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  1. please answer me at my support

  2. Stuart

    Info on 2step! To set up 2 step authentication on your account you will need either a mobile phone with Google Authenticator app installed Android: Click Here IOS (IPhone) -Click Here - OR - If you don't have a mobile phone or would prefer to keep things localised on your browser, install the google authenticator Chrome Exstension Click Here Steps to Setting up 2 step 1. Login to your in game account and type ::2step 2. This will open a browser with a QR code 3. Scan this barcode either with the google authenticator app or with the chrome extension 4. This will now show up with your Dreamscape username and a 6 digit code which will change every 30 seconds 5. Go back to your game client and type in the 6 digit code into the open chatbox window 6. Congratulations! If you followed the steps above and entered the 6 digit code correctly your account will be secured with 2step authentication What does this mean? 2 step authentication means that you must have access to the code to login from a new IP address. It is by far the most effective way of securing your account (we have not yet had a single verifyable report of a player being hacked who had ::2step enabled) Should you try to login to your account from a new IP address you will be prompted to enter your 6 digit code off your app or chrome extension. This number goes in the 'auth box' to the right hand side of where you enter your username and password (see Auth:999999)
  3. Thanks a lot for the help mate ?

  4. This week we bring you one of our jam-packed specials! full of spicy new content! New bosses! Overhauls! Quality of life bug fixes! and our usual helping of original custom items That's right folks, it's the revamp that all of you have been waiting for! The ACHIEVEMENT revamp! Ever got bored of just pvming and skilling and gambling and other excessive things? You can now do our brand new achievements that can even get you a couple of goodies when you finish them To see how to complete the achievement you have chosen, you can easily just press on it and it will show you exactly what you need to do to complete it! It's both useful and user-friendly, designed for you to have the best experience you can. Now some of you might be wondering, whats in it for me once I finish all of the achievements under a tab? Easy - Achievement Top (5% Drop Rate) Medium - Achievement Bottoms (5% Double Drop Rate) Hard - Achievement Banner Elite - Achievement Icon Moving on to our next new boss, the best melee set in the game gets its own PERSONAL boss?!?! That's right, the BEST melee armor in the game will now be droppable from its own personal boss. Will you get lucky and claim the Rampaging Olaf's personal treasure? Only time can answer that on your own quest to get the set! Carrying an EPIC +2530 Melee strength, this armor set is what you will need to slay all of the bosses and monsters we have in Dreamscape. Just have a look at these monstrous stats! You won't regret trying to grind for a piece or a set or heck, even a couple of sets. The Olaf boss can be taken out with any combat style except Range, uses a super OP Vengeance attack and can be 1 hit by both Ownercapes and Executive Capes. That's Right! a new 1 hittable boss for our sponsor members! To ensure there are enough bosses to go around we have also added 11 Olaf's to each of the 3 owner cape zones. With the addition of the Olaf armor being droppable, the boss can now drop brand new custom boots. These boots are the best in slot boots for their respective combat style Archer Boots / Seer's boots / Berserker Boots Introducing the new starter boss! Mr Krabs! Who instead of taking money, will kindly give beginners starting amount of money! You can get Krabs by typing ::starterboss With each kill of the Mr. Krabs boss, you'll gain starter cash that can help anyone just beginning get enough money for starter items they need to continue their quest in Dreamscape. Is this the start of a brand new OP money making method for new players? Avery Ring I You can now upgrade the Avery Ring into the Avery Ring (i) To do this simply use an Avery inaction on the ring. This is available in our donation store. This gives the Avery ring an additional 10% Drop rate bonus, meaning it is both an Avery ring and a Ring of Wealth (i) Bazooka U You can now upgrade the bazooka by using it on a camo pack! Not only does this add a spicy textured came effect but it also buffs its stats! You cam pick up a cam pack at our donation store! PM Notifications You will now get alerts on your desktop if you receive a PM while your game window is minimised or un-focused! To turn these off simply go into your tools tab and click on the 'toggle notifications' button. Flower Poker Room We have now made the eastern most room of dice zone into a flower poker only room. You can only plant flowers in this room and can only access this room if you are Extreme Donator+ Mystery Box Pet! We've added a new pet to the Mystery Box! this is the Mystery box pet offering 5% Drop rate and 5% Double Drop rate bonus! A great new pet for starter players! Khione Staff Toggle We've added a toggle option to the khi one's staff So you can toggle the special attack on and off. Blood Necklace The Collectors necklace is now upgradable!! The Blood necklace collects your loot, gives you OP stats and a 10% drop rate bonus on the Soul Room! Yes that's right! When wearing this necklace you will have 10% boosted chance of getting a rare item from ::soulroom Try your luck at ::soulroom Ultra Mystery Box! We've added some new items to our newest mystery box! The Bow Of Life! The Inferno Kiteshield! The Icy Sled! Ultra Mystery Box donations now give Emperor Boxes free (1 Emperor box per 3 Ultra Mystery Box) ::TD You can now access a list of all Trusted Hosts and see when they are online and offline. To access this list, simply Wilderness is now safe You no longer lose items when killed in the wilderness! You will still be unable to use custom items however. Avengers Points Rework We have changed the way in which you get points from the avengers raid! The person who does the most damage will get 5 points The person with the second most damage will get 4 points The person with the third most damage will get 3 points The person with the fourth most damage will get 2 points The person with the least damage will get 1 point Trix Magic Buff We've buffed the magic damage bonus on the Trix amulet / Trix (i) amulet / Yix Amulet Announcement and Text Wrapping Server announcements and yells now wrap the text so it doesn't go off the side of the screen! Space Torva One can donate hybrid set! 10% drop rate and 20% double drop rate Bazooka (u) Bowwow's Chopstick Bowwow's Roflcopter - We have removed the bug with duo slayer being able to skip tasks by logging out (you will now have to complete the set task alone). - We have fixed the bug with players not getting their reward from world boss and mega world boss - We have fixed the bug with the 5 minute mute getting stuck. This should now lift after 5 minutes. - We have fixed a bug where keys would auto redeem from the POS - We have fixed a bug where executive shop points couldn't be redeemed - You can now walk on the Dice zone Fountain! - We've fixed the bug with the master of salvation noting - We've fixed the spacing with some Titles - We've fixed a bug that allowed you to have multiple clue scrolls - We've fixed the Ultra Mystery Box announcement in game - We've disabled the 'ESC' key on the ultra mystery box - We've fixed the noted Virtus bug from clue scrolls - Dual Reapers now attack properly - We've fixed a number of typos in game with item names - We've added the Hot Katana to the OP list - Your Private Chat/Personal messages preference (on/friends/off) stays after logging out - We've Fixed the bug with the 'Pick 250 flax' daily task - We've fixed avengers points saving on logging out
  5. Stuart

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  6. WHEN WILL THE SCROLLING STOP? Haha, Amazing updates guys. Looking forward to use the new client
  7. bumping to the top -- Edit Another great set of updates and finally enough space for gamblers to gamble! Also staff icons mad nice :3
  8. Add plzstu on snapchat! 

  9. Hello! We have applied some emergency updates to ensure the safety of Dreamscape. Not to worry here an easy 1 2 3 tutorial to ensure your on the latest client. Go to http://dreamscape317.net/play/ Download the WINDOWS LAUNCHER If you see 21.6 CLIENT VERSION simply delete the download and try again! Question: I am still seeing 21.6 after following step 3 many times? Answer: Easy, Delete your browser cache and re-try the download
  10. Snapchat --> plzstu :)

  11. Stuart

    Great introduction however this is far from P2W, It's called grinding to get what you want Anywho, Welcome aboard.
  12. Stuart

    What games do you RE? PS4, Switch?

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