once I know more etc.
  11. Bodhi

    Thank you Chanman for clearing this out. Since earlier today I got this situation and I got confused like what, since when is that rule made "offical". Thank you once again
  12. Bodhi

    I’m wasting exp aswell!! Too many bdays, work nowadays ?
  13. Bodhi

    Congratulations boys, well deserved! Thank you for all yours efforts for past month. Keep it up the hard dedication!
  14. Bodhi

    Pmed him on discord for you. I'll let ya know or he stil wants it.